10 Comical Dad Jokes & Memes

Dad jokes and memes that will make you lol

10 Comical Dad Jokes & Memes that I’ve found hilarious lately.

Buzz and Woody, characters from Pixar Toy Story. Dad Jokes. DAD JOKES EVERYWHERE.
Dad Jokes Meme.

I love a good Dad joke and a Dad meme, especially being the Stay at home Dad because they are great for a good chuckle in-between juggling kids, housework and quiet to help the sanity. How about you? Do you like browsing through memes with a brew?

I recently shared my round-up of 5 Dad Memes that are funny and relatable to parents with you that I had found around the time of writing that post.

Well I’ve been at it again, embarrassing the girls with the Dad jokes in the playground and chuckling like a school boy flicking through a Dad Meme or 20,000 and even the odd Parenting Meme.

I couldn’t just keep these to myself so I had to share them with you all. Share the love and laughter of a classic Dad joke and Dad or Parenting meme.

I am partial to a good Dad or Parenting meme though, many of them you can relate to on so many levels can’t you. For me as the Stay at Home Dad I can even relate with some of the hilarious Mum Memes that are out there on the tinterwebnet.

So here is the 10 Dad Jokes and Dad memes I want to share with you.

Let me tell you what is even better with some of these – the combination of both! Some mint Dad Jokes created into a Meme. Its just a winning combo there isn’t it.

1 – You know why the old lady fell down the well?

This image is the first Dad Joke / Dad meme I would like to share. With a classic dad joke.

Why did the old lady fall down the well?
Because she didn't see that well.
First Dad Joke Meme.

This Dad joke in this meme is just chuckle funny isn’t it? A simple but daft Dad joke that will get the majority of people to at least snigger.

2 – What’s the difference between Snowmen and Snow Women?

This is the second Dad Joke / Dad Meme, an image of the popular characters Carl and His Dad from the show Walking Dead.

What is the difference between Snowmen and Snow women Carl?

Stop Dad!!


Snow women have no Snowballs Carl.
Second Dad Joke Meme

I don’t know about you but I do love this series – The Walking Dead. Carl and Rick – Father and Son in the show have the type of relationship where you can tell a few Dad Jokes will be dropped.

Quite fitting they have been used in this Sexist meme but from a joke stand point it is one that gives you the giggles. But hey what would be wrong with Snow Women having Snowballs? Nothing wrong with that at all.

3 – The Bedtime Parenting Dad Meme

Thirdly we have this Dad Meme focusing on the humour behind fighting your kids into Bed.

We will not go quietly into the night.

We will not vanish without a fight.

Using the above text and image from the classic blockbuster movie Independence Day.
Third Dad meme – As a Stay at home Dad this one is Totally Relatable. is this one relatable to you too?

Now I can relate to this on various levels as a Dad to 5 girls. It can be like a western stand off at times attempting to get them into bed. It’s why I found this one rather comical and relatable from a parents point of view.

Does it relate with you too?

4 – The childish Dad.

The fourth Image is a Dad Meme showing how a Dad has put his daughters hair in a ponytail and through a Pepsi bottle into a cup to make it look like a glass of pepsi is being poured.

Another funny way to show the comedy side of Dads and parenting.
Fourth Meme is great for Halloween.

Come on now, not just us Dads that have thought of doing something childish and silly like this is there. MUMS we know you’ve considered it too.

Getting the kids dressed up for Halloween and doing something ridiculously silly and childish is great right.

Have you done anything silly like this with a fancy dress costume with your kids? Please do share in the comments below, or even add your pics to instagram and tag me @yorkienotjustfordads.

5 – The relatable kind of Parenting Dad Meme.

An image of the main characters from the Legendary Comedy film Step Brothers.

Brennon and Dale - Will Ferrel and John C. Reilly have been used in this Dad Parenting Meme to reference Kids walking into your bedroom at 5am to Fuck Shit up.
Fifth Dad Meme

This is one of my all time Favourite Will Ferrel comedy films. Its just hilarious. In this Parenting Dad Meme Brennon and Dale have been used to show how your kids will wander into your room not regarding the time just to – Fuck Shit Up!!

We’ve all been there surely. Few drinks on the Friday night, enjoying a good old laugh with the lads or the ladies, stumble to bed with a kebab at god knows what time in the morning then…. Boom!!

In walk the kids at 5am bouncing on your bed telling you its time to get up. They’re Hungry, or that their youngest sibling has done a Poo and it stinks.

6 – How we would all envision a battle against Toddlers!!

Mel Gibson as the Iconic Character William Wallace from the Blockbuster Hit Braveheart.

Depicting the Battle Speach of a Dad against Toddlers.
Sixth Dad Parenting Meme

I love this one. Funny and relatable on every level. Being the stay at home dad but also a Dad to a crazy terrorist of a Toddler. As the Stay at home Dad with a Toddler this is how I’d see the Battle rally would be before heading to parental war.

7 – A Dads offering to help Mum with Breastfeeding.

In this Parenting Dad meme there is a Dad holding his baby showing mums how to breast feed with a carton of milk duct taped to his chest and a straw for the baby.
Seventh Dad Meme

I’ll be honest with you now. This made me spit a bit of coffee out with laughter when I saw this.

A dad showing mums how breastfeeding should be done in this hilarious Parenting Dad Meme.

8 – Oh what a classic Dad Joke!

Utterly classic Dad joke in this Parenting Dad meme. An image of The national lampoons Christmas with the Classic Dad Joke - 

What do you call a Deer with no eyes?

No-eyed-deer... no idea.
Eighth Dad Joke Meme

We have all heard it, mums, children and grandparents around have all grimaced when it has being told. Dads we have told it a lot I’m sure, it is such a classic to have in the arsenal of Dad jokes.

A great use for embarrassing your kids too when you attempt to be a comedian in the playground on the school run or maybe dropping it into conversation with other parents at a Birthday Party.

What is your favourite Classic Dad Joke?

9 – Once again with another belting Dad Joke!

Classic Dad Joke in this Meme - 

There's a new broom out...

Its sweeping the nation.
Ninth Dad Joke

This Dad Joke Meme is just a Dads comment all over isn’t it? Dads everywhere will have dropped this many times in their parental lifetime.

I know I have with it being slightly relevant as the Stay at Home Dad doing House bitch duties.

10 – Got to end this Parenting Meme and Dad Joke roundup with a comparison of Parenting Techniques.

Heres a Parenting Dad meme that shows the comparisons of parental life between mums and dads.
Tenth Dad Meme

This is pretty true when you think about it. How some of us Dads do things parenting wise compared to Mums. I know I have done some on occasion.

How do you do things differently to your partner and the mother of your Kid/kids?

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Disclaimer – Best put this here just to cover it. The images in this post have all being sourced from Google Images. I mean other than Social Media how else do you find your memes.

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    1. 😂 Did they make you chuckle smell?

  2. Number 10’s got me chuckling specially the meet the boyfriend!

    1. That will be me assuming that role in around 5yrs time when my girls start getting to the age of boyfriends 😂.

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