Isolation & Covid Test

Isolation and covid tests

3 weeks back into School and a Nightmare 4th Week.

Hey everyone, first off apologies for the lack of content lately, as the Title suggests we are now in Isolation, currently waiting for Covid Testing Kits and results.

3 weeks into school…

The return to school has been a tough few weeks, 3 weeks in and the change in routine for Mouse and Titch has been a shock to the system for them. They are both tired and worn out already, but the difference in their general mood is positive. I think being back in the social scheme of things with friends and classmates has done them both the world of good.

Pig has started this term too, but with the whole Covid situation, it has meant the transition from her Pre School to School has been very different.

Here is a photo of Pig. The first of her in her uniform ready for her first stay and play session at school. I do worry about her starting school during covid.
Pig ready for school.

No visits before the summer holidays in the form of Stay and Play sessions or meeting her teacher. Instead the school set up 1hr sessions one day per week over the first 3 weeks of term.

Pig settled into these very well, she has been very eager to start her school journey and would get upset after the end of the stay and play sessions – the impending tantrum because she didn’t want to leave school was rather comical.

So that is an update of the first 3 weeks of School for Mouse, Titch and Pig. But what about Beast, me and Sarah?

3 weeks without the kids – ish…

The first 3 weeks without the kids, well the older 2 girls mainly were, let me put it simply – UTTER BLISS!

The time spent throughout lockdown and the summer holidays have been amazing. A once in a parents lifetime to have the opportunity to Home School your Children. Even though it was far from an easy challenge. The peace has been very welcomed and utterly blissful.

Enjoying the peace with Beast out in the garden.

To an extent that is, as we still have Beast and Pig at home. Pig visiting for stay and play sessions at school before beginning full time, Sarah starting her Nursing Degree on the 18th September at Coventry Universities Scarborough Campus.

All going rather well if I am honest, back to some form of normality after such a large disruption to many people and families across the globe.

But… there is always a but isn’t there!

Week 4… the horror week.

It hasn’t been an easy transition back into normality, for many parents are the same I’m sure. The anxiousness and nervousness around Mouse and Titch’s return to school, Pig starting her school journey has ended up having a bit of a knock on effect of how I’m feeling with my mental health demons.

My Demon, Antidepressants and I.

Slightly panicky and anxious over their return. The sudden shock to the routines, trying to re-establish the routine of the past before Covid and Lockdown. Worry of Sarah starting her Nursing Degree, especially down to her Asthma which has deemed her at higher risk with the effects of the Coronavirus.

All started off going well, as I mentioned I haven’t been feeling 100%, the blog and socials took a back seat to family and life but then the horror week began.

Why a horror week?

Well a horror week this last week turned out to be… Why? The beginning of week 4 a positive case of Covid was announced in 1 out of the 3 Yr 3 Classes!! The same year at school that Titch has just moved upto (not her class though).

With the whole of that class imparticular and all known friends of the child who has received a positive Covid Test Result were sent home and told to isolate for 14 days, including the Teacher of the Class.

This caused more Stress and Worry between myself and Sarah, but with the effect being back at school and the positive confidence boost it seems to have given Mouse and Titch, we decided against taking them out of school once again. Pig loving the full days at school, albeit very tired. You can imagine how life at home has been with 3 extremely tired girls and a Toddler.

Sarah busy at home 4days out of the 5 doing Online work for her Nursing Degree. 1 day out of the 5 she is on site at Coventry University campus within her Bubble, all going well.

Until Thursday night Friday morning. I started with a cough. To be honest this is pretty standard for the time of year for me, September sniffles combined with being a smoker ( I know, bad habit) I usually end up with a smokers cough but along with my cough, both Titch and Pig had a high temperature, mouse similar to me, a cough and cold and Sarah starting with a slight constant cough. We knew we had to Isolate and look to get tested.

Especially with the positive case of Covid at the girls school.

Massively shit feeling and rough, the mental health took a dive massively yesterday. Panic Attacks, I seriously hate them. The tightness of your chest, feeling of not been able to take a breath properly, shaking. Just the sheer fear and panic of it, makes them feel so much worse. Because of this, I’m taking a few days away from my Instagram page. It’s too much to think about at the moment, Overwhelming.

The Covid Tests.

