Children’s Board game politics.

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Board game politics from a child’s eyes and mind.

Christmas is amazing. The range of toys you can get these days are brilliant, I don’t know who has more fun though the kids or me and Sarah. For us there’s nothing better than a good board game with family or friends over the festive period. The girls love them too, they don’t just get board games though. That would be a bit cruel of the fat man in red, but he knows what each of them like.

With the girls it’s always a mixed array of tastes of what they get. Titch got a lullabella baby (at least I think that’s what it’s called). Pig got a trunk load of Unicorn goodies and Mouse loves her Barbie type dolls and accessories.

Beast… Well she’s only 1, so few soft toys and interactive large noisy toys. You know the ones, the ones which are so repetitive and wish you could take the batteries out of just to make it stop.

But they love them so much, and then Pork Chop. She is only with us a couple of nights a week so Santa knows she doesn’t need as much here like she would at her Mums house. But still she loves her craft sets and Design a Friend or Our Generation type dolls.

They get a Board Game as a gift.

But one thing they get from both family members and Santa is a Board Game. Such great fun for sitting down with them and having a good laugh. Great for reminiscing your own childhood playing the games we used to at their age.

Of course in our modern era they have changed slightly. They’re not just a flat image on a piece of cardboard anymore, they’re vast with add on plastic bits to create a 3d playing field of battle.

But one thing we will all probably remember from our own childhood playing a board game such as Snakes and Ladders, Pop Up Pirate, Mouse Trap, Uno, Monopoly and Buckaroo with siblings, family members or friends.

The board game politics. You know there’s always one who believes they are the leader and the rule maker of the game. Then there’s the bickering, its funny to watch but also quite tiring and stressful when it is constant. This combined with them being tired and overwhelmed of the Christmas festivities that have been ongoing.

My girls playing the 3d version of the classic board game snakes and ladders.
Snakes and Ladders 3D board game.

My girls in action.

The girls love this game, But so do we. You always get the sulky attitudes when the game doesn’t go one of there ways if they’re losing. The excuses of why the other won or they didn’t do this or that.

I remember the frustration too, which in tow brings on the cheeky feeling of needing to cheat. Cautiously moving the dice a little to change what you had originally rolled or blaming someone else for cheating.

Along with those frustrations comes the bickering and the little petty arguments. All between themselves because they can’t agree who’s turn it is next or even because they want to be a certain game piece.

I remember this argument with my older brother. It always seemed to be over the car piece in Monopoly. At least the girls aren’t as bad as what we used to be like, I remember getting that frustrated because I was losing I threw the board game either off of the table or across the floor.

These games though are great activities for a family. We can sit the girls down to play while we get stuck into some housework or even stuff that we want to do. Also fun to pass an hour two on a rainy day to spend some time with the kids.

Board games including a lesson for your children.

One game that Pig got for christmas was from Orchard Toys. The game is called ‘Where’s my Cupcake’. Now it took them some time to figure out how to play it. Even with my assistance but I still think they are not playing it correctly.

It’s a game which includes cupcake cards, plates and a table. I found this game encourages sharing and manners. A certain amount of pairs of cupcake cards that you would lay one of each on the table piece.

Each player has a plate, the rest of the cards are shuffled and laid picture down in a stack. The players take it in turns to pick up a cupcake from the stack.

If a matching Cupcake card is on the table, you can then create a pair for your plate. Once the table is empty of cupcakes. You carry on picking a card from the pile.

But where do you get a matching card from? Here comes the sharing and manners aspect of the game.

If another player happens to have the card you require in a pair. Proceed to ask politely for that cupcake. “Please may I have this cake”. Then you show the cake you require and would like to create a pair. But you can’t forget to say “Thank You”.

The game then continues like this until all the cards in the pile have gone. Now count how many cards each player has. At the end the player with the most cards is the winner. Its great and all the girls enjoy playing it.

The board game, 'Where's my Cupcake'.
Mmmm Cupcakes
The Table board, Plate board and a Cupcake from the board game wheres my cupcake.
Please sir… May I have some more.
My girls playing a game of pigs new board game, wheres my cupcake.
“I want that one” “Please may I have that Cupcake?”.

All in all I’m sure we will all have some family fun with new board games. Card games and really any games in general. Let me know what games you and your family got this Christmas. Which is your favourite game from your childhood? Which you love to play the most with your Children and family?

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