2021 Honda Civic Review – Is it a good choice family car?

Is the new Honda Civic a good Family Car Choice?

A great opportunity arose recently with the relaxation of some of the current lockdown rules and with my YouTube Channel Pitt Motoring TV, my local Honda Dealer – Marshall Honda Scarborough let me have their Demonstrator 2021 Honda Civic for a couple of days to review.

2021 Honda Civic SR

So the Honda Civic has been around for generations now and has grown with the times and lately is a super reliable choice for a family car which is certainly up there with its rivals.

Here is the 2021 Honda Civic SR that I had to review.
The 2021 Honda Civic SR.

The Honda Civic I had to review was the SR Trim which had the 1.0L 3 Cylinder Vtech Turbo Engine matched to a 6 speed manual, a CVT Automatic is also available.

The engine in the civic really was fantastic, for such a small engine in quite a large capable family car you would expect it to be sluggish.

What I found was completely the opposite, it picked up well, it felt torquey. It cruised at town speeds and dual carriageway speeds with ease.

The 1.0L 3cyl vtech turbo musters 124bhp and 148 ft-lb of torque, this won’t propel you to a ground breaking 0-60mph time but it will get you there in 10.6 seconds.

With the Economy mode on you will be very surprised with how frugel the Honda Civic is and even with the economy mode switched off you will find it is still very fuel efficient.

You will find an average of 46 miles per gallon combined (town driving and out on the dual carriageways or motorway) and could easily see 500+ miles to a full tank of petrol.

The New Honda Civic is packed full of tech and safety features.

You will be glad to know that the new Honda Civic comes packed full of upto date tech and laden with various safety features and functions.

From the SR trim through to the Sport you will get the Honda infotainment system and an array of safety features. Base spec SE Trim doesn’t come fitted with the Honda Infotainment system but does include a number of the safety features and gadgets.

The centre console and infotainment system of the 2021 Honda Civic.
The centre console and infotainment system of the 2021 Honda Civic.

You can find the full list of safety features and equipment by following this link to the Marshall Honda Website.

The adaptive cruise control is a feature I’ve not really used before so is new to me but a great feature it is, simple to set from the controls on the steering wheel but also getting to know the lane departure warning and lane keep assist too.

What is the Honda Civic like Comfort and Practicality wise?

One question I am sure many may ask when looking to buy a new car, whether it is a daily commuter for work, a mix of daily commuter and family car or just a dedicated family car.

One thing we all want to know is how would it live upto these roles, how comfortable and how practical is the new Honda Civic?

Let me start off by telling you about the seats, they are very comfortable which are vastly adjustable so comfort can be found by the majority of people, short, tall, whoever will find this car comfortable.

Up front in the Honda Civic.

Around town and on a run along the dual carriageways the Suspension setup of the new Honda Civic copes amazingly well offering a super smooth ride and the steering is balanced and light which makes it a pleasure to drive around town but also gives a good driving experience when you fancy some fun on the B roads.

In the back there is space for 2 Adults with leg room plenty and head room isn’t too bad, people over 6ft may touch their heads on the roof.

The rear seating of the 2021 Honda Civic.

One thing I found which is a small negative to the new Honda Civic is a ridge in the roof just behind the rear seats which even I kept catching my head on.

As for how practical it would be for the kids it is a positive with plenty of space for 2 children’s car seats and space in the middle seat for 1 person.

The Isofix points are easily accessible which will ease the fitment of your child’s car seat, they are covered by a simple fabric cover so won’t be exposed when they aren’t in use.

The rear windows are quite small which makes the rear feel slightly boxed in but this could be down to the rear tinted windows which is great for protecting the kids from the sun, they do still have a clear view outside which helps with those games of mini and yellow car.

If you are considering the new Honda Civic as a car for commuting to work, no matter what you are carrying the boot space will be plentiful.

For a family car this is where I think the Honda Civic offers a large persuasive factor. A large boot capable of carrying a pram or travel system and an array of other baby and toddler related parafanalia.

An impressive 478 Litre Boot Capacity in the 2021 Honda Civic.

The new Honda Civic boasts a 478 litre boot capacity and a clever luggage cover and a 64 litre storage compartment under the boot floor.

For those Dads tasked with the dreaded tip runs when the weekends come around then not to worry. When you fold the rear seats down flat and you will have a 1267 litre space capable of carting the old toys or whatever else that is to be graced of a trip to the tip.

What is the Honda Infotaintment like to use?

The selection of new cars these days come fitted with an Infotainment system, a hub of many of the cars features and settings.

The new Honda Civic from the SR trim upwards has this feature fitted as standard and packed with features it is, such as DAB radio, Bluetooth for your mobile phone, control over the climate control, Sat Nav and plenty more.

The 7" touch screen Infotainment system of the 2021 Honda Civic.
The 7″ touch screen Infotainment system of the 2021 Honda Civic.

The look compared to others such as fitted to the Skoda Octavia isn’t laid out as nice, these are personal preference. The various features however are easily selectable and the sat nav even though is practical the look resembles of the old Garmin units we used to slap on the windscreen.

The Satellite Navigation.

I also found the image quality of the reversing camera quite poor, still usable but pixilated, similar to the graphics of an old games console.

The stereo system is fab though. As a family we do love our music and In car travel discos and the quality of sound is very good. Also with Android Auto and Apple Car play you can have a plethora of features available with ease.

It is great to see too that Honda have taken customer feedback into consideration and gotten rid of the volume control from the touch screen infotainment screen and gone back to the simple physical twisty dial.

I think other than the styling of the new Honda Civic my favourite part had to be the instrument cluster, a digital display which offers everything you need which is crisp and clear and doesn’t glare even in the sunlight.

The instrument cluster and steering wheel of the 2021 Honda Civic.
The instrument cluster and steering wheel of the 2021 Honda Civic.

With a vast array of features available on screen from the touch of a button on the steering wheel.

My Overall thoughts of the New Honda Civic.

I was very impressed with the new Honda Civic, I like the styling which for me Honda seem to be nailing across the range but it is very out there which may not be to everyone’s taste.

I like how the styling is unique and not styled like many other vehicles on the road such like some of its competitors.

As a family car I would give it a good thumbs up and one to definitely consider if you are looking for a practicality and efficiency backed up with the high standing reliability which Honda is known for you know it will stand the test of time.

Even for a daily commuter with how the Civic drives and how comfortable and fuel efficient it is it is definitely a choice to consider.

The Prices of the new 2021 Honda Civic start from £21,730 for the base model SE, £23,055 for the SR Model, £26,055 for the EX, £27,055 for the EX Sportline and £24,555 for the Sport.

The Sport model is available with a 1.5ltr 4cyl petrol turbo which produces 179bhp, 177 ft-lb torque with a 0-60mph time of 7.9 seconds.

Marshall Honda currently have a great offer available which they offer £500 incentive for every test drive when you go onto order your New Honda, not bad eh.

You can find out more on that here and more offers available from Marshall Honda Here.

If you’d like more on my review you can check out my review over on my YouTube channel Pitt Motoring TV.

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  1. This was a great review! I am not on the market for a car but this sounds like a great family car! Love the sleek design both inside and outside and how spacious it is! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks Christina, it is a great looking car and the practicality is fab. Thanks for your comment.

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