Advice for First time Fathers.

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First Time Fathers – Here is some Useful and Helpful Advice for You.

Hey there, so you’ve just found out you are going to become a first time Dad. Well Congratulations to you.

Fatherhood is one of the best and most rewarding feelings. The most incredible Position you could ever ask for in life and with a name of Daddy to go with it too.

First Time Fathers - Here is some Useful and Helpful Advice for You.
First Time Fathers – Here is some Useful and Helpful Advice for You.

I bet at the moment though your starting to feel Anxious and worrying slightly about the change in your life that is about to happen. The coming to true adulthood and becoming a Family. Joining the Brotherhood with other Dads.

This post is aimed at those first time fathers who may be feeling nervous or anxious about having a baby and becoming a Dad.
This is for all the first time fathers who may be nervous about becoming Dad. – pic source shutter shock

Well let me tell you, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you’ve got this. For a little bit of help I’m here to share with you some Advice and Tips before you become a First Time Dad.

Advice and Tips for First Time Dads.

So here we are with some Useful and Helpful tips for first time Dads. We all think that our lives will change once we have children, but fear not, it doesn’t change that much. You think once you are a father you will be unable to still enjoy your Friday or Saturday nights down the pub with the lads shooting some pool or playing a few games of darts.

Nope time for ourselves and self care is important even for us Dads. No need to feel guilty either we are entitled to still carry on with things we enjoy before becoming a Dad, it is still part of who we are.

I now have three daughters and two step daughters and up until before lock-down due to the corona-virus pandemic, I still enjoyed the odd Saturday night with my best mate Supping some Whiskeys. Even still get nights to myself when the little ones are in bed to enjoy some video games on the Xbox.

Lets get started with some of these tips for you and some Dadly advice before your journey of becoming a First Time Dad.

In this post first time fathers will find useful help and advice about being a dad..
Here we go with some advice for first time fathers. – pic source shutter shock

First time Dads – tips for getting started.

Congratulations!! So your little one has arrived and you are home with your baby and beginning your journey as a family. The fatherhood journey with your son or daughter begins. Below are a some Tips for new dads.

  • Connect through touch – one way you can form a bond with your baby is through touch. Holding their hand, stroking their head, having skin to skin snuggles with them. They will get used to your smell too. Sounds a bit like getting a new puppy doesn’t it with stroking them, sorry bit random but the above is a good tip to help create a bond with your child.
  • Talk to your Baby as much as you can – This is one that you can do while your partner is pregnant. Many times I found myself laid with Sarah, talking away to the little bump, singing nursery rhymes and even reading a small story. They get used to and find comfort from the sound of your voice.
  • Learn your baby’s signs or cues – This wont happen instantly it may take a few days or a couple of weeks. But keep an eye out and you will notice little cues as to when your baby wants or needs something. From them trying to tell you that they are hungry, they have dropped a stink for you in their nappy or even if they just want a Daddy cuddle.
  • Have some one-on-one time with your baby – I find this quite important and another great for some dad bonding with newborns. Mum will be tired for the first few weeks if not more, so take opportunity of her having a nap and spend some time alone with your baby. Go for a walk with them, lounge on the sofa watching a film or your current binge on Netflix.
  • Research, Find as much information as you can – This will help in the long run. Like when we don’t know how to carry out a certain DIY task around the house, we research and read articles or How-to Guides. The same with parenting, read blogs, like this post your reading now. There is a vast amount of advice and help around for first time fathers. I will share a few websites with you at the end of this post.
  • Accept any help or Advice – You are bound to become absolutely drained, both physically and mentally as parenting is far from being a walk in the park. Your parents, friends or family members, even in posts online like this one advice and help will be offered, I’d say take what you can. But with everything always trust your instincts, believe me once you have kids you will have those gut feelings. Sometimes you may not feel comfortable with some advice you have been given, It doesn’t mean you have to use it.

So there are a few tips for First Time Dads.

A few questions you may have about being a Father.

As always with something new, you have a million and one questions whizzing around in your head. Well hopefully we can get a few of these answered for you.

What part is the Hardest time with a Newborn?

