5 Popular must visit places in Scarborough.

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5 Popular must visit places in Scarborough.

Scarborough is a highly popular seaside town and resort in North Yorkshire. I am sure many of you reading this may have visited at some point or another in your life. I am so privelaged to call Scarborough my home. A town with lot’s to offer tourists but also it’s residents.

From beautiful scenery and places to walk but down to what there is for family days out, activities and shopping. Well this is a Parenting blog after all so i’m not exactly going to be sharing with you the 5 best G-string sets that are available at New Look in the Brunswick Shopping centre am I.

Nope, so I will be sharing with you 5 Popular places to visit in Scarborough that will offer fun and entertainment for the whole family.

1 – Alpamare Water Park

Alpamare Water Park Scarborough. 1 of many attractions to visit when looking for an activity to do with the family.
Alpamare Water Park Scarborough. 1 of many attractions to visit – Pic source Raring2Go-Google Images.

Alpamare Water Park has been open in Scarborough since July 2016. Wow 4 years… I did’t realise it had been there and open this long. Sitting above the North Bay, Alpamare offers you and your family a fun packed Day. It has a lot to offer whether you want an action packed adrenaline fuelled fun day with the kids, you and your partner have a day to yourselves or Granny and Grandad have taken the kids to the beach for the afternoon so you and your partner can grab some time with each other then Alpamare also has something for you.

So let’s take a look at whats on at Alpamare.

  • Water slides – With four slides available for all your speed and adrenaline fuelled fun.
  • Pools – A selection of five pools. A wave pool which erupts every 30 mins, the main pool area, Splash and play Pool, outdoor garden pool with whirlpools and bubble recliners (sounds like heaven doesn’t it) and the Outdoor infinity pool which is filled with healing iodine water and has amazing and beautiful views across the North Bay.
  • Food and Drink – Course all this fun and relaxation you are bound to get hungry or the kids pestering for a drink and snacks. There is an onsite restaurant offering healthy option meals as well as pasta and pizza. Hot and cold drinks… oh and dads… A cold Beer too.
  • Wellness – This one is perfect for the mums wanting to unwind or for both parrents wanting to enjoy much wanted peace together to relax. An Alpine-style wellness centre and spa which offers Steam and Sauna baths, Bubble jet pools, infinity pool and a good selection of treatments.

Does Alpamare sound like something for you, fancy a day out here with the family or even just for a relaxing break then check out the Alpamare website.

2 – Mini Monsterz

Mini Monsterz, an amazing soft play centre in Eastfield, Scarborough for those days to let the kids run riot – pic source – Minimonsterz.co.uk

Mini Monsterz is a soft play centre local to us here in Scarborough, based in Eastfield. Soft play is just great for letting the kids just explode and enjoy themselves isn’t it? A definite go to place when the weather is just simply appalling. So much to do at Mini Monsterz With a soft play setup for the younger children up-to the age of 4, a toddler room for the littler ones and then the big main play area for all the family. Such great fun, we just love the slides.

Mini Monsterz also offer laser tag every evening from 6pm. Such a great place for Birthday Party Packages, so if you are local to the Scarborough area then definitely give Mini Monsterz a look for a fuss free Birthday Party, Various packages available.

If you want to find out more then check out the Mini Monsterz Website, also find their social media accounts on the website too. Sadly at the moment currently closed due to the Covid Pandemic but I will update this post once some more form of normality resumes and this amazing place can re-open.

3 – Scarborough Sea Life Centre

Sea Life Scarborough is another fantastic attraction which is highly worth a visit.
Sea Life Scarborough is another fantastic attraction which is highly worth a visit – pic source visitsealife.com/scarborough

We all love the Sea Life centre’s. The atmosphere and been so up close with the nature from the depths below. Scarborough Sea Life centre have some incredible Aquariums to take a look at. Take a walk through with the penguins, watch the feeding of the penguins and otters and even the Seal show. While here take a walk under the ocean floor… Yes you heard that right, you can take a walk underneath the ocean thanks to Scarborough Sea Life’s Ocean tunnel, surrounded by 200,000 litres of ocean filled with Marine Life, especially their rescued Sea Turtle and Black Tip Reef Sharks.

Want to make it an educational family visit then plan your day and make sure to catch all the Talks and the Feedings. The talks from our own previous visits have been super detailed and informative but also great for the children to understand, the team really do have a great way with the kids.

