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Board Games – A great way to combat Boredom.

A few of the different games we have been playing.
A few of the board games we have been playing.

Board games have been a lifesaver for us throughout locdown. I’d like to say we are on a specific day or some hilarious and ridiculous number day in lockdown like 5609! Or that we have now started level 7 of Jumanji! But no, I think this is either week 10 or 11 in lockdown now. Keeping the kids occupied and combatting boredom is tricky. If it wasn’t for the weather boredom would be a large issue. For us Board Games with the kids have been a godsend for us beating boredom.

Here are a few Board Games we have been playing to beat the boredom:

Uno – fun family-friendly game.

Uno. A great game to tackle boredom. A fun card game.
Uno from Mattel.

Uno is a great fun Card game ideal for all the family.

With each turn a player puts down a card of the same colour or matching number. With added action cards thrown in to help you defeat your opponents. These can be pick up 2 or 4 cards. Cards to use to your own advantage by allowing you to change the colour. Miss a go and also to change the direction of play.

One board game we play a lot as a family. Find more about Uno and other versions Here.

Snakes and Ladders 3D – a classic board game.

Snakes and Ladders 3D is another great game to combat the boredom.
Snakes and Ladders 3D

With this one its not just any old game of snakes and ladders, but…. A 3D playing board of Snakes and Ladders. The girls have been enjoying playing this one and it’s the same as the old classic that we remember playing so well as children ourselves.

With the roll of the dice, will you be lucky enough to climb a ladder? Or… Will you land on a dreaded snake and slide further back the game board.

The aim of the game and the winner is the first to get to the finish line of the game board.

You can find yourself Snakes and Ladders 3D Here. We have the Chad Valley version.

A game of Snakes and Ladders 3D with the girls.
Family fun playing Snakes and Ladders 3D.

Soggy Doggy – a fun and exciting board game.

Soggy Doggy such a fun splashtastic game.
Soggy Doggy all set up and ready to play.

This game is one the girls find absolutely Hillarious and is loads of fun to play. You may need a towel.

The aim of the game is to work around the game board without triggering the dog to shake. If a player makes the dog shake. Not only do you return back to the beginning but… You get wet and shook with water.

Soggy Doggy is brought to you from Ideal (John Adams) Games and you can find more about it Here.

A video of Soggy Doggy in action during a Game with Pig.

Top Trumps, Dogs – A fun thought engaging card game.

Dogs edition of Top Trumps.
Top Trumps Loveable Dogs.

Can’t beat a good old game of Top Trumps. We’ve been playing the Loveable Dogs set of Top Trumps. We also have the LOL Surprise set too.

A card based game, one player picks a rating from their card and whoever has the Highest wins the other players card. The game continues like this until one player has no more cards left, leaving the player with the most cards the winner.

You can find more fun Top Trumps Sets Here.

Crazy Chefs – an engaging board game for the younger children.

Crazy chefs a game for more the younger children.
A game or 5 of crazy Chefs.

One I have been playing with Pig is Crazy Chefs from Orchard Toys. A great game for the younger ones.

Crazy Chefs is so much fun, not only do your children interact with play but also learn about various ingredients as you play.

You can find more games suitable for ages 2 years + available from Orchard Toys Here.

Have you had fun with Board Games while in lockdown? Here at Yorkie… Not Just For Dad’s we would love to hear what games you have been playing. Recommendations are always Welcome.

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23 Thoughts to “Boredom busting Board Games”

  1. Soggy doggy looks hilarious!!
    I love UNO so much, haven’t played in years! Me and my husband love playing bananagrams, it’s a bit like scrabble but without the points or board! Has fun forfeits too if you get the party version! 🥳

    1. Will have to look out for that one sounds like fun. Uno is great. We play with the in laws too on a family game night obviously before the lockdown. Our girls love Uno too. Soggy Doggy is awesome, so funny when it shakes. The kids find it hillarious and end up in fits of laughter.

  2. On a recent trip abroad we picked up some Uno cards and have been playing it during lockdown! I loved snakes and ladders as a kid, the 3D game looks so good!

    1. The 3D is great, a whole new interactive perspective on snakes and ladders. Uno is awesome, they have different variations too.

  3. A really good read. We’ve been taking advantage of the weather and playing board games outside. Uno has been a big favourite. Dobble is brilliant too!

    1. Thank you. Uno is probably the most popular. Been playing ludo too.

  4. We LOVE Uno in this household. It’s probably the one we play the most alongside Monopoly.

    1. Uni is great fun. Even the grown ups have fun we play it with the in laws. We’ve played monopoly before but the kids get a bit bored after a while.

      1. Yeah Monopoly can definitely go on for a long time as well, so that makes sense.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions.

  6. Great suggestions…Monopoly has always been a favorite in our household.

    1. I do like monopoly, the kids get bored think it’s a bit long of a game for them.

  7. I like the post! Board games have made a big comeback in our house, lately.

    1. We love board games. Gives us something to do as a family

  8. Brooke

    I have never seen Soggy Doggy. My kids are too old for that now, but what a cute gift idea.

    1. It’s super fun

  9. Love a good board game! There’s nothing better.

    1. They’re great aren’t they. Especially when the weather’s bad.

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