5 relatable Dad Memes

5 funny dad memes that are relatable

5 Funny Dad Memes that are absolutely relatable to Parents

I don’t know about you but I love a good meme, especially dad memes. They are incredibly funny and cover comedic value of so many subjects and life.

Parenting memes are some I find most hilarious and have me creased in laughter, not just because of the fact they are clever and funny but because of how relatable they actually are to real life parenting. It’s just like those funny parenting sayings our mums or dads used to say.

This post I am going to be sharing with you 5 Dad memes that I find the most relatable to day to day parenting.

The Dad Stare Meme

Hilarious and relatable Dad Meme. The Dad move of staring at our kids until they act right and behave themselves.
Hilarious and relatable Dad Meme.

I think all fathers at some point or another have been in this scenario. Middle of a shop, while visiting family or friends or even sat at a table in a pub or restaurant. When your kids are acting up and been general cheeky trouble makers that they are.

To save the embarrassment and people looking by using the Dad Voice! You just give them the Look… A similar sort of look the mrs gives us when we know we are in trouble. That same look, just staring, attempting to bury your sight through the head of your child until they start behaving themselves and calm down.

A Meme for the Dads of Girls

Dad meme for the dads of girls who know that when your daughter wants a daddy daughter tea party... You're having a Daddy Daughter tea party.
Dad meme for the dads of girls who know that when your daughter wants a daddy daughter tea party… You’re having a Daddy Daughter tea party.

This is one of those dad memes that will be so relatable for the Dads of Daughters reading this, not so much for the dads of boys who are busy having a game of footy in the garden. I know I have had this a few times more so with Daddy Daughter Nail Salons.

If your Daughter asks and tells you she wants to have a fairy or a princess Tea Party you will have one. No matter how much you rebel, our daughters have a special way of twisting our arms into a situation such as this with the least amount of fight or drama.

The screen time Memes

Dad Memes showing when your kids realise their tablet isn't charged and all hell breaks loose and it's the end of the world.
Dad Memes – When your kids realise their tablet isn’t charged!!

My god for Dad memes or even a parenting one in general this one is so true. Your kids been pestering all morning no matter how hard you try and tell them to wait trying to enforce some screen time seen as they were glued to roblox for 5 hours solid yesterday. You finally cave just to get an hours peace and quiet so you can sit down and enjoy a coffee. BOOM!!! whats that?? END OF THE WORLD is what it is, your child transforms into a terrifying beast all because the battery is dead and they are unable to play the game they’re addicted to!!

Anything like me it’s always tough you should have put it on charge when you finished with it yesterday or just so you can get that small amount of peace. Plug in the charger and let them play it while it charges.

How it feels putting baby or toddler to Bed.

Dad Memes - Settling your baby or toddler to sleep
Dad Memes – Settling your baby or toddler to sleep

Oh god this is so true isn’t it. That moment your baby or toddler falls asleep on you while watching season 3 of peppa pig for the millionth time. You head up the stairs feeling like Tom Cruise out of Mission Impossible, so quiet and stealth like movements as not to wake them. Popping them into bed feeling like an explosives expert gently putting them down to sleep as to not wake them and have the explosion of never ending Duracell bunny like energy. Almost there…. You’ve got this…. The brew or Beer is in sight!!

Dad memes showing what a mum sees when we toss our kids into the air and then catch them.
I think all of us dads have done this before haven’t we.

We have all been here done this and are now fully fledged experts right? Like a veteran rocket launch expert from NASA or something. Something the kid’s absolutely love. I know beast does and Pig used to when she was smaller.

But the Mrs absolutely hates it and watches with her eyes closed. This Dad memes indication is spot on, showing how we see it, how our kid sees it and how the Mrs sees it.

Now be honest fellas… Who does this with their kid on purpose to wind the Mrs up?

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20 Thoughts to “5 relatable Dad Memes”

  1. I love the throwing in the air one. When large boy was 8 months old, himself took him on a zip wire and ended up flat on his back in black squelchy mud saying “it’s ok I didn’t drop the baby!” 😂

    1. 🤣🤣 That’s brilliant, I can say I’ve done that before but with no child 🤣

  2. The fairy tea party one!! That cracked me up. I as a Mum I can completely agree with the last one. That is heart in the mouth stuff right there!

    1. 😂 Same with Sarah my other half, she hates it when I do it with any of them. Fairy tea party is very true for us Dad’s though

  3. The child/bomb one 🤣🤣🤣 in a position where I can relate putting her down and then starts wiggling around as I tense up waiting for her to explode before going to sleep on her side 😅

    1. 🤣🤣 It’s certainly a tense moment isnt it, will they wake up will they stay asleep 🤣

  4. The staring one and the tablet one are perfect for our house!

    1. 🤣 It’s like the end of the world when the battery on the tablet dies or its not charged isn’t it

      1. My lad is terrible for just playing on while it’s beeping at him to tell him it’s dangerously low on battery!

        1. Sounds just like my eldest step daughter 😂

  5. Liz

    Those memes are very amusing! I specially chuckled on the Dad stare meme

    1. That is a good one isn’t, done it a few times myself 😂

  6. I LOVE the tea party one! My brother has 4 children, and the 3 oldest are all girls. He’s a guy’s guy, working in construction as a roofer and handy when it comes to vehicles and renovating his house on his own BUT when his daughters are looking for a tea party or something similar, he’s there! He is such a great dad and it makes me smile watching him with his girls. His kids really are his everything.

    1. Aww that’s amazing to hear 😁

  7. Love this, so accurate! Especially the look I try to give them, I don’t ever see the way my face looks but whatever it looks like it clearly doesn’t work!

    1. Yeh that is true it very rarely works 😂

  8. Patrick

    Love it. I can relate to some of those. ( I have all boys) .

    1. Yeh I cant see your boys dressing you as a fairy for the Tea party unless it’s a hillarious prank 😂

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