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About Me – Eddie – Yorkie not just for Dads – Dad Blog.

Welcome to Yorkie Not Just For Dads – My Dad Blog for all things Parenting, Lifestyle, Reviews, Dad stuff and more. Best thing is, as the Blog name suggests – It is not just for Dads.

I am Eddie, founder, author and general jack of all trades with this Blog. I’m a 34 year old Dad and Step Dad, with 5 girls…. Yes 5!!

I am a Stay at Home Dad – ups and downs but this is parenting people! You will find Lifestyle and Parenting posts related to being the At home Parent (Mums or Dads).

I’m an open struggler of depression and anxiety, I share content relatable with mental health.

About what you will find here on Yorkie not just for Dads – Dad Blog.

I plan to share with you my day to day experiences that come with being a stay at home dad, adventures and activities our family get upto, maybe the odd rant along the way.

Mental health struggles as I’d like to help raise awareness and rid the stigma around Dads and Mens Mental Health.

I will share with you various reviews of Childrens items such as toys, games, puzzles and childrens books.

Within Dad stuff you will find various posts relating to some of my hobbies and passions such as DIY – Projects, tasks and related articles, Motoring – I love my Cars and Motorsport, here I will share Car Reviews, News and articles regarding Family Motoring and Motorsport.

I also share more family activities and lifestyle content over on my Instagram – Yorkienotjustfordads page.

I’d also like to say. The content you read is my own, written by myself, images otherwise stated are my own. My own experiences, opinions and anything else along the way that I decide to share with you all. I will also be sharing with you Content received through working with PR and Marketing companies. You can read more in my Disclaimer.

I am open to collaborations and guest post oppertunitues. Meet ups and also open to working with Brands/Businesses/PR marketing and offering my own and families opinions of products or services. You can contact me viathe contact page.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the content I will be sharing with you 😊👍.

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Yorkie not just for Dads – About Me.