Are you a Busy Parent?

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Are you a Busy Parent? Do something for you.

There is reason for this post. It was more of a thought that had sparked a monkey writing away on a typewriter in my head this morning. I’m enjoying writing for you all and hope that your enjoying reading them. I wanted to share with you my take on being a busy parent.

As I’ve said many times in my previous posts. In the last 9 months or so that I have been a Stay at home Dad. I’d like to think I’m your typical everyday kind of guy. The grafter, a family man, a good friend and all the other traits.

My girls enjoying an adventure out and about, something we do to break up the day as a busy parent and enjoy time together.
An adventure outdoors, something I have been able to share with my girls since stepping into the role as the at home dad.

Now this has been a strange roll reversal. Going from a full time 40 plus hour a week job. To then be at home. Playing the role of a housewife doing my Dad chores.

Getting to spend some amazing time with my kids. Generally been around more to help and support Sarah while she goes off to work and being such a busy bee with her University course.

I’ve been reading… Shocker.

Lately I’ve been reading up alot from other blog posts. Discussions over the phone with my assigned work coach from universal credit office. Just as general thing to research while I’m at home.

Reading to take some time for me but reading other busy parents blogs.
Coffee, laptop, how I generally sit and read other busy parents Blogs – pic source Unsplash

But also for when that day does come when the kids are all in school. When Beast is at an age where she can fly the nest so to speak and start attending a nursery/Pre school setting.

But reading what? I hear you ask. Content from other Busy Parents of course.

One blog in particular that I frequently read is by John Adams of Dadblog UK.

The link is for his latest Post regarding Life skills learnt from being a parent.

Now it doesn’t matter whether your a Mother or a Father it could be relevant to you.

It’s regarding turning those skills as a parent and being at home. Turning them into being recognised by a workplace with the ‘Life Based Learning Scheme’.

Online learning, why not use your skills acquired as a busy parent or stay at home parent into something useful to an employer.
Learning online, turn skills as a busy parent into something useful to an employer – pic source Unsplash

It’s certainly worth a Read while enjoying a brew. You will also find a lot of great posts over on John’s Blog which for me is great.

As a fellow at home Dad himself. John knows there’s not much available out there for Stay at Home Dads like there is for an at home Mum.

He has sought out, found and even helped build a network of useful stuff for us at home Dads. Currently a big interest for me is, what is available for help and advice for when the time comes to return to work.

Self Help and Self Care for a Busy Parent.

Now this is an important one. This goes for all fellow busy parents. Mums or Dads. It’s all a mega crazy lifestyle having a family. No matter what age your Children are.

Add on top of that a career or Education. It’s hard work, it’s stressful and easy to overbalance what’s important. Career – finances. Education – time and stress. Family time.

It’s tricky to get the balance of a financially stable career your family needs. Basically to keep a roof over your heads and food in your bellies and extras for luxuries and family adventures.

It can be tricky, but getting the balance of your work life and family life is difficult. Too much of one has a knock on effect of the other.

Busy parent warning!

You’ve got to be careful not to put too much on your plate. Attempt to not make things more stressful for yourself than you need to.

A busy parent rushing around in the workplace.
Rushing around as a Busy working Parent – pic source Unsplash

Basically so you don’t burn yourself out and encounter problems and issues. It is these stressful situations that can lead to problems with your family life but also your mental health.

You must take time for your family and yourself – Self-care for ourselves is important to keep us sane. Find that balance and happy medium that suits not only yourself but your partner. Girlfriend, Boyfriend, wife or husband but also your children.

Busy parents need time to themselves too!

Take time for yourself to do something you enjoy. This could be a hobby or even a night out with friends or date night with your partner. Days out and time with the family.

Time like this not only helps maintain that loving bond with your children. But also with yourself and partner too.

Now I know it’s easier said than done. I personally know. I love nothing more than to keep myself busy and occupied. I’m not one for sitting down all day and doing nothing.

I struggled to find that balance. Work for me was a big thing. I’d taken on more work than I could handle, which was stressful.

I’d come home to spend time with the family and would be still in the work mindset. Constantly thinking of work. Such like if there had been an issue or problem.

Be distant thinking of ways to correct it and get to the bottom of the reason. Then I would end up tense, wound up, stressed and short tempered at home. I had practically burnt myself out but carried on regardless.

Is there anything you can do as a busy parent to improve family life?

Could you all take a look at your work and family life balance. Is there anything you could change or improve to help give you that better work and family life balance.

Without compromising yourselves financially. Could you take more time for yourself without your family or partner without the overwhelming thoughts of parental guilt, maybe even feeling selfish for doing so.

This is a big main one for me. My other half doesn’t get these sort of feelings, so I find myself having the thoughts and feeling why should I. It’s like a big major guilt cloud surrounds you for wanting to do something like this.

Like your being arrogant for wanting this time to yourself. Your not. Everyone needs this sort of time for our own best interest.

To become a happier, calmer less stressful you. This is not only just better for yourself. But also for your partner and your children. They would rather not have the tired run down stressing person they may be seeing.

Ramble over.

I know this post is a bit of a ramble. But I would like to think you may have found it not only relatable. But also useful and given you food for thought especially if you are a busy parent like me.

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