So here we are now in isolation. Home Covid Tests ordered (which were delivered this morning). I think we did well to get them with the struggle some have had trying to get hold of them.

This photo shows the covid (coronavirus) home test kit that I received in the post.
Covid Home Test Kit

Due to it now being Saturday and the process around posting the kit, an error trying to register Sarah and the kids Covid Test Kits. Vague help online from the NHS coronavirus Website. I rang 119 – NHS call centre for help and advice booking a Covid test in England (Different number for Scotland).

With superb help from the lady at the help centre, call centre… whatever you want to call it. All the tests have been registered.

Due to postage collection times she helped set up for the tests to be collected by a courier tomorrow (sunday). This just means having to wait until 9pm to do the Covid Test kits.

The kids included, so a late movie night with plenty of sweet treats for bribery is on the cards.

So wish us luck.

For more information regarding Coronavirus and steps to take if you think you may have symptoms, check them out in the links below.

I want to hear from you.

Have any of you had to organise a Covid Test? I know a few fellow bloggers have, such as Smell from smelly socks and garden peas had to arrange a Covid Test shortly after the kids returned to school.

I have been sceptical about the re-opening of schools since lockdown and the Covid Rates back on the rise again, what are your thoughts on it all?

I shall certainly update you later in the week with how we get on with the results and if we shall carry on in isolation due to a Positive result (touching wood that it is negative though, fingers crossed).

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16 Thoughts to “Isolation & Covid Test”

  1. Oh wow! What a week, it sounds like you’ve just had stuff piled on top of other stuff on top of more stuff. You’ve clearly made a very sensible decision to sod the virtual world and focus on your family. I hope you’re all feeling better soon and that your results come back promptly and you’re all negative. I’ll keep everything crossed for you. Sending hugs and endorphins to everyone.

    Also, ace links to all the useful sites!

    1. Thank you smell. Yeah it was all getting a bit much. Eased off a little now we’ve received, done and returned the tests. Just a waiting game now.

  2. Be prepared to feel anxious again as the time ticks by and the results take their time. I hardly slept the second night after ours. They came through by text just before 6am and then there was no going back to sleep with the relief

    1. All being well they’ll be negative, hoping so anyway. I can imagine, I hardly sleep anyways but just getting on top of the anxiousness.

  3. Thats a rubbish start to the school year, its a shame they have to come back out as its a start and stop to the school, hopefully alls good and the tests are fined, we had to get my boy tested a week ago for similar reason and after waiting 5 days we got the all clear, good luck im sure its fine.

    1. Thanks Liam. I’m sure it’ll just be the September colds. Touch wood. Find out in the next few days when the results come back.

      One of those though, when is an acceptable time to think its just a cold or we need to do this, this and this? With the winter coming and colds galore it is just going to be sheer panic for many families constantly.

  4. It’s definitely such a hectic time right now with back to school! I feel like finding your routine is just crazy with all the changes this year. So scary though about the COVID testing! Sending prayers for negative tests and a healthy school year!!!

    1. Thank you, yeah it is manic to attempt getting back into routines again. Fingers and toes crossed.

  5. Wow, that does sound like a nightmare week. Good luck with the tests. It will be very interesting to see how quickly you get your results. My boss had one & got result (negative) next day, but the care home where Mum is currently is doing weekly testing and saying the time of the results return varies enormously A

    1. Yeah I think they do. We have had 3 of the results back out of the 5 tests. Mouse’s came first thing this morning and mine and pigs this afternoon, still waiting on Titch’s and my other halfs results. All negative so all good there so far.

      4 of the tests went to one testing facility in the UK and one other went to a facility in Glasgow.

  6. Sounds like a lot going on for you. I hope your results are negative, it can be scary waiting for the results.

    1. Too much going on if I’m honest. Got the rest of the results yesterday which were all negative which was a relief.

  7. Best of luck Eddie. Hope you’ve got results back now and whichever way they went, life can get back to the new normal quickly. Kids and bubbles are getting sent home left right and centre in my experience. Sign o’ the times.

    1. Your certainly not wrong there John, it is a sign o’ the times. I think it is something which will become ever more common in the months to come.

      Results came back across different days, 1 one day, 2 the next and so on over a span of 4 days which I thought was a bit daft. All negative and back to the new normal so to speak.

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