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Have you ever wanted something more practical than just your standard child’s car seat? Then I think I have found the answer with the funky CarGoSeat… why? Read on and you shall find out.

Wahoo we are finally out of restrictions here in the UK and can travel freely once more. UK Staycations have been massive this summer so far and what better way for your little ones to travel than with the CarGoSeat.

I was recently sent this PR Product to review with 2 of my girls, Titch and Pig. Originally Pig my 5yr old sprung to mind for this Booster Seat.

CarGoSeat is a child's car seat that also doubles up as a pull along luggage case. Fab idea for staycations and holidays abroad.

Now if you are new here to the blog then these random and strange nicknames of my girls may be confusing, but all is explained in my post looking behind the scenes and explaining their nicknames.

I thought this would have been ideal for my 5yr old daughter Pig, but after receiving the booster seat and looking into the safety specs, she is a touch small to use it safely, so Titch my 7yr old step daughter was the perfect candidate to test it out whilst travelling.

So let’s stop waffling like us Dads do and let’s get into the review of the funky looking CarGoSeat.

Dads First Impressions of the CarGoSeat Childrens Car Seat.

Looking at this Childrens booster seat it is a clever and funky design, available in a choice of 4 colours you are bound to get the perfect colour your little one will love.

CarGoSeat is a child's car seat that also doubles up as a pull along luggage case. Fab idea for staycations and holidays abroad.

The overall quality of the seat is good, the seat is well made and with the magical storage space inside, it doesn’t bend or buckle with the weight of your child sitting on it.

CarGoSeat is a child's car seat that also doubles up as a pull along luggage case. Fab idea for staycations and holidays abroad.
The CarGoSeat has a super useful 10 Litre storage capacity within the seat.

It is super simple to fit into your car, using a 3 point seat belt to secure it. Perfect for any Family Car.

A super informative video for installing the CarGoSeat Safely from

For me the plastic wheels seem a bit thin and flimsy and on uneven surfaces can be rather bouncy and rattly for the kids to pull along but I think that is just me as both Pig and Titch both thoroughly enjoyed the fact they could pull along they’re own travel esk case that is actually their car seat.

Mouse wanted a go at pulling the CarGoSeat.

The seat has a nice thin padded cushion which is also washable and along with its fully plastic body, any spills and mishaps whilst in the car are super easy to clean. One thing I really like about the CarGoSeat.

As you can tell it isn’t just a Car Seat/Booster seat, it also doubles as a pull along travel luggage case. Pig loved adding her favourite never leave behind cuddly toys in it. Titch on the other hand found it super useful for her go to book, tablet and headphones.

Pig was too excited to wait for us to fit it correctly but I had to snap this to show how excited she was to give it a whirl (we didn’t travel like this so you are aware. We fit the seat correctly following the instructional video on the CarGoSeat Website).

Now as a travel case, I mentioned the wheels been a bit thin and plasticy and can be bumpy, the kids really weren’t bothered in the slightest by this. But the 10 litre storage capacity inside is more than adequate for their favourite essentials. The pull along handle is sturdy and doesn’t feel cheap like it would break whilst pulling it.

What every Parent will want to know about the CarGoSeat – Safety!

The concept seems a fantastic idea and if whilst parousing online and the likes of Halfords for a new car seat, I instantly check the Safety Ratings, do you too?

A great piece of mind for parents that the CarGoSeat passed and complies with all UK and EU safety Regulations.

I was very impressed that the CarGoSeat has been put through its paces with various crash and safety testing.

This child’s car seat has passed and complies with all UK and EU safety regulations – ECE R44/04.

Costs of the CarGoSeat.

I think you may agree with me on this but the idea of being able to offer your young child the freedom to not only pack an aspect of their own luggage as well as pull it along is a fab idea.

You may think this would come at a bit of a price? Well you and me both were a bit wrong with that, it is only £39.99!!

Yes you did read that right £39.99

All this for a car seat that costs less than £40.00.

Not bad eh, well if you are interested in one of these CarGoSeats too then you can purchase them direct from their website below –

Also check them out on Instagram too @CarGoSeat and also their hashtag #CarGoSeat.

A few other good things to remember too is that you get a 12 month warranty and when the time comes and your child has outgrown their CarGoSeat, send it back to them and they recycle it for free.

Dads Verdict of the CarGoSeat.

So as a Dad what do I think of it well it is priced very well, for what you get and the idea the price is very good. It is sturdy and well made so you know it should last and with the 12 month warranty you have a good piece of mind you will get your moneys worth out of it.

The CarGoSeat gets a thumbs up from me.

A fab idea that gives your kids that feeling of independence, packing their own case and transporting it. It is lightweight so easy to pull along and means it is perfect for taking on holidays either here in the UK or abroad.

Overall I think its fab and would highly recommend it.

If you want to check out more reviews from me and the girls you can find them here in the Reviews and Opinions section of the blog. A wide variety of children’s books, toys, snacks and other products that we have had the opportunity to review. I also have a YouTube channel sharing New and Used Car Reviews which you can find by searching for Pitt Motoring TV on YouTube.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know your thoughts on the CarGoSeat in the comments below.

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