You will find the first three months of your baby’s life will be the most difficult and hardest part of fatherhood. Their sleeping routine will need to be established.

A lot of time spent feeding. If your partner is breast feeding their is still ways you can be helpful with this. You don’t have to feel like a spare part and not involved.

What if I don’t know what to do?

It is ok and absolutely fine to not know what you are doing. It is a learning curve for all of us. We pick it up as we do it and also falls into the Research part we have already covered.

Is it normal to feel this way?

Whichever way you are feeling whether it be feeling shocked, panicked, overwhelmed, scared or anxious. Maybe even that you don’t feel ready.

You’re not alone, we have all felt that at some point and we are bound to have these feelings. It’s natural, plus feeling this way it shows that we care already.

If your ever feeling like this, speak with your partner, I’m sure she will feel exactly the same and you can both be a support network for each other, Communication is key.

I hope these may be of helpful for the first time fathers out there, just wait until your baby reaches the age of a toddler and your dealing with first words, Toddler Tantrums, general life with a toddler and we can’t forget about when your baby starts teething.

For all the first time fathers reading this post. Good luck you've got this. Enjoy bonding with your baby.
For those first time fathers out there… Good luck you’ve got this. – pic source shutter shock

As I mentioned previously in the post, here are a few websites that may help first time fathers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post offering some Helpful Advice and Tips for First Time Fathers. Please keep checking back or Subscribe and Follow my Blog for Dad related Parenting advice. Drop some Comments for first time fathers reading this with some help and advice of your own. We learn from each other.

One last thing before we end this post. For the last 8 weeks or so I have been joining in and become part of the community with the Dadvengers. If your unsure about what Dadvengers is, it is a community of fathers set up to help and support each other.

It is not just for dads though, mums and grandparents are also welcome. A great community on social media and their blog. They hold a Dad’s chat Live every friday night Live on Instagram which is definitely worth checking out. Especially if you are first time fathers. You will find a cracking bunch of blokes, all friends, it’s like a friday night down the pub. The links to find the Dadvengers community is below.

The Dadvengers Blog –

The Dadvengers Official Instagram –

The Dadvengers on Twitter –

The Dadvengers Facebook –

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18 Thoughts to “Advice for First time Fathers.”

  1. This is a great post. There is so much about new mums but this is great to see a post for new dads! I love that your blog shares all this information. These are some great tips for new dads! Such a well written post! Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren |

    1. Thank you Lauren. Great to get comments like this sometimes 😊

  2. Great post mate, I always say that books and classes will only get you so far but it’s stuff like this that’ll help you through especially when the baby is physically here. Very informative with loads of content. A great read for any newbie!

    1. Thanks Tom. I know when I was waiting for my eldest to arrive, my 1st, I’d have prayed for information like this, so much you can read and listen but actual hands on advice from dad’s is great.

  3. Great advice mate, you got all the bases covered. Those first few days/weeks/months are a real shock to the system. But it’s also a wonderful time.

    1. It is, especially when you haven’t experienced it before. Thanks for the comment Adam

  4. Great post. My husband had lots of skin-on-skin time with both our sons when they were babies. He would lay them on his chest in just their nappies, inside his shirt. Such a special bonding time.

    1. They are great moments, definitely one’s to cherish 😊

  5. Sammie & Neil

    Great tips, it’s great to see things geared at Dads, so much for mums but it’s all new for dads too!

    1. Thank you. I aim to offer help advice and support for fellow dad’s 😊 what is out there aimed at mums is brilliant and so helpful too

  6. Really good post, making sure to get time with your children is priceless, with my eldest because I was at work all day I always made the point of being the one putting her to bed, and utilising whatever free time I could!

    It’s scary and supporting mum (and making sure to work together) makes that transition period a bit easier.

    1. That’s great James. I did the same with working throughout the day. Bedtime has always been mine and my children’s thing.

      1. I just figure make the most of the opportunity now before they get to an age where they aren’t as interested!

  7. This is such a good post. Really nice to see some info out there for new dads as opposed to just new mums! We forget it can be overwhelming for both parents.
    Thank you for sharing.

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