Betron KBS08 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review.

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Review of the budget Betron KBS08 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I bought myself one of these Bluetooth Speakers last year. It’s main purpose really was for the kitchen so I could relax with some music or a podcast when I did the washing up or if I was cooking. The Bluetooth Speaker has been used throughout the house in many different rooms.

We have used it while we were decorating for a bit of entertainment when we first moved into our house 12 months ago. It has been used on many occasions for some relaxing music while me or my partner have had a bath. Music and a bath is great for one’s self care on occasion.

The betron kbs08 Bluetooth Speaker that I have written a review for.
The Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker
Sound quality.

First things first, I will start with what everyone wants to know when they’re looking into a product like this. Let us delve into the sound quality. For such a great value for money product, some may say cheap. The sound quality is very crisp and clear, from such a small unit the bass is very good. Volume levels are average for a product of this price range. It doesn’t get distorted at loud volumes. This unit is great for playing a vast range of music genre and even podcasts.


The Betron KBS08 speaker can be connected either via a USB cable or Bluetooth. We have mainly only used it by connecting through Bluetooth with our mobile phones.

The Bluetooth connection is good and strong. Sometimes without even noticing we have walked out of a room while the device is still connected and the connection has stayed and has not been reduced. We do have a Bluetooth hifi system which if we did this with, the audio would skip and jump with the lack of Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth speaker for it to do this the connection must be rather good.

I have reviewed this Bluetooth speaker
Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker is also compatible with MICROSD cards.
A great value for money Bluetooth Speaker.
USB and headphone connections with the Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker.


It is small light and compact, this makes it ideal for transporting from room to room. It can be put on small shelves or even on furniture in certain rooms that may be narrow. It would be ideal to take out with you to a trip to the beach, picnic or even out in garden for a dance around and fun with your children. It would be very handy for a children’s birthday party in the garden. Small and compact enough to fit on a window sill or fence, you could add music to the party for children’s games such as musical statues.

But how does the casing and general build seem? It feels relatively strong, for the price you would expect it to feel flimsy and made from cheap materials but this certainly isn’t the case.

The butto s of the Betron Kbs08 Bluetooth Speaker.
The Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker fits with ease in your hand.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely, the quality, the Bluetooth connectivity and the sound quality for a Bluetooth speaker in this price range.

Would I buy another one? Definitely, we have considered buying another for our children to have in their bedrooms, so they are able to use them with their Bluetooth mp3 players, so they don’t have to use their headphones.

Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker – Where to Buy.

You can find this product on Amazon. With prime members you get free next day delivery.

For £12.99 this is a great product that I would recommend.

Here’s a link to amazon for the Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker click here.

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