10 Essential Car maintenance Tips.

Essential Car maintenance Tips to keep your Car in top condition.

The choice we make in a family car is a Big investment and one that we want to last, that is why I’ve compiled these 10 Essential Car Maintenence tips which will help keep your family car on the road safe for many years.

There are lots to consider when we look to buy a new or used family car, you can take a look at some of those considerations here. One thing that many of us seem to neglect or don’t carry out as often as we should is car maintenance.

With these Essential Car maintenance tips you can build a small routine with various checks of your car which will help to keep it healthy and running well and safely for however many years you have it in your ownership.

Essential Car Maintenance Tips.

With these car maintenance tips many of them you will be able to carry out yourself or when topping up the fuel tank at the petrol station. Easy to carry out yourself and may save you money on future repairs and maintenance bills.

So let’s take a look at the car maintenance tips I’ve rounded up for you.

1. Check Tyre Pressures and tread.

First up I would recommend is to check your Tyre pressures and tread depth. Checking a tyres tread depth is a simple task for anyone to carry out and gives you an idea if your tyres are worn and possibly need replacing.

One of the most important car maintenance tips is to check your tyres Pressures and tread depth.
Checking tyre Pressures. Image source The AA.

You can pick up cheaply a little tyre tread depth gauge like the one below which will allow you to measure the depth of the tread of your tyre.

If you are uncertain on how to use one correctly I’ve found this super how to guide for you on how to measure your tyres tread depth.

Sometimes with the way a tyre may wear it can be an indication of a possible mechanical problem with the steering or suspension.

Checking your tyre pressures regularly will help to maintain the life of your tyres and reduce uneven wear and other issues.

You can check your tyre pressures super easily and quickly. What I do to check mine is when I’m at the petrol station filling up the car I take 5 minutes to go around and check the pressures at the air machine.

This is one of the important car maintenance tips I will offer because the tyres are what keeps the car in contact with the road.

2. Check the Fluids of your Car.

An essential part of car maintenance is to regularly check the fluid levels of your car. The fluids in your car are to help aid the cooling of the engine, make sure it is lubricated and keep the engine running smoothly and other important fluids.

Checking Fluid levels in your car.

Most chain names of garages such as Kwik fit or other service centres of Free Fluid checks – Check Kwik fit out here for more information. Or you can easily do this task yourself.

Once you open the bonnet of your car you can have access to checking the fluids of your car.

Oil – by checking the dipstick you can check whether or not your oil is low and requires topping up. Your oil and oil filter is replaced under a regular servicing schedule, another area that I will cover later on this Essential car maintenance tips roundup.

One of the useful car maintenance tips is to regularly check your oil.
Check your cars oil by the dipstick.

Coolant – typically you will see a minimum and maximum marker on the Coolant bottle in the engine bay of your car, this is how you will check the fluid level for your coolant.

Brake Fluid – another important fluid to keep an eye on, the brake fluid reservoir is also found in the engine bay and similar to the coolant it has max and min markers to check the amount of fluid.

Ask any mechanic or car dealer how you can keep your car in tip top shape and they will tell you this is one of the main car maintenance tips to carry out regularly.

3. Regularly check your cars lights and indicators.

This is one of those car checks that is easy to forget about, but just a quick visual check is to keep an eye on if one way your car lights are working.

Either have someone stand outside the car while you test your lights and indicators and confirm if they all work properly, including your fog lights.

Checking your cars lights are working and efficiently is one of the car maintenance tips many will advise you.
Make sure to check your cars lights are working.

If it is just you on your own you can turn on lights and have a walk around your car, such as headlights – full and dipped beam, rear lights, fog lights and hazard lights to check your indicators. For your brake lights you could park your car in front of something and check for a reflection of your brake lights.

4. Windscreen Wipers and Washer Fluid.

This is one that you should check and which was covered in my Winter Safety Driving tips post recently.

Check the rubbers of your windscreen wipers for splits, cracks and wear. Poor condition wipers won’t clear your windscreen properly when you need it most in those heavy rain showers or snow.

Checking your windscreen wipers regularly will make sure your windscreen is clear and visibility remains good, this is not only for safety but one of the essential car maintenance tips you should be doing.
Make sure to check your Windscreen Wipers Regularly.

The windscreen washer fluid is another to check regularly, it is best to use a well known screen wash and one that is suitable for the time of year.

There’s nothing worse than on a cold frosty morning during your commute to work and not being able to clear your windscreen because the washer fluid has frozen.

5. Check your Battery.

Your Car Battery is a vital part for it to run.  The car’s battery is responsible for providing a large amount of electrical current for the starter motor, engine and other electronic accessories in your car.

