Choosing the Perfect Family Pet.

Choosing the Perfect Family pet which will suit you as a family as well as your daily routine and lifestyle.
Choosing the Perfect Family Pet.

What to consider when choosing a Family Pet.

Your family is feeling pretty much perfect at the moment but may feel like it is missing something? Maybe the kids have been begging for some time now for a family friend, well a family pet would be ideal but how do you decide on what would be the perfect family pet?

There are a fair few things to consider when looking for that perfect family pet, sort of similar when looking at things to consider for a family car.

For me the main one is the age of your children, you don’t want to be bringing a certain pet home which is going to blend well with a newborn baby.

The other things to consider are:

  • Space in the family home.
  • Time around your daily routine to care for your perfect family pet.
  • The expected life span of the animal.
  • The cost to care and feed the new family pet.
  • Are they high or low maintenance.

These are things we need to take into consideration when choosing the perfect family pet. If your lifestyle and daily routine doesn’t fit well around a Dog for example, its daily exercise needs, cleaning up the mess – puppy’s make a heck of a mess then a dog isn’t going to be the perfect family pet for you.

So let’s take a look at what possibly could be your perfect family pet.

1. Could a Rabbit be your perfect family pet?

If you and your children aren’t quite taken with the idea of something small like a hamster or a gerbil then a Rabbit could be your perfect family pet.

Rabbits could be a great choice for your perfect family pet.
Could a rabbit be your perfect family pet? – image source Unsplash

A cute bunny to add to your family and a pet that your children can be involved in with its care, getting hands on with feeding, cleaning and most importantly the snuggles.

Most commonly families will keep their Rabbit outside in the garden in a Hutch. One thing to be aware of if your going to keep your rabbit outside is space, do you have the space for a hutch and a run for them to get exercise. Predators are another, cats, dogs and foxes, all are a predatory animal that may attempt to hunt your Rabbit.

Some families do keep their Rabbit indoors so if you have the space indoors this is another option.

Rabbits can be kept either indoors or outdoors depending on the space you have available which makes them a great choice for the perfect family pet.
Rabbits can be kept indoors or outdoors – image source Unsplash.

You also want to consider what breed of Rabbit you may go for. Pets4Homes have a super helpful guide of which breed of Rabbit would be best for Kids.

2. Fish could be the Perfect Family Pet for you.

Fish make great pets for kids, they are a perfect way to introduce your kids to pets and help them learn a sense of responsibility of caring for an animal.

Fish are low maintenance and easy to care for which makes them a perfect family pet or a first time pet.
Fish tanks add a sense of tranquility to the home too – image source Unsplash.

Fish can also be the perfect family pet because they are low maintenance, other than a suitable tank set up and cleaning of the tank and weekly water changes there isn’t much else other than feeding.

Fish can not only be a family pet but also a centre point of a room, a kind of centre piece which adds a sense of calm and tranquility to your home and depending how you set up your tank with decorations it can be a stylish addition to your decor.

A few great Fish to start of with for a family pet would be Goldfish, Tetra, Betta Fish, Guppies and Danios.

3. Is a Cat the Perfect Family Pet for you?

A Cat maybe ideal for you and your family, you may not have the time in your daily life to commit to a dog. They don’t require as much attention as a dog would, they won’t be needing daily walks as they are more than happy and independent enough to exercise themselves – even if that does mean climbing the tree at the bottom of the garden.

Cats are the go to animal for a perfect family pet.
Cats are a perfect family pet – image source Unsplash.

They are easy to toilet train, whether they go outside themselves independently or using a litter tray. They will require feeding obviously but that can either be a wet food diet (cat meat) or dry food, they don’t tend to have a special dietary requirement unless they become highly addicted to dreamies.

They will require regular immunisations along with flea and worming treatments.

Kittens and Cats are very common so you will have plenty to research and look out for wether it is from a specific breeder, re-homing through an animal charity or from a family member or friend.

No doubt kittens are cute so whether you chose to get a kitten for your perfect family pet also consider you could rehome from a charity.
Kittens are cute but rehoming is also an option. Image source Unsplash.

You may want to have a look and see which Breed Cat may best suite you and your family. Some may shed less than others, size and whether they are an affectionate breed or not.

4. Which Dog for the Perfect Family Pet.

You may have a busy active lifestyle filled with outdoor adventures which maybe missing a shadow to your family or have the time within your daily routine where a Dog would compliment you family perfectly.

There is a lot to consider when planning to get a dog for your perfect family pet.
A family dog is a great addition to the family. image source Unsplash

Then a Dog may just well be your Perfect Family Pet. Like any pet, the Breed of Dog you choose will be one of the most important.

You and your family are prepared for the manic days to come of a crazy puppy, the teething, daily exercise requirements, the chewing and possible sleepless unsettled nights in the first week or so at home with your Dog.

Would you look at breeders for your dog or would you look at rehoming one from a charity? You may have to remember that most charities won’t rehome dogs with children under a certain age.

Dogs make great family companions. Image source Unsplash.

Your decision on what sort of diet to feed your dog, could be dry food, wet or a mix or even more complex, research is key. They will require regular immunisations, along with flea and worm treatment.

5. Could a Reptile be your Perfect Family Pet.

Reptiles could be the perfect family pet. They don’t require a lot of space and won’t need much room in the home, their needs are simple, and they are fun and adorable.

Could a Reptile be a perfect family pet to fit around your family lifestyle.
Reptiles could make for a perfect family pet for you. Image source unsplash.

Considering there are many different types of pet reptiles with varying levels of care needs, you are bound to find one that fits your family perfectly! The main key to which would be the best reptile for your family pet is to do your research.

A corn snake can make for a great family pet.
Corn snakes make great family pets. Image source Unsplash.

The best reptiles that make great family pets are Geckos, Bearded Dragons and Corn Snakes just to name a few. To find out more information of what reptile as a family pet check out this article from Reptiles Magazine.

The journey to find your Perfect Family Pet begins.

I hope you have found this post useful and it will help you and your family to choose which will be the perfect family pet for you.

With 5 Daughters I’ve had the constant battle of the want of a pet and I have to admit I do love our pets, we have had guinea pigs in the past and I’ve grown up from a young child with cats for pets.

I don’t think I can class the goats and chickens that my old man had when me and my older brother were growing up as family pets but it did give us a sense of responsibility helping dad to look after them.

Currently we have a Dog, 2 cats and 2 tanks of fish. What pets do you have and what do you love about them? Let me know in the comments below.

I have to say I love my Dog Toby’s Character, my cats for their affection and the relaxing sense the fish tanks add to our lounge.

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