5 Things to do at the Beach.

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Here are 5 Things to do at the Beach.

Well the weather is finally starting to improve, ignoring the odd day but it is getting better. We are slowly starting exiting lockdown and now able to travel further afield than home. So here I want to go through a few things we enjoy when we visit the beach in – 5 things to do at the Beach.

It’s almost the time when you wake up to a beautiful and fresh summers day, the sunshine beaming through the curtains. The sound of the birds outside in harmonic song, and not forgetting that typical neighbour Derek mowing his grass at 6.30am. Yourself and the other half chatting and planning over a morning coffee, wondering what to do with the family today.

One of those days where you load the kids in the car, suncream, towels, blankets, swimming costumes, snacks, drinks, don’t forget the sunglasses or your favourite bucket and spade.

Then off you pop on your adventures to your favourite seaside town for a day of fun and frolics at the beach.

5 things to do at the beach – I will share a few me and my family enjoy.

I like to think myself and my family are lucky and privelaged. To live where we do, the popular British seaside resort of Scarborough. Even luckier from our home it is only a ten minute walk for us to get to the beach.

This is great… But… With living so close and having the beach on our doorstep we hardly visit. The kids love the beach and there is so much to do and experience.

Here I’m going to give you a little round up of 5 things to do at the Beach.

1 – Building Sandcastles.

First up in my 5 things to do at the beach, I’m sure I’m not alone with this choice. A memory many of us will have of day trips and holidays to the beach. Whether here in the UK or somewhere abroad. Sand castle building is so much fun. Hours and hours of entertainment for not just your children but yourself included.

Becoming the architect you dreamed of being and creating a masterpiece out of a mixture of sand and water. Seeing what sort of marvelous spectacle you and your child can create.

One of my 5 things to do at the beach. Build Sandcastles.
The fun to have building sand castles – pic source unsplash.

2 – Let’s Bury the children.

One of those at the beach activities that you will see down the mass stretch of beach you are at. Where mum or dad are lapping it up digging their way to Australia for the much prayed for peace and quiet. Nah that’s just a joke. But digging a great deep hole with the kids is so much fun. From experience with my own daughters it is 8 times out of 10 them that suggest the idea. Burying them in the sand up to their knees, waist or even further past. Whether they are stood or laid down. It’s such fun and even they enjoy it.

You then get the privelage of peace and quiet while they are restrained in a sand prison. Not having to worry about where they have disappeared to.

 Second in my top 5 things to do at the beach. My daughters Legs buried in the sand at a recent trip to the beach.
Legs buried. One fun activity to do at the beach.

3 – It’s Time to get wet.

Here is a big one that is just irresistible in my 5 things to do at the beach. You can’t visit the beach without at least dipping your toes in the sea can you. One thing me and my daughters enjoy doing is wave racing. Walking upto the waters edge and running away as the waves edge closer and closer to you.

But there’s nothing more exilerating on the 1 scorching hot British summers day here in the UK than going full on into the see for a swim and a paddle. Same with the kids, have a good splash about, water fight maybe. Let your hair down and enjoy it.

Thirdly in my 5 things to do at the beach. You can't beat a good old splash in the sea while at the beach, my daughters have a great time.
Splashtastic time in the sea.

4 – Rockpooling.

I used to love Rockpooling with my dad when I was a lad and I have so many memories of rock pooling so it has to be in my 5 things to do at the beach.

Remember those days at the beach clambering over the rocks looking for that perfect pool. With your bucket in one hand raiding through the rock pools you found along the rocky beaches. Seeing what wonders of the sea were there.

Whether they were mussels, anenomoes or hermit crabs or crabs. It was amazing and heaps of fun. It can be educational for your children too if you sort of know what your on about. If not don’t worry yourself too much, set it as a challenge for you and your children to scour the Internet to read up and research what it was that you had seen and found.

Fourthly in the 5 things to do at the beach is rock pooling. Checking out the life in a rock pool - pic source unsplash
Sea anenomes in a rock pool – picture source unsplash.

5 – Drawing and writing in the sand.

Many times as we have walked along the beach here in Scarborough. On many occasions while enjoying the beach you will see adults and children doing the same thing.

But what… They would be Drawing something in the sand with a stick or writing their families names with the obligatory ‘we was ere’.

Something me and my partner did recently on our trip to the beach. Writing ours and the kids names and also for a bit of a laugh we both wrote our Instagram usernames in the sand. Mine for my blog account… Athomewithyorkshiredaddy and the Mrs for her small crochet page – Crochet Magic.

The girls enjoy writing their own names too or drawing pictures in the sand. They like to doodle us as a family or their favourite animal. Such a great family activity and why I have included this into 5 things to do at the beach.

Me and the Mrs had fun writing our Instagram usernames in the sand with a stick
The Writings in the sand.

So there we have it, 5 Things to do at the Beach.

I hope you enjoyed this post, comment below if you have other activities and things you like to do when you visit the seaside and beach.

But if its anything like our typical British weather and we have had that one mystical hot summers day and you find yourself at home indoors on a wet rainy miserable day.

Board games are always a winner. Here’s some Games that we thoroughly enjoy. Board games a great way to combat boredom.

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16 Thoughts to “5 Things to do at the Beach.”

  1. This is a gorgeous post with some lovely ideas. Rockpooling is always our favourite thing to do when we visit with Vincent!
    Sand castles never seem to go quite as well for us πŸ˜‚

    1. No your not wrong, you have this image in your head of a fantastic castle made of sand and it never seems to look like that image no matter how hard you try. Yeah rock pools are great fun 😊.

  2. I lived at the seaside for years, we did all this lol!

    1. Great fun and memories isn’t it.

  3. williake

    I’d love for a nice beach trip right about now! I’ve never hear about rock pooling but that sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing

    1. Rock pooling is great. Find rock pools at the beach and have a look and investigate what there may be in them. Crabs, shells alsorts 😁 Thank you for reading and commenting.

  4. We are heading to the beach next month, and we were already excited about the trip. After reading this, I’m even more eager to feel the sand between my toes. Thanks Eddie! Great post!

    1. No problem Ted. The beach is brilliant for family fun. And I hope some of these 5 things will bring fun and enjoyment to your trip to the beach next month 😁.

  5. All classics to do at the beach πŸ˜ƒ though it’s always me who gets buried πŸ˜‚ We’re still not sure if we are going on our holiday this year yet.

    1. Awesome fun still πŸ˜‚. Hopefully all will return to normal and you can get away bud.

  6. I love staying by the beachside and waking up to the fresh salty air. Lovely list of things to do. We also like playing ball in the beach – like throwball or volley!

    1. That sounds great fun too. The air is lovely and fresh isn’t it.

  7. I am in the beach almost every week. Getting wet is my favorite! On my next trip let me check rockpooling. πŸ˜‰

    1. Rock pooling is great fun 😊.

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