Did you know that Scarborough Sea Life Centre is the only Seal Hospital in Yorkshire!! That’s incredible isn’t it, rehabilitating sick and injured seals and seal pups to get them back up to full health and ready to head back out into the wild.

An awesome and fun packed day to enjoy with the family. If you’d like to pay a visit then take a look at their website where you can check out what there is to do, with information available on the feeding and talks, you can Book Online with Scarborough Sea Life Centre.

4 – Peasholm Park

Peasholm Park Lake is such a beautiful site. A great attraction to visit whether you and your partner or with the family.
Peasholm Park Lake is such a beautiful site. A great attraction to visit whether you and your partner or with the family.

Peasholm Park is a beautiful attraction just off the north bay, great for the family and brings in what must be hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of visitors yearly. With a large lake being the centre piece of the park which hosts a great family activity of taking out rowing boats, canoes or dragon headed pedalo’s around the lake which are available to hire. Live music on from time to time actually on the lake itself in the bandstand. It’s historically famous Model Naval display.

That’s not just it about Peasholm Park though, with a naturally designed Glenn with a stream running throughout, woodland built up of a selection of rare unusual trees and flowers. Plenty of paths to walk around and admire it’s natural beauty, follow the stream and you will find ponds and small waterfalls. Great for stick races with the kids.

Peasholm is home to a large number of squirrels and pigeons which are incredble to feed. The squirrels are so timid and will happily come so close to take nuts from your finger tips. Ducks Geese and swans fill the lake which is always a family winner to feed. The park is plentiful with benches and seating so you can enjoy the surroundings and maybe a picnic, with a cafe within the park and an ice cream stall you can take a seat, relax and enjoy a brew or an ice cream.

Want to find out more about what there is to offer, want to plan ahead then head to Peasholm Parks Website and see what there is for you and the family, you won’t be disappointed with this visit.

5 – Playdale Farm

Playdale Farm Park in Cayton just outside of Scarborough is such a fun family day out and is definitely an attraction well worth a visit
Playdale Farm Park in Cayton just outside of Scarborough is such a fun family day out and is definitely an attraction well worth a visit. – pic source playdalefarmpark.co.uk

Lastly but certainly not the last of what Scarborough has to offer, but for my list I will leave this until last and that is Playdale Park. Located just outside of Scarborough in the village of Cayton is this Family Farm Attraction.

Playdale Farm has been a go to place for us for a family day out since our older girls mouse and pork chop were 2 or 3. Such a great place for a family day out. We were recently invited down to Playdale Farm to check out and take a look at what they have been up-to while they have been closed during the lockdown period. What they have put in place to ensure your family and members of staff safety. If you would like you can head to my Review of Playdale Farm and find out more about this fantastic attraction in more detail.

But for the benefit of this post here is a brief introduction of Playdale. A large barn Filled with a Farm animals which you and the kids can feed. At the moment their animal handling with the guinea pig’s for example aren’t currently taking place due to safety precautions due to ole corona. You will find an indoor play barn stacked with hay for your little terrors to run riot and burn off steam. Two play area’s, one more suitable for the little youngsters, ride on tractors, undercover picnic area and outdoor benches. A pedal go kart track, Zip Line, Bob sled and even a field for Frisbee Golf.

If you are a Scarborough resident or visiting for a holiday or day trip, playdale is a must visit. Truly so much to do and fun to be had that you can literally spend a full day here. With the current pandemic and since re-opening they have introduced a shielding hour available to book for just two shielding families. The Far usually opens to the public at 10am but for the shielding hour they are open from 9am to 10am. You can find out more about the shielding hour in my recent Review of Playdale Farm.

So if your planning your visit to Scarborough and want to add this Attraction to your itinerary and find what there is for you then head to their Website.

5 Popular Places to visit in Scarborough

So there we have it 5 Popular Places to visit in Scarborough.
So there we have it 5 Popular Places to visit in Scarborough.

There we have 5 Popular places to visit in Scarborough for you to consider whether you are a resident and looking for something to do throughout the school summer holidays or planning a holiday or day trip to Scarborough. Their is something for everybody. There are plenty of other Popular places to visit in Scarborough though and it’s a given that the Beach and the Arcades are the forefront of anything. I mean you wouldn’t be visiting Scarborough if it wasn’t for these would it.

If you fancy something else though, something educational and a bit historic to add into your visit then check out our family day out to Scarborough Castle which is part of the English Heritage.

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