6 Popular Boys Toys for Christmas

Popular Boys Toys for Christmas: Gifts your little dudes will Love.

Boys Toys for Christmas

If you’re looking for the best boys toys for Christmas to help you out with your son, grandson, nephew or top little lad in your life’s Christmas lists this year, then look no further than this wonderful selection I’ve put together to help you on your way. Featuring some of the most popular Recent Boys Toys currently available.

Top Boys Toys for Christmas 2020

CAT Massive Mover RC

The Big Boy, one of the great fun Boys Toys for Christmas is this CAT Massive Mover RC.
CAT Massive Mover RC – 6 Top Boys Toys for Christmas

The future of construction is here with the 16” Massive Mover Remote Control vehicle. Inspired by advanced technology and innovative design this futuristic high performance dump truck has dual driving modes to accomplish any task any at hand.

The Work Mode allows you to power over any obstacle that may obstruct your little workers way. The large high traction rubber wheels and independent payload suspension will grip onto any surface and can climb steep inclines.

Once you’re done on the job site switch into Speed Mode and you’ll be able to perform drifts and burnouts while racing around at breakneck speeds of up to (80 scale MPH or 128 scale KPH).

RRP – £49.99
An awesome choice for any Vehicle Loving Child, move out the way and let them clear away the Christmas rubble with this which is available from the CAT Toys Official Online Store Here.

Really Rad Robots PrankBro

Here is the Really Rad Robots from PrankBro's, one of the Top Boys Toys for Christmas if your child is into pulling pranks.
Really Rad Robots PrankBro – 6 Top Boys Toys for Christmas.

Are you a childish parent who loves to get involved with the kids with foolish escapades? (I am seriously a childish parent, don’t believe me check out what me an the girls get up to over on Instagram and TikTok!)

This is definitely a gift not just for your child but you as well. Want to take your Prank escapades to the Next Leve! Then PrankBro from Really Rad Robots is your ultimate pranking partner!

This remote-controlled robot is programmed to prank! Loaded with sneaky tricks, you’d better watch out when PrankBro’s about! Control him with the Really RAD Remote for super speedy movements, sounds and pranks at the touch of a button! He can squirt water through his flower and punch with his extendable boxing glove too!

RRP £49.99
The PrankBro’s Really Rad Robot is currently available to purchase from Smyths Toys, be quick though! I recon this will be a one of the Sought After Boys Toys for Christmas.

Pokémon Carry Case Playset

Have your young Pokemon Trainer Catch em ALL with this Pokemon Carry Case Playset that is featured in my Boys Toys for Christmas Gift Guide.

Does your child love to divulge into the realm of the Pokémon Masters and Trainers? Playing the Mobile Game Pokémon Go whilst on a Family Walk to try and Catch Em’ All.

If you can relate with the above then this Pokémon Carry Case Playset will be a perfect gift for your own Pokémon Trainer. The Pokémon Carry Case Set comes with tons of features like a bounding boulder, treetop trap door, battle area, hidden cave, spinning whirlpool and more, the Pokémon World has never before been brought to life quite like this!

The Pokémon Carry Case Playset will fit any 2” Pokémon figure and folds up easily into an iconic backpack making it the perfect addition to your Pokémon collection!

RRP £39.99
You can find the Pokémon Carry Case Playset currently at Smyths Toys and Character Toys Online.

Treasure X Sunken Gold Sunken Ship

Pirates, Mythical Beasts, Adventures and a Boat, what more is there for your little matey to enjoy than the Treasure X Sunken Gold Sunken Ship. Another of my Boys Toys for Christmas features.

Defeat the beast to find guaranteed real gold dipped treasure through 25 levels of adventure. Ignite the barrel to explode the hatch. Search through the black magic foam to uncover hidden weapons.

Search the ship for hidden loot but beware of the traps! Rescue the hunter from the kraken’s tentacles and release the treasure. Dig out the beast’s eyes to fire cannons! And so much more! Includes exclusive captain figure.

RRP £39.99
Another one of the Top Boys Toys for Christmas selection currently available from Smyths Toys.

Core K’Nex Creation Zone 50 Model Tub

Get building this Christmas with your kids thanks to the amazing sets available from K'Nex. Featured in my Boys Toys for Christmas Gift Guide for it's imagination sparking quality.

Are your kids major Construction fans! Well get them to pop oon their Hard Hat and check out the fab Core K’Nex collection!

There is plenty to excite with the ultimate Creation Zone 50 Model Tub that includes a car, crane, dragon, swing ride, robot and more! The sizeable reusable storage tub holds all 417 K’Nex parts while being large enough to store partially and fully built models.

The set also comes with an easy-to-follow colour coded instruction manual or you can go rogue! Spark the Imagination and build anything that you can think of! A great way to get involved in play with your kids.

RRP £29.99
This K’Nex Creation Zone 50 Model Tub is available to purchase from most retailers such as Smyths Toys. You can also take a look at the full range of K’nex Sets on the K’Nex Website.


Jada Toys is one of the leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and pre-school toys. If your Child or even your Partner is a fan and petrol head and loves the cars from block buster movies, then you need to check out the range from JADA Toys.

Jada Toys carry a vast portfolio of popular entertainment licenses such as Fast & Furious, Marvel, DC Comics, Strangers Things, and Back to the future. For 2020 they will be featuring the Fast & Furious line and Batman vehicles.

RRP Starting at £8.99
The Jada Toys range is available to purchase from the JADA Toys Website and also from Kapow Toys.

I do hope you have found this guide with 6 Top Boys Toys for Christmas helpful and given you some Ideas of what Boys Toys you can get your Little Dudes for Christmas.

Want to take a look a some of my other Guides this Christmas you can find my round-up of Toy-Filled Advent Calendars Here and my Top Girls Toys for Christmas Guide Here.

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  1. Gotta love some K-Nex! Its brilliant stuff and my pair build all sorts, combining it with Lego and whatever else they’ve got out.

    1. Sounds awesome. Have they got some more coming for Christmas?

      1. In fact, no. There are boxes and boxes of the stuff after a charity shop jackpot and car boot windfall last year. They have more than they’ll ever need.

        1. You can never have too much of this sort of thing.

          1. Maybe not 😂

  2. I’m getting myself a Jada car! Oh.. I mean I’m getting my son a jada car..

    1. 🤣 they look ace don’t they 😁

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