A routine struggle.

Getting back into routine has been a struggle.

Hey there everyone, I have been a bit quiet with the blog lately and I’ll be honest, it has been an uphill struggle lately. We recently went on a family holiday down to the Norfolk Coast and since returning home and getting back into a routine has proven tricky.

The caravan we left behind from our holiday and returning home and struggling with routines.
Our caravan we stayed in on the Norfolk Coast.

We had an amazing holiday and think for most of it for all of us including the girls is a case of the holiday blues. We had such a great time we didn’t want to come home, but I guess everyone feels like that once they are settled into holiday mode.

As routines go, I’m always a believer that family life goes smoother under a routine especially with 5 girls in the house at times – you can read more about the life with 5 girls here.

Routine countdown.

It is that time of year after the week half term at the end of May and the summer holidays. The kids are absolutely nackered and the week break just doesn’t cut the mustard to help recharge their batteries. Are your kids the same at this time of the year?

With the girls being so exhausted, more mentally exhausted than physically they can be quite challenging. Tie the exhaustion with a case of holiday blues it means getting back into the routine of normal bedtimes and school have proven stressful.

A challenging toddler playing and causing destruction whilst I attempt to stick to routines of housework.
Girls at school, Beast playing while I attempt some housework… oh the stay at home dad life.

Fighting bedtimes because they don’t want to go to bed yet, with mouse especially its like cohersing a teenager out of their bed in a morning. Their tempers are short and the sibling bickering is at an all time high. Its made it tricky for both myself and Sarah, patience has been definitely tested.

A nice stroll back home after the school run with beast.

Busy times.

Tackling through the washing from our week away and combating the relentless amounts of laundry we have day to day has finally come to an end.

Sarah has a lot on her plate at the moment too, with her annual leave now to an end for Uni she is now onto her second work placement. 5 weeks at one location, then 5 more weeks at a different location but she is loving the student nurse life.

Sarah all prepped and ready to start her second work placement as a student nurse.

With her 1 week down out of her 10 week placement this means she shall be working throughout the summer holidays, this must be tough for her as she will miss out on the time we could have with the girls.

4 out of the 5 princess tribe assembled… why, just look at them, cuties when they want to be.

But the end of this placement means the end of her first year as a student nurse and onto her second year.

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The year so far really has flown by hasn’t it. How are things with all of you? Do you find the same at this time of year?

Some of the fun we had on our jolly holiday, go karts rented to ride around the holiday park.

I have been doubting my writing lately hence a slow steady approach to posts on the blog, something I’m sure will pass, but what sort of content would you like to see and read more of here at Yorkie not just for Dads?

Have a great weekend, don’t forget to let me know in the comments below regarding the above.

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4 Thoughts to “A routine struggle.”

  1. Ah, yeah, post holiday routine can be tough. More so in summer when the nights are well lit and the kids don’t want to go to bed. Good luck sorting that out Eddie! At least the summer holidays are almost upon us.

    1. Thanks John. The summer holidays aren’t far away which is good, the girls truly are mentally exhausted and are proving challenging at the moment.

  2. Don’t you just love a kid that is mentally exhausted.. I’m currently with you on this one.. Summer holidays soon though, and restrictions supposedly lifting, so that should allow a lot more freedom with the little ones over the holidays. You’ll get there mate, just keep plodding on.

    1. Sarcasm alert 😂 its living the dream isn’t it bud. Yeah not long to go now thankfully. I just hope giving freedom like has been mentioned it doesn’t send us backwards again.

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