Simple Chicken Kebab Skewers

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Simple Chicken Kebab Skewers – Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday post - Chicken Kebabs
Foodie Friday Post – Chicken Kebabs.

So it’s Friday which means one thing… Foodie Friday post time. This is week two and I’m going to be sharing with you how to make a Chicken kebab.

Chicken Kebabs are super simple, just try not to skewer yourself while assembling them…. Yep I’m an idiot I did that. These are ideal for this time of year. Great for the BBQ or even for a quick dinner or lunch with a salad. I think a lot of us will be eating more salads in this warm weather lately.

Chicken kebabs – the meaty bit.

Well they wouldn’t be a chicken Kebab without the meaty bit would they. But they are easily adapted to be vegetarian just don’t add the chicken.

One of the easiest ways to make your chicken kebabs is to use skewers. You can either use metal skewers or the bamboo skewers.

If your using the bamboo skewers it’s best to soak them in water for upto 30mins as this will help to stop them burning.

With been a butcher previously as a career, I used to get asked quite often which type of chicken was best to use for kebabs.

The choice is yours really, whichever you prefer. You can use Chicken breast or Chicken leg meat, or from the chicken thigh. My own personally I prefer Chicken thigh and Chicken Leg meat. I find it juicier and doesn’t tend to be dry like you can get with Chicken Breast.

Chicken thigh meat ready for the skewer to become a chicken Kebab.
Chicken thigh meat ready to make a Chicken kebab.

What do we put on the chicken kebabs.

So you have your chicken, either chicken Breast or chicken thigh.

Vegetable wise you can use a wide variety and use whichever you fancy. The ones I have used in the pictures for this post are Mushrooms and onions.

But you can use courgette, peppers, red onion, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms. Whatever tickles your fancy with what sort of chicken Kebab you want.

Chicken Kebab Assembly.

So you have all the ingredients, well I say ingredients but you have your chicken and veg.

So time to make your kebabs, you want to dry off your bamboo skewers on a tea towel or some kitchen roll at this point.

So below is a small step by step for your Chicken Kebab.

  1. Take your kebab stick / skewers.
  2. Add a chunk of your diced chicken (chicken thigh or chicken breast)
  3. Add the veg you have selected, diced also. 1 of each, whatever combo your going for.
  4. Same as step 2.
  5. Same as step 3.

Repeat the above till you have filled a skewer and repeat until all your chicken and veg has been used.

Chicken Kebab skewers made. Chicken thigh, mushrooms and onion.
Chicken kebab skewers made ready for cooking.

Marinades for your chicken kebabs

Marinades are completely up to you. There are recipes online for making your own, whether your going for a certain style – Greek, Indian, Turkish.

You can also buy some pre made marinades either in a sachet which are dry or from a bottle such as the likes of nando’s marinades.

I have found that a marinade is great for chicken breast and you will notice it will keep the meat juicy and not dry out as much, same with chicken thigh. Just a quick little tip if you are wanting to use chicken breast.

These I made for the purpose of this post were a dry rub I got from a set at Christmas.

Chicken Kebab cooked and ready to be enjoyed.
Chicken kKebab cooked & ready to be enjoyed.

Cooking of your Chicken Kebabs.

This again is depending on what your making them for. To go with a simple salad you can cook them under the grill or in the oven.

Have company and friends round and throwing a BBQ they’re completely fine on a BBQ.

For the healthier cooking option you can cook them on your George Foreman like grill.

A great healthy kebab option too for those following the likes of slimming world and weight watchers.

Chicken Kebab served with side salad and slimming world chips which were done in the air fryer.
Chicken Kebab served with side salad and slimming world chips

You can even mix things up a bit with a mixture of meats and veg, or swap the chicken for beef/lamb/pork.

So I hope you enjoyed my post, good look with the Chicken Kebabs. If your on Instagram and re create these use the hashtag #yorkienotjustfordadsfoodiefriday.

A previous Foodie Friday post from me would accompany these great at a BBQ. The Daddy Cheeseburger.

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12 Thoughts to “Simple Chicken Kebab Skewers”

  1. Yum, I love kebabs! Good tip using the thigh or leg, I would never think to do that. I’ll try it next time I’m near a bbq.

    1. Sooo good 😊 definitely try it with thigh meat. Its great if your butcher does the large ones that are meaty. Can get nice chunks of dice.

  2. You rustle some good food mate, I always but the kebabs ready made, will have to not be lazy at some point and have a go and some homemade.

    1. Thanks Adam. They’re really easy to make, I recon your kids would enjoy helping too.

  3. I love chicken kebabs, but have never tried making them myself. Getting a new oven this week, so that would be a nice way to break it in. Thanks for sharing (I’m really hungry now).

    1. Good luck with the new oven. Your welcome, enjoy 👍

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