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Disclaimer – I was gifted a selection of Love Corn Healthy Snack products for the purpose of this review. The views and opinions of this product are my own.

Love Corn. A delicious Vegan Plant based Healthy Snack alternative to the likes of crisps and nuts.
Love Corn. A delicious Vegan Plant based Healthy Snack alternative.

Here is what myself and the family thought of the healthy snack alternative from Love Corn.

With having a large family who all love snacks, each of us have our own likes and dislikes, we do like to keep open minded with what snacks we can introduce the Girls to, especially if they are more of a healthy snack it makes it even better. We recently gave Love Corn a try and we were very impressed with this healthy snack.

A variety of flavours which are in great sized packs with other sizes available from Love Corn.
A variety of flavours of crunchy corn kernels which are in great sized packs with other sizes available.

If you have the regular in your house of the old famous quote of Please Sir Can I have some More when it comes to food and snacks then read on to find out more about this Healthy Snack.

What is Love Corn?

Love Corn is a new range of Healthy Snacks for all the family to enjoy, if like us and you are big fans of crisps then you will really enjoy the offerings from Love Corn.

They are a healthy snack made up of Crunchy Corn kernels, and let me tell you they really are crunchy, so moreish and flavourful and you can tell they are made with love.

Love Corn is a crunch delicious snack.
A crunchy delicious snack from these crunchy corn kernels.

These are a perfect alternatively for your kids packed lunches and something they will want to share with their friends. For me these were a perfect after snack following a good old Burger and a beer, a perfect accompaniment with a cold beer.

The Crunchy corn Kernels are Plant based, Vegan, Gluten Free and they are also verified Kosher and Non GMO.

Salt and vinegar flavour corn kernels from Love Corn.
Sea Salt and Vinegar flavour crunchy corn kernels.

There are 4 flavours available which will tickle your fancy and tantalise your taste buds. Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, Smoked BBQ and Habernero chilli. Love Corn have a variety of bag sizes too with snack packs – 20g whic are perfect for lunch boxes and pack ups, 45g ideal for a good snack and a 115g pack for if you are feeling greedy or as it should be which is for sharing.

Love Corn Flavours.

Their are 4 Flavours available, Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, Smoked BBQ and Habernero Chilli. My favourite flavour crisps has to be Salt and Vinegar, love them so I was straight into the Salt and Vinegar Love Corn. Super tasty, not overly salty but a good balance with the salt and vinegar. The Sea Salt flavour and the Smoked BBQ was a good snack to share with the Mrs and the kids while we had a family movie night.

Sea Salt flavour Crunchy Corn kernels from Love Corn.
Sea Salt flavour Crunchy Corn Kernels.

Titch out of the 5 girls has to be the fussiest of eaters and at first she was unsure to try Love Corn, a bit apprehensive but after a try of a couple of the Sea Salt flavour and also the Smoked BBQ, she had turned and regularly requests these for snack after school before Tea (Definitie winner when you can please a fussy eater).

Smoked BBQ flavour crunchy corn kernels. These were our favourite flavour from Love Corn.
Smoked BBQ Flavour crunchy corn kernels, my personal favourite.

The Smoked BBQ flavour has to be my favourite though out of the range, it was the ideal flavour snack after a Good Burger for tea to just pick at while enjoying a few cold beers. As for the Habernero Chilli flavour, all I can say is they smell good and can expect them to have a bit of a kick, as a family who don’t really like spicy foods it was one flavour we have steered away from, but from the experience with the variety of the other flavours, if you like a bit of heat and a spicy kick then you will love the Habernero Chilli Love Corn.

If you like a spicy kick and a bit of heat then the Habenero Chilli flavour from Love Corn will be up your street.
Habenero Chilli flavour crunchy corn kernels.

Try something different with Love Corn.

Here is a funky idea for you to add Love Corn as a twist into a meal, if you like to add a textural element to a meal such as a salad or a stir fry, why not add a few of these crunchy corn kernels over your side Salad to accompany a Daddy Cheeseburger or even on a Chicken Stir Fry.

Love Corn are here to look after you.

So Love Corn sounds good right? But you may still be on the fence about how nice this Healthy Snack is compared to your go to snack of crisps or nuts. Well Love Corn are willing to offer a free sample, the only thing you have to pay for is the shipping costs which is £1.99 – Cost of a multi pack of crisps but if you find yourself a tastier healthier snack to crisps then its definitely worth a try, order your Free Sample from Love Corn by following this link –

Not only can you sort yourself a free sample but if you would like to place an order then Love Corn are offering a 20% Discount on a purchase of Love Corn Healthy Snacks, head over to the Love Corn Website and pick which products you’d like and use this code ‘CRUNCH20’ to recieve 20% off your order.

Use code CRUNCH20 to receive 20% off your order with Love Corn.
Use code CRUNCH20 to receive 20% off your order.
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  1. Just ordered me some samples 🙌🙌

    1. Good stuff Dude, I think both you and Grayson would like them.

  2. We all loved the love corn.
    I distributed bags of the stuff to my family.

    The BBQ flavour was a top hit for me.

    1. The BBQ was mine too, went nicely with a cold beer. The kids loved the Sea Salt flavour.

  3. Do love a good corn snack. Trying to think if I’ve tried Love Corn. Sounds lovely.

    1. They are definitely a nice change, the kids enjoyed them too.

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