5 Tips I use to manage my Anxiety.

The year certainly is flying by, we are in May and that means its Mental Health Awareness month. For this I wanted to share with you 5 tips I use daily to manage my Anxiety.

How I manage my anxiety. Image by Annie Spratt Unsplash

I am the sort of guy that wants to spread mental health awareness by sharing my own struggles and experiences with depression and anxiety. The only problem is, I still find it difficult to open up and talk about it.

I hate admitting that I may be struggling and opening up and speaking out about it for me is like a sign of weakness. I still feel being a man and a Dad I’m meant to be the strong one, the rock, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

You can read more about my struggles with depression and anxiety here and about mens mental health but in this post I wanted to share with you 5 tips I take daily to manage my anxiety.

Here are 5 tips I use daily to manage my Anxiety.

Some days you may feel lost and overwhelmed but here are some tips I use to manage my anxiety.
Sometimes feeling lost and low.

LIving day to day with depression and anxiety isn’t something you can switch off and everyday isn’t always doom and gloom and negative. No day is the same.

Sure some days I feel low and anxiety is higher than other days but it is manageable. So onto my first tip.

1. Medication and GP Advice.

First of all I don’t think my anxiety would be manageable day to day without the advice and help I got from my GP.

Me and my anti depressants

Daily I take antidepressants, Sertraline to be exact and these for me do work, they help in a big way and help me to manage my anxiety. Now antidepressants may not be for everyone and there are other options but it is best to speak to your GP about those. There are also a vast amount of mental health support out there to help.

2. Being open and sharing how you feel.

I’m very lucky to have such a supportive partner, she truly is my rock. She knows when I’m not feeling the best and knows when she needs to help. Its a great feeling to have someone like that to share your problems with and open up.

Writing down how you feel or sharing with someone can help you manage your anxiety.
Writing down how you feel or sharing with someone can help you manage your anxiety. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez Unsplash.

Some people may not have this sort of support though and sometimes I feel I dont want to open up and share my feelings but one thing that helps me manage my anxiety is something I learnt through CBT Therapy. That is to get a pen and paper and write things down.

Even if it is just notes on the various things you are feeling or your thoughts. Its like it’s own way of sharing and does help

3. Deep Breaths and Exercise.

This one is a bit contradicting for me as I don’t really exercise that much unless you class the twice daily walk on the school run exercise. If you feel the day is getting too overwhelming and your anxiety is sky rocketing then take a moment.

Shoulder ride for my daughter while walking the dog
A nice walk out with the dog and the kids to clear the mind.

In that moment take some deep breaths, maybe take a walk, I sometimes take a walk to the shop, or somewhere local or leave slightly earlier for the school run and take the longer route. This moment and fresh air with deep breaths helps to subside the overwhelming feelings and is another way I manage my anxiety day to day.

4. Eat Healthy Meals.

It is easy sometimes just to ring or just eat a takeaway, I do love me a doner kebab as much as the next person but it isn’t really healthy for us. You can check out my Slimming world fakeaway doner kebab here so you don’t have to miss out on one.

I do find I feel lethargic and blurgh if I constantly eat crap and it certainly has an effect with how my anxiety is.

Lemon Pepper chicken tagliatelle
Pinch of Nom, Slimming world Lemon Pepper Chicken tagliatelle. A healthy meal which can help manage my anxiety and mental health.

Now if I watch what I eat and eat healthier meals I feel more fresh and the anxiety doesn’t seem to be as bad so eating healthily does have an impact on how I can manage my anxiety.

5. Sleep.

Sleep plays a massive role in our well being and mental health. One thing I try is to get a good night’s sleep.

Getting enough sleep is important for our mental health. Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Sometimes its easier said than done. Laying in bed tossing and turning just unable to switch off and turn off the thoughts and stresses of the day. For me paddy’s and tantrums that may have caused a stressful situation with my kids causes me to dwell on it and cause me to have a bad night’s sleep.

If we have a good night’s sleep though we wake up more energised and feeling fresh compared to waking up tired, feeling negative about the day ahead and the what if possibilities. It seems to bring on the anxiety and low mood.

These tips for how I manage my anxiety may seem simple and may not be for everyone but I’m sure they may be of some help for people out there and I actually feet slightly better about opening up and sharing something like this with you all.

Let me know in the comments below ways you manage your anxiety that may help others.

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