School Closures being planned due to UK Coronavirus.

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School closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

I haven’t really begun being anxious about the outbreak of Coronavirus that seems to be hitting the world at the moment. Not until this past week especially since they have now begun discussing School closures after the Easter school holidays.

How would it affect us?

I’m still not 100% sure what may happen in the coming weeks. The planning of School Closures has started. This means that I would be an at Home Teacher as well. This is the main reason why I’m starting to become anxious about the Coronavirus.

An image from an Express article regarding School Closures being planned because of the Coronavirus.
Planning School Closures due to corona virus. Pic courtesy of Express

I’ve never really been a very academic person. As you would call of average intelligence, mainly forgetting the majority of things I had learnt in School. Now I’m ok sitting with the kids and helping them with homework, but with school closures been discussed. I would be responsible for teaching them what they would usually be learning in School.

But how would the at home schooling work, I know nothing?

Well the girls school has already said on the matter that if the school closures do go ahead then they would be sending Learn at Home packs, for us to work through with the girls.

This will help them keep within the learning curriculum and even though in my opinion a large disruption to their education, at least they will still be doing sort of what they would be at school.

I’m nervous for this to come though, I can see myself sat a night before getting prepared reading through the learning material and if I don’t quite understand it, I would be Searching through Google like a Pirate looking for treasure.

School Closures won’t affect us so much from a childcare aspect.

The planned School closures won’t affect us so much in terms of Childcare. I am the at home parent and main carer for the youngest Beast, so we dont have to worry so much about childcare for the girls around a working life.

I feel for the parents though who both work full time. What would they do through the School Closures when they do happen. It’s not as if the government can offer a temporary free childcare service for those in this situation. What if the parents cannot get the time off from work? I’m sure there will be a lot of parents in this sort of situation. I’d like to hear more of what you may plan to do in these circumstances, why not pop a comment after the post.

One thing in particular that I am curious about though is what if when the schools do close. What do we do about going out. I mean the kids are at home and rather than going stir crazy inside the house, what about venturing out to the park, a walk out with the dog. Would this be frowned upon and expected to stay indoors?

Keeping an eye on the media in the meantime.

For the time being I will be keeping a close eye on the news and media to find out more on what may come next. Wether the School Closures will actually go ahead or if other avenues will be trialled first, even though I’m not sure what these may be.

I’d like to hear your views and opinions of what is to come with regards to Children and Schools in the moment of this outbreak of Coronavirus. What would you do in this situation and how would you go about education at home with your children.

Any tips for teaching at home and subjects to learn etc.. would be great. I know one thing we can do at home is learning our times tables with TTrockstars.

How do you think the planned school closures will have an effect on not just our children but also us parents?

If the school closures do go ahead and we are put into lockdown, restricting where we go during our day’s in our lives, how long do you think it will be for? Do you think our children will return to school as normal before the summer holidays?

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