Incredibly rare and useable 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 speeds to auction.

Incredibly rare Honda Jordan ej12

Rare opportunity to own and drive away in a genuine ex-F1 car.

Bit of info here for all the Dads out there who love the smell of burning rubber in the morning and enjoy the early mornings and Dad time to watch an F1 car like the iconic 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 fly around a track on the telly. For the Motorsports enthusiast Dads. Dreaming of living life in the fast lane!!

Here is an image of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 in its stunning DHL Yellow livery.
2002 Jordan Honda EJ12

I remember the days from my childhood of motorsport. Walks down the local valley with my old man heading to where there was a 4×4 Offroad centre up towards Tong, Bradford. Watching these jacked up defenders, suzuki SJ’s and Discovery’s Beasting through mud baths and up inclines that you never imagined possible in a passenger car – 4 wheeled drive or not.

The conversations with old school pals of the upcoming weekend plans. I still remember Marc, a friend in primary school. Him, his Dad and younger brother were all Formula 1 Mad. It was like a ritual for him to watch the races on the telly box with his Dad.

For me I was more of a WRC and rally fan. The likes of Colin McRae with his outlandish, if in doubt go flat out mentality and where my love for the Subaru Impreza started (still my ultimate dream car to this day) and the likes of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which actually celebrated it’s 20th anniversary of being on sale here in the UK this year!

Did you see TopGear’s Chris Harris take a spin in the iconic Subaru Impreza driven by Colin McRae?

I still enjoyed the sport of Formula 1, but not really until my mid teens and it was the cars like the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12, with their thrilling performance especially piloted by the amazingly skilful drivers of this era which made it much more watchable.

Owning a piece of F1 History – Jordan Honda EJ12

Here is an incredibly rare opportunity to own and drive away in a genuine piece of Formula One history, (I know sorry guys) This Formula 1 icon – 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 heads to auction with leading classic car auction house, The Market.

Guys, cover your wallets ears as this beauty is set to sell for between £150,000 – £250,000!!

Now the car offers possible owners entry into some of the most prestigious historic motorsport events around the world. Wait!! There’s more. With thanks to an engine change, an extensive spares and garage set-up package, the car’s new owner will be able to unleash and enjoy this 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 to its full potential and unleash the thrilling performance of the car at events, almost single-handedly.

Lets find out more from Tristan Judge – Director of The Market Auction House regarding this Incredibly rare 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12.

“As one of just two known remaining chassis built by the Jordan F1 team in 2002, this car’s rarity already makes it incredibly attractive and desirable,” comments Tristan Judge, director, The Market.

An image of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 from the front end, Naked open fenders and historic F1 style diffuser.
Front-end F1 Porn (if that is a thing) of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12

“However, with the engine changes that have been made, the car is much more usable than most top flight race cars, meaning that the new owner can practically turn up to events alone and enjoy it’s stunning performance. The vendor keeps telling us how astounded he has been at this car’s ability to open doors to fantastic events and remarkable people, including many ex-F1 drivers.”

An image with a view behind the driver of the powerplant (engine) that powers the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12. Judd KV8 Zytec S3000 Formula 3000 engine
The powerhouse of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 – Judd KV8 Zytec S3000 Formula 3000 engine

History behind the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12

Originally driven by double Indianapolis 500 champion and former F1 driver, Takuma Sato. This 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 – chassis number one, was driven and tested at its Silverstone debut in January 2002 and appeared at the team’s subsequent launch event the following month.

The car was one of only five chassis built that year by the Jordan F1 team, other than one other which can be found in Honda’s museum, is the only known surviving example.

The specs of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12

Unlike the original specification, the car is now fitted with a Judd KV8 Zytec S3000 Formula 3000 engine, mated with a five-speed Lola/Hewland paddle shift gearbox.

F1 2002 Jordan Hoonda EJ12 Onboard Engine Sounds… Ooof it sounds very good.

These modifications mean the car still retains utterly blistering performance but…it makes it significantly cheaper to run and much more usable. Who’d have thought of such a classic F1 legend being made to be more economical and practical!!

Indeed, the car has been treated to a fresh engine rebuild in 2016-17, only 500kms ago, and with a predicted life of around 5,000 kms -Depending how heavy your right foot is and how addicted you become to the thrill of the speed and performance.

An image of the Drivers seat, a Snug fit but ideal for any potential owner of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12.
Snug fit but ideal for any potential owner of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12.

The new owner will be able to enjoy many events before another rebuild is required. The lack of the real engine also brings the car’s value to a point that is far more attainable for the more wealthy motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy.

What else is included with this Iconic F1 racecar.

Accompanying the car is everything you need to run it, including further sets of wheel rims and tyres, a selection of spares including wishbones and various tools.

Image to show a signed Flap on the diffuser of the 2002 Jordan Hinda EJ12.

“Not only will the successful bidder acquire a top flight racecar and spares package that’s ready for action, the new owner can also enter the Boss GP Championship or accept a standing invitation to take it to Suzuka! Surely an unmissable opportunity for a true motorsport enthusiast?” concludes Tristan.

Image of the 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 from a side view. Looks incredible in the Yellow DHL Livery.
The 2002 Jordan Honda EJ12 Looks stunning in the DHL Yellow Livery doesn’t it?

Sporting a DHL yellow exterior and original ‘Suzuka Legend’ livery, this auction is due to take place from 22nd September and close 29th September.

About ‘The Market’

The Market was launched in 2016 and is a privately held company based near Oxford in the UK. The Market helps people to buy and sell their classic vehicles through innovative curated auctions via its state-of-the-art, high security online platform and app.

The Market was conceived from a passion for classic cars and motorcycles as well as for technology and the crossovers that exist between the two. This crossover is disrupting the classic car auction market by providing the highest levels of transparency, accessibility and security as well as highly competitive buyers’ and sellers’ fees. The Market charges a seller’s commission of just 5 per cent + VAT with no fees for buyers.

To date, The Market has sold over 800 vehicles with a total value of over £10 million and a sales rate of over 80+ per cent. Prices range from £20,000 to £200,000.

Want to know where you can find ‘The Market’ Online, check them out in the list below.

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