8 Ways to be a better Dad.

Fathers lately are wanting to be more present and involved with where parenting is involved. It is great to see as Dads can play a pivotal role within a family hierarchy and development of the children. In this post I will be sharing 8 ways to be a better Dad.

8 Simple ways to be a better Dad.

This subject is one I think plays on the minds of a lot of Fathers these days, are we a good Dad to our kids? Can we improve as a Dad and how can we be a better Dad?

Qualities that make a great Dad.

There are various qualities that make a great Dad and these could be covered and discussed in a post of their own but let’s touch upon a few as maybe some of them may help us to improve and become a better Dad.

A few of the qualities that make a great Dad and which may help us to improve and become a better dad is being involved. How much involvement you have as a father with your kids. Are you dependable, been there through thick and thin for your kids and family.

As a father are you compassionate and empathetic? Being honest is also another quality of a great Dad, we don’t have to hide our mistakes from our children. They respect honesty and learn from you owning upto your own mistakes.

Let’s carry on and get into what 8 ways can help us become better Dads.

8 Simple ways to be a better Dad.

Here I’m sharing with you 8 Simple ways to be a Better Dad, these are a few things I myself need to improve on to be a better dad and some things I do with my own 5 daughters.

1. Listen First – Talk Second

I know this one can be easier said than done at times and is one I occasionally struggle with. Mainly when 2 or more of the girls are in meltdown mode and bickering, all trying to talk over each other to get the first word in.

My best tip for this and other scenarios you will face as a father is to Listen First, Talk Second. Take some and listen to your children’s ideas and problems. With listening first before reacting or responding to what they are trying to say helps them to feel respected and understood.

2. Show your child affection.

I find there is nothing better than a good night cuddle and kiss from my daughters after we’ve shared a story at bedtime.

Our kids like security. That feeling that they are wanted and loved by their family. One way you can improve and become a better Dad is to be affectionate with your children, get yourself comfortable with those bedtime snuggles and kisses.

3. Become a role model for your child.

As Dads we have an important task, we are role models to our kids. We or our kids may not realise it.

A daughter who grows up and spends more time with a devoted loving Dad will grow up knowing that they deserve to be treated with respect by boys, and what to look for in a husband. If you are a dad of daughters then check out these Daddy Daughter Date Ideas.

As Dads we can teach our sons what is important, a life lesson teaching them to demonstrate honesty, humility, and responsibility. These are other traits that we can implement to become a Better Dad.

4. Read to your kids.

In the world we currently live in screen time is a large part of our childrens lives. It’s important that Dads make the effort to read to their children.

Children can learn a lot by reading, as well as seeing and hearing. Reading to your children when they are very young helps with their vocabulary. When they are older, encourage them to read on their own. 

Reading to your child can help concrete the bond you have as a Dad with your kids, not only that but can be an essential addition to your child’s bedtime routine.

5. Teach your Kids.

The role of a teacher isn’t just confined to the school but also for us parents at home too. We can be a better Dad by being a teacher to our children. Teach them about right and wrong, and encourage them to fulfill their best, you will one day witness your children making good decisions.

As Dads we can use everyday examples of our experiences to help our children learn the basic lessons of life. Consider the vital knowledge you have learnt over your years and what you learnt from your Dad. This could be anything from DIY, Craft, Baking or even music and movies.

6. Discipline with love and positive parenting.

All children need positive guidance and discipline, not as punishment, but to set reasonable limits. Dads should remind children of the consequences of their actions and positively acknowledge desirable behavior. Dads who discipline in a calm and fair manner show love for their children.

7. Get involved early.

Show interest early, be supportive to your partner during pregnancy. You can gently touch, play, hold and talk to your infant child.

Being a better dad is creating that bond with time, even when they are very young, the bond with your child over the years will be apparent and you will have a meaningful relationship with your child.

8. Stick to a Routine.

Something you and your child can do together, every day or once a week. For me it is reading a bedtime story with my youngest daughters every night. It is part of their bedtime routine but also our routine.

You could play games, watch a movie or do jigsaws together, It doesn’t have to be anything special, but the time and routine of doing things with your child makes it special to them.

These are all tips and ways we can be not just a Better Dad but better Parents. I hope you have found these useful and if you have any other tips or if you’d like to add in any of these to the way you parent, let me know in a comment below.

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6 Thoughts to “8 Ways to be a better Dad.”

  1. Yep. Being a dad is almost as much a journey as being a child. (OK, it’s not, but, you know… It’s a journey.) We have to learn and think and progress and adapt and recalibrate. You have highlighted some powerful points dads can and should be doing. You know I love number 4 but number 3 is where the real power is.

    When our kids are grown up they will remember what we did and how we behaved more than what we said.

    1. Absolutely agree with you on number 3 buddy and it will help mould them as grown ups too and how they present themselves.

      It is a journey and a massive learning curve even for us as parents.

  2. What a lovely little post! I love that you’ve included small things like reading to your child as well as larger things like being involved early.

    1. I love reading to the kids. Sometimes the small things are what will be remembered. Thank you

  3. Some great reminders for all us involved dads – daddy on!

    1. Thank you and I love that – Daddy on

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