Managing Childrens Screen Time.

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Screen Time with my Girls. Sparked by a recent topic on the Dadvengers Dads Chat Live.

This post is something I had never thought of writing, but being involved with the Dadvengersofficial Friday Night Dad Chats Live over on their Instagram Live. This week the discussion was based upon Screen Time and how parents can manage children’s screen time.

Recently discussed screen time on the Dadvengers dads chat live over on Instagram.
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With Screen time where our children are concerned obviously there are lots of positives of this and also a lot of negatives.

The Positives and Negatives of children’s Screen time.

The positives to these we could go on for hours. Tablets, laptops the TV they are a great source of entertainment for our children. Especially these modern days where there are streaming services such as netflix, amazon prime, now tv and all the others out there available.

The TV can be used not only just for entertainment but also educational. Many different variety of Documentaries and series based on learning activities. Some of these are popular with my kids.

Some of the negatives on screen time with kids is are they having too much screen time. Do they use tablets, laptops or mobile phones. The negativity is a minefield. Is the content they are watching or games are they age appropriate?

With how technology is so big in our lives these days. It is the norm for our children growing up, will they be more dependant on screens and technology in the future than we are.

The technology we like in our household for the children.

Now we are getting onto technology and devices. We have what I think is within a lot of households these days.

Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo is an amazing piece of kit. The variety of games available. Some are even educational in a way. What we have done as parents to help with the whole screen time thing.

Through our Nintendo account we are able to set time restrictions of how long time wise they can play games before they are unable to play. A great way for us to manage our children’s screen time.

Find out more about the Nintendo switch Here.

Amazon Kids Fire Tablet.

We aren’t a set brand family technology wise such as apple, android or google and whatever else may be available. The amazon kids fire tablets are an android system. What we like about these is the versatility with the security and controllability we have with the device regarding our children.

We can set them to be accessible from set times of the day. Time in the morning and time at night for them to be unaccessible. Along with this through the settings you can set time parameters and restrictions.

Being able to set an amount of time they spend playing games or watching videos. You are able to set a minimum time limit they have to spend reading ebooks before they can have access to playing games and watching videos again.

Find out more about the Amazon Kids Fire Tablets Here.

Screen time is monitored with mouse and her mobile phone.
My eldest step daughter mouse with some limited screen time on her mobile phone.

Mouse my eldest Stepdaughter does have a smartphone. It was only a cheap second hand one from Ebay. But with this she can listen to music, watch YouTube and play games.

The main reason we got her this phone is so she can keep in contact via text message and video calls with her Dad and older sister along with emails to her cousin. Her time with this is limited and also used as part of a reward for good work and good behaviour.

How does Screen time affect our children?

Where do you stand with this one. How do you think screen time affects our children.

Some articles and opinions of some parents are stating children that have a lot of screen time are less sociable. It can impair Brain function and structure.

It can lead to obesity, Insomnia and mood swings. There are many others from many sources. A few of these were found here.

It is quite a worrying thought when you read through some of these negatives of screen time. It gets you wondering if you are actually unintentionally harming your child.

For me and my point of view. We have a good system of time limits and restrictions etc.. with regards screen time of technology such as tablets and games consoles. We even use them as part of our Rewards for doing a good job with school work or for good behaviour.

It is earned in a positive way. Where as the TV I’m not as strict as some may be, obviously depending on what they are watching. But as long as any School work they have is done. Chores they are expected to do have been done, I don’t mind them sitting down for the afternoon or evening to watch a film or some series they enjoy.

I know how much time they get outdoors and exercising so it’s not like they are glued to the TV 24/7.

Using screen time for education.

We do use the technology we have for educational use also. As I mentioned above they all have an Amazon Kids fire tablet. These are used for educational apps but also reading ebooks. We set them up with our laptops so they can use certain sites they have at school. Check the images below.

Educational screen time.
My step daughter Mouse doing some school work via the laptop on the TV.
Educational screen time with pig.
Our 4yr old Pig Learning some numbers from the laptop via the TV.
More educational screen time with mouse.
My step daughter Mouse using my laptop to access Sum dog and TT rockstars.

At their school there are certain Sites they use to do certain things such as TT rockstars, BBC Supermovers, Sum dog and Discovery Espresso. We have taken to using these as part of our home schooling with them.

This subject as I said above came up during a live chat on Dadvengers Official Instagram, Check below for links to find the Dadvengers Daddy Blog and also their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

Dadvengers Daddy Blog

Dadvengersofficial Instagram

Dadvengers Facebook

Dadvengers Twitter

I would like to hear your thoughts on Screen time. How do you manage it with your children. What items of technology do you have that you like for the controllability of screen time where your children are concerned?

On the subject of Home Schooling and School work I wrote post regarding TT Rockstars and BBC Supermovers. Find the link Here.

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20 Thoughts to “Managing Childrens Screen Time.”

  1. Manju SM

    Screen time has always been a matter of discussion for parents. Considering the change in global situation due to the pandemic, and schools and classes going online, we have to figure out ways to maintain a healthy routine. There’s no way we can say a concrete “NO” now.

    1. Exactly quite alot of my daughters school work is done online so it can be monitored and checked by their teachers.

  2. The discussions about screen time can be a minefield. Our son has access to PS4 and old phone and ocassionally an old tablet. We try our hardest to make sure he has a combination of educational and fun apps for him. Sadly because I have a chronic illness he has more screen time than I would really like because I can’t always do fun activities with him. Great post by the way!!

    1. That must be very difficult for you. There are some great apps around. We have a few for our 4yr old who is due to start school in September, helping her with letters spelling and phonics.

  3. adamjnew85

    This is a difficult one for me to answer.
    My son has a device of some sort going all the time. It was a strategy put in by CAMHS to help control his anxiety. Even if he’s not using a device eg building Lego, he has to have something playing for background noise, otherwise he finds it hard to focus.

    With that being the case, imposing restrictions on my daughter would have been unfair and cause huge problems. So we don’t have any.

    My daughter prefers to be actively doing things, so it’s not been a big problem. The world our kids are going into is more technology centred than ever, possibly to be even more so after this lockdown.

    Common sense is the important thing, obviously you don’t want them sat in front of a screen all day, but I worked with someone who said his kids are allowed 1 hour tv a day and that’s it, and they are never having a computer. That’s over the top.

    1. I can understand how the TV on or something being used for background noise and used a strategy for you son is a big help. Must make things awkward for you with your daughter too. Our TV is on all day if I’m honest, used more as background noise and the kids do other activities like drawing, colouring, play doh or even just playing with toys.

  4. Good points. Everything is good in moderation

  5. These are some really great points. It’s so difficult to work out exactly how much screen time children should have, especially when so much learning is now done on computers

  6. These are all great points. I always laugh when I see people talk about how they’re never going to let their *future* children have screen time. I think balance is key. You obviously don’t want them glued to a screen 24/7, especially at a younger age. But there are many benefits and education resources available now that it’s good in moderation.


  7. Ah the old Dadvengers chat. It’s good isn’t it? Was good to see you on there Eddie. As for screen time, you’ve made some interesting points there and I’m glad you have recognised the educational value of screen time. There’s definiely a difference betweenbad screen time (trashy YouTube videos) and good screen time (creative games such as Minecraft and using educational apps).

    1. Thanks John. The chats are great I’m enjoying them, something different to the norm on a Friday night.

  8. Hannah Louise Blog

    Some really good points! It’s especially good that they can still have the consoles like the switch but with a limit on time!

    1. Thank you. Yeah the options to add time limits are good to help with limiting screen time.

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