Your car battery is a vital part that keeps your car running and so your able to operate the electronics of your vehicle, this is why it is included in these car maintenance tips.
Regularly check your cars battery.

A big drop in temperatures can have a big affect on the performance of the battery so regular battery testing will ensure that the battery will perform when you need it to.

Service centres such as HiQ service centres offer battery testing so maybe an idea to get it tested regularly and why I’ve added it to this list of car maintenance tips.

6. Having your car Serviced regularly.

One important car maintenance tips would be to have your car serviced regularly will not only keep it running well and at its best but the checks during a service will help point out possible mechanical problems which need addressing or to keep an eye on for a future date.

One of the most important car maintenance tips to keep your car running in tip top shape is to have it serviced regularly.
Have your car serviced regularly.

A well serviced car and upto date service history not only looks better when you come to either part exchange or sell the vehicle but it will last longer over the years of use as the Family Car.

A Cars service is usually due every 12,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first, some manufacturers and vehicles may differ so may be best to check your owners manual.

7. Keep the interior clean.

We tend to spend a lot of time in our cars and it can be like a second home to some, especially those that commute a lot for work.

Theres no wonder a car interior can get messy so easily when we spend so much time in them. Especially the trips out with the kids and toys left in the car and forgotten about. But that also means it may start to become uncomfortable to drive in.

Another car maintenance tips is to keep the interior of your car clean. It will help to retain the vehicles value but also make it a more pleasurable place to be.
Keeping the interior of your car Clean.

Having a clean and nice looking car will feel more comfortable. You will feel better and have a better pride of ownership. Not only this but keeping a well maintained interior will help to keep a good resale value of your car.

8. Keeping your cars exterior clean.

Another essential car maintenance tip is to keep your car clean. On the outside its not just to keep your pride and joy looking smart it will help with visual safety checks and also to help protect the car and its paintwork.

Washing your car will help to protect the paintwork from the elements and corrosion but will also allow you to check for visual damage to your car.
Keep your car nice and clean.

With a regular polish and wax it will help to keep it looking sparkling but also help to protect your cars paintwork. With regular sessions waxing and polishing your car it will help to protect it from the weather and salt that is on the roads. Especially during the winter.

Having a clean car also means it is easier to check for any visual damage and rust.

9. Look out for and pay attention to Warning Lights.

Some may think it’ll be reet whenever a light pops up on the dash but it could be an indication of a deeper problem.

It is always best to get these checked, your local mechanic should be able to check any of these lights for you.

Keeping a check and paying attention to your warning lights which display on your dashboard, you should have these as part of your own car maintenance tips.
Pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard.

It is also surprising how many of us don’t actually know what some of the dash warning lights in our cars mean, you can find out and learn what these are in your owners manual.

10. Check your horn.

We all do it, especially our kids but who doesn’t love sounding their horn? This is one car maintenance check you should carry out for a drivers safety aspect.

Regularly check your car horn, this is how you will able to make other pedestrians and motorists of hazards or dangers and alert them of your presence.
Regularly test your car horn.

Here’s a legitimate opportunity to give it a blast to check it still works and is loud enough. It’s important to ensure your car’s horn is functioning and clearly audible, in case you need to warn other drivers or pedestrians of any potential hazards or dangers.

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  1. Great tips. Just moved up to Scotland and had a new challenge which was that my washer fluid froze when the temperatures plummet to -5°C. Swapped that out with low temperature stuff.

    1. Thanks Andy and thanks for the comment. Bet the move was stressful with everything lockdown and covid wise, hope it went smoothly. Nothing worse is there, hopefully it won’t freeze up on you again any time soon.

  2. Phew, I can actually do a few of these! All great things to do regularly and keep an eye out for. I’ll admit though, if I get lights on the dash I’ll probably have to Google what they mean 😂 I’m looking forward to Covid being finally over – I’m giving EVERYTHING a huge clean, including drowning my car in anti-bacterial spray. Great tips! x

    1. 😂 I dont think your alone with the drowning in anti-bacterial. Glad you can do some of these, they are really simple to do but important to keep your car running smoothly. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Great post. I used to do this so much when I was back home because my dad encourage me to check my car daily for these things. I have so gotten out this habit but need to do so now.

    1. It is an easy habit to break out of but easy to get back into doing again. Seems like your dad showed you well. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I am terrible at all this kind of stuff so this is great! Will be bookmarking to refer back to later. Thank you for this! Siobhan ♡ | Vegan Babe Life

    1. Glad this will be of some help for you, thanks for your comment.

  5. BR

    I am really bad at this type of stuff. I find this useful
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    1. Glad to hear that this is useful for you, thanks for your comment.

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