A dance with Covid.

So it has been very quiet here recently so I do apologise but we have all recently had a dance with Covid. Yep over the 2 weeks following the last half term we have all ended up positive with Covid.

First off Sarah, Mouse and Titch were struck with the virus first, isolated into our bedroom for their isolation period which was tough. Having to keep Pig and Beast away from their mummy and having to do food deliveries and what not wearing a mask, gloves and goggles to try reduce the risk of it spreading further into the house.

All was a slight fail really as pig ended up losing her taste and smell and both me her and beast tested positive.

The isolation period for 10 days was the most difficult with 4 children in the house and as Mouse, Titch and Sarah’s isolation came to an end and the ability to resume normal routine for them made it a bit tougher for the younger 2 who had to stay indoors.

Did Covid hit us hard?

I think we have all been very lucky and I think the vaccine has a part to play in it but we were unwell but nowhere near as bad as what we had been terrified of. I think with this recent dance with Covid we have been very lucky.

The aches and the headache were the worst I have ever experienced and something I hope not to again. It is a very strange feeling when you think your brain has shrunk to the size of a pinball and is rattling its way around your cranium to an epic high score.

It has been a couple of weeks now since our isolation and dance with covid has come to an end but I still think we are not 100%. Myself I have been left very foggy. Brain fog is the worst and since covid it seems to be more frequent and worse than usual. Tiredness can hit you out of nowhere, one moment you are fine and then bang, your tank is empty and feel like you’ve been caught unaware by Chuck Norris.

Positive Covid test with 2 lines visible.
2 lines – Covid Positive.

The all mighty slump when you see those 2 lines appear on the lateral flow and the confirming text from Test and Trace from your PCR Test.

On a whole completely different level is testing the kids, I hate it, it isn’t pleasant for us but having to subject them to it also really hits home. Mouse who is 10 can easily and confidently carry out her own test – when I was her age I was fixing my bike or playing Mario on a game boy.

As for testing the younger 3, its like a royal rumble in the house, a lot of fighting to attempt to carry out the test. As for the sanity side of things though once it is done and isolation begins its all a case of finding things to keep the kids occupied. We found BBC bitesize a great way of incorporating fun and learning with the kids as well as reading – The Monstrous me collection were some of our favourites.

The Covid virus is still a large threat and with these new variants raising their ugly heads it is a terrifying time. I hope you are all keeping well and stay safe.

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11 Thoughts to “A dance with Covid.”

  1. Sorry to hear it got you and the family bud but glad it wasn’t as worse as expected. Hope the brain fog disappears soon too.

    1. Hope so too thanks matey. Definitely not as bad as expected, still don’t want to experience it again. Hope you and the family are well.

  2. Oh Eddie, how do I relate to this! Your symptoms and mine are so similar and no, I’m still not 100%. I was the first to test positive but I didn’t keep it to myself. I think it’s very difficutl when you live in the same house. The big difference is there are more of you so you really must have struggled on. Here’s hoping that brain fog clears up.

    1. Its not pleasant at all, I hope the brain fog will soon too, not been able to concentrate on writing with it. We managed a week without it spreading more through the house but I think it was inevitable.

  3. Glad you are all ok now mate.

    1. All pretty much back to normal now thankfully, just the tiredness and brain fog.

  4. Sorry to hear this and I am glad to hear you’re all doing okay now. Contrary to how many people are behaving, COVID is still very much a threat. I’m quite worried about what we’ll see after the Christmas holidays.

    1. It is, I can see another lockdown happening at some point.

      1. I can too and people won’t respond well to another lockdown. Here in Canada, we’ve never fully relaxed all the restrictions – we’re still wearing masks in public, there are capacity limits on most indoor venues, etc. Our case counts have been pretty good but they’ve been creeping up again, which is expected now that the colder weather is here and we’re spending more time indoors. It could be a long winter. Sigh.

  5. Well done on getting through it all in one piece. I’m glad you all survived without needing extra treatment.

  6. Aww bloody hell. It must be very hard in a house with more than two people let alone with kids to quarantine some and stop it spreading. You did your best but to have all now had it is almost a good thing. At least, that’s what I’d like to think because you came out the other side, albeit having a rough journey but you made it all okay. I’m very glad for that and I bet you are too because it must have been a very stressful and worrying time! xx

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