2021 Honda Jazz eHev Review.

Is the new 2021 Honda Jazz eHev still as good as previous models?

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of getting acquainted and making friends with the all new 2021 Honda Jazz thanks to my local Honda Dealer Marshall Honda. Things have been going very well with the car reviews lately and they are proving very popular both on the Blog and my YouTube channel.

The new Honda Jazz that I was getting acquainted with was dressed in SR spec, so it was packed full of safety and driver convenience technology which I will touch on later in this post.

There is one big difference with the new 2021Honda Jazz in comparison with previous generations, it is a Hybrid only.

Yep, there is only 1 engine choice which is Honda’s clever eHev system. With the addition of battery packs and hybrid technology, has it scuppered its well know reputation of being a super practical small hatchback which is perfect for the town tootling family? Read on to find out more.

Honda Jazz EHev.

The Jazz has always had a large reputation, one for being Honda, they are renowned for reliability and have built incredible foundations thanks to it and build quality. The Jazz with its clever interior designs has proven to be one of the class leaders when it comes to practicality from such a small hatchback.

You will be pleased to know that the new Hybrid Honda Jazz hasn’t lost any of its quirkiness or practicality. With a slightly smaller boot space but still up there space wise and how it utilises that space.

Appearance wise the Honda Jazz is a cutesy cool looking car, taking some design inspiration from the all electric Honda E and receiving cool modern features such as all LED headlights and taillights.

Speaking of the Honda E, it featured in a line up of which EV is the best choice to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. I know totally random but its a good read – check it out here.

The 2021 Honda Jazz EHev is a cute looking car on the outside.
As I’m sure you will agree, the new Honda Jazz is a cute looking car.

The similar cute, modern simple design follows round to the rear of the Honda Jazz too.

The simple and modern design carries on to the rear of the new Honda Jazz.
The simple and modern design carries on to the rear of the new Honda Jazz.

The Honda Jazz is now only offered as a Hybrid.

One question I had regarding the new Jazz was if it was still as good with just a single engine choice coupled with the eHev powertrain.

With its rivals such as the Renault Clio, the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa offering a range of engine options as well as a hybrid, had the New jazz singled itself out?

Simply the answer is no. The new Honda Jazz suits this new Hybrid Powertrain and for the price, as a hybrid its a bargain compared to its rivals hybrid options.

What’s the eHev Honda Jazz like to live with?

With electric and hybrid vehicles being rolled out rather sharpishly now, a lot may be dubious of owning one. Its a bit of uncertainty and lack of knowledge of hybrids and EV’s.

I have driven a few now to review for the blog and YouTube channel and I am very surprised, they offer amazing fuel efficiency in comparison to just a Petrol or Diesel powertrain, and the extra oomph in power from the electricness is not something to frown upon.

eHev powertrain in the new Jazz.

I was dubious with the eHev Honda Jazz though due to its Single speed automatic transmission. This was the first single speed auto I had ever driven. What did I think to it?

Single speed CVT transmission.

I found it a pleasant surprise. Whilst in EV mode nipping around the small town streets of Scarborough it was great and proves it still is a class leader as an around the town small family hatchback.

The Honda Jazz has a 1.5 litre petrol engine which is coupled to an electric motor with a battery pack stowed away beneath the boot floor. The specs this combination provides are 109bhp, 253Nm torque. How it delivers this is surprising and keeps the jazz a sprite little hatchback offering amazing economy figures and lower running costs.

Out on the open roads such as B roads and Dual Carriageways, say 60mph plus it does get a little noisy from the petrol engine higher up the revs. That was my only negative I had found with the new Jazz, it isn’t even that big of a negative either, after a couple of days when the time came to pass my new friend back to the guys at Marshall Honda Scarborough, I didn’t even notice it.

The 2021 Honda Jazz Interior.

Inside the new Jazz it has been given a newly designed dashboard that is simple and contemporary but still super practical.

Fresh, contemporary and simple dash design and layout in the new Jazz.
Fresh, contemporary and simple dash design and layout in the new Jazz.

It retains its spacious interior it is renowned for and keeping the iconic magic rear seats (the bases fold up to allow a spacious load area without having to drop the rear seats down completely, ideal for taller items).

Spacious rear seating in the 2021 Honda Jazz.

Not only has it kept its practicality but it has also kept with the rapidly changing times with a whole host of safety and driver convenience technology.

With the likes of Lane Departure Warning, Lane keep assist, automatic headlights and wipers, adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation and more it makes the Jazz a super safe option for a small family hatchback.

Driver display of the new Jazz.

What’s the verdict and cost of the new Jazz?

With a range of 4 specs to choose from, 3 for the Jazz and 1 for the Jazz Crosstar (focused more for the adventurous types).

The new Honda Jazz for a hybrid, small practical hatchback is competitive and well priced. I would definitely recommend you consider it.

If the new Jazz maybe a little too small for what you need size and practicality wise then have a read of my Review of the New 2021 Honda Civic Here.

To find out more about the 2021 Honda Jazz eHev and see what great offers are available then head over and check out the Marshall Honda Website you can also find Marshall Honda on social media too, links below.

Big thank you to The team at Marshall Honda Scarborough for allowing me the time to test out the new Jazz to bring you this review.

If you fancy watching my review of the New jazz, I apologise for the Yorkshireness in advance, you can check it out below.

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  1. Interesting, a 1.5ltr engine. I wouldn’t have thought the Jazz had an engine that large. ANyway, the Jazz is ideal as a hybrid I’d have thought. A great about town run around sexxed-up for the e-car era I guess.

    1. Yep a 1.5ltr, I’d have thought with this new Jazz, Honda would have opted for the 1ltr 3cyl Vtech Turbo engine that is now available in the newer Civics and combined with their eHev hybrid tech. Great little car to drive. Nippy with the boost from the electric motor. So easy to drive too.

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