Simple Bedtime Routine for toddlers.

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Bedtime routine with my toddler Beast.

Today I wanted to dive into a bit of bedtime routine for toddlers. We have always had a good bedtime routine with our toddler beast. In fact all of our daughters have had a good bedtime routine.

The ease of parenting within a solid routine.

This is my opinion really but I think alot of parents would agree. Parenting is a damn sight easier with routines. Us grown ups seem to function better and are more productive when we are in a routine. Certain daily routines such as as housework, school runs and even to what I want to discuss with you Bedtime routines.

Here you can read a great article on why routines with toddlers are important. Now for the sanity of parents a good bedtime routine for toddlers can be a godsend when all you want to do is snuggle up and Netflix and chill.

Bedtime Routines for toddlers.

Bedtime Routines for toddlers are an excellent foundation, not just for toddlers but older children too. They get a good night’s sleep.

We usually on certain nights tend to start bedtime routine after a bath. All relaxed and clean as a whistle ready to board the train to the land of nod.

Bedtime routine for toddlers. A good addition is a bath.
Bathtime. One of the things we have in our bedtime routine for toddlers with our daughter Beast.

One part of the bedtime routine we have had for all of the girls was a bedtime story. The older girls now 9, 8 and 7 don’t tend to have one these days but are happy and confident enough to take their own story to bed to read. Where as with the younger girls I still enjoy reading them a bedtime story.

I have always read pig a bedtime story, that has always been her routine.

A bedtime story is a great addition to bed time routine for toddlers.
My daughter Pig and her chosen bedtime story.

Sometimes we can get a tired whinge attack when informed that it is bedtime. We have started pre warning her for example. Pig it’s bedtime in x amount of minutes or after this episode of whatever she is watching.

Always make sure they have been to the Toilet. Saves for the ins and outs of bed for a wee. Maybe not for young toddlers but if you have a toddler that is out of nappies this is a definate must as part of a bed time routine for toddlers.

We have made sure favourite Teddy is with her and then a story of her choice. Then sleep. Usually her bedtime is between 7pm and 7.30pm which I think for a 4yr old is a good time.

Beasts bedtime is what I want to discuss with you the most.

Bedtime Routines for toddlers with my youngest daughter Beast.

Just recently over this past week we have had to change beasts bedtime routine. We started with what we thought was just a phase. She usually goes to bed between 6.30pm and 7pm. Always very good with this routine.

A bottle of milk, her favourite snuggy and as soon as you shut the door… Boom it’s like you’d switched a light off and she was fast asleep. The past couple of weeks she would be unsettled, banging around in her cot. She would toss her soft toys out of her cot, shout and generally kick up a fuss. Could take up until 8pm some nights until she would settle.

This is where we decided to change her bedtime routine. We stuck to what we did before with the time and her milk and snuggly bit. But we have added in a bedtime story. I don’t actually know why it wasn’t already a part of her routine.

All of her older siblings had this in their routine. I do really enjoy reading them a bedtime story, their faces of excitement with the pictures in the books and I think it is a good way to bond a little more with your child. Bedtime stories are a relaxing way of adding to the bedtime routine for toddlers.

Beast is just starting to speak more words, some still not very clear but she is making an attempt. She attempts say what she sees in the pictures like a Teddy bear in the story would be bear.

My daughters bedtime story as part of bedtime Routine for toddlers.
Toddler Beast and her bedtime story Bumble Bear.
A fast becoming favourite story in my toddlers bedtime routine is Elmer the patchwork elephant.
Beast and her classic bedtime story Elmer.

Think we are on the 5th day of this new routine and so far touch wood. It has been a success. Settle her down with her milk and snuggy.

Sit at the side of her cot so she can clearly see the book and read the story to her. We have a huge range of different children’s story books from over the years as all the girls have enjoyed books.

Once the story has finished, kisses and cuddles and her lullaby on and back to her old self. Within a few minutes she is away with the fairies to the land of nod.

I will share a post another day sharing some of our favourite stories.

How are your routines with your toddlers and little ones?

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