Dad life – What’s been happening.

Hey everyone, it seems an absolute age since I wrote something like this but to be honest I haven’t had the foggiest clue on what to write about.

Aim of this post is just to share with you all what we have been upto lately, a bit of an insight into the family life and Dad life at the moment and something that isn’t parenting related.

Dad Life – What’s Dad been upto lately.

Family and Dad life lately has been good. We have had the odd ups and downs like all families filled with tantrums and paddy’s, battles with screen time and lots of fun and laughter.

Sarah has completed her first 10 week work placement for her Uni Degree, she absolutely smashed it and is currently living the dream as a student nurse.

The girls have settled back into the routine and school life really well, great for them to get back into a solid education and in their social friendship circles once more. Anything is better than my homeschooling attempts!

Beast has started pre school/nursery and has settled in very well. She is loving it, her favourite activity there is the same as at home either playing outside or doing jigsaws.

Winning at the Dad life, enjoying time in the garden with some fun games.
Winning at the Dad life, enjoying time in the garden with some fun games.

As for me, I’m not too bad, I’ve managed to get into the routine of school following half term, a lot better than after the last lockdown I must admit.

No idea why but I seemed to struggle after the last lockdown, anxious and just generally low and struggled to get into the routine of the kids back at school. Mental health really does have its up days and it’s Down days but is manageable.

The co-parenting with my eldest is going smoothly, we both decided to begin alternate weekends so that Pork Chop gets to spend the weekend with her Mum and a weekend with us.

Family Days out.

With the improvements with the weather over the last couple of weeks it has been great to get back out enjoying some freedom with the kids.

We had a great time at Pirate Adventure golf which is based at the Sea Life Centre here in Scarborough, who doesn’t love Crazy Golf right?

 Perfect fun with the kids playing crazy golf, all about the Dad life wins.

Last weekend we visited one of our favourite local family attractions, I’ve even written about it here on the blog before and that is at Playdale Farm.

One goal to a good Dad life is the fun and activities you get to share with the kids.
My girls feeding the animals at Playdale Farm.

Plenty of activities for the kids and an opportunity for them to run wild and burn off steam, not to forget the animals, its always a hit with the girls and we always make sure to buy plenty of Animal feed. Those damn goats definitely know how to swipe a full bag don’t they haha.

Dad Life and something for me.

So the Dad life is good, I’m still enjoying my time at home with the girls as the Stay at home Dad. With Beast now in nursery it has given me the opportunity to do something for myself.

I’ve been fairly busy to say the least, writing for the blog but also launching my own YouTube Channel. As you can probably tell from the Car Review posts and motoring content here on the blog I am a bit of a Petrol Head.

Perfect for me to get some Dad time in and some time for myself, especially when Sarah got me a GoPro and some goodies for my Birthday so I’ve been out filming cars and doing something I really enjoy.

If you want to check out my YouTube Channel you can find it here – Pitt Motoring TV. This has definitely been a large learning curve, teaching myself video editing and even getting to grips with camera angles etc.. but it is pretty much the same with the Blog, it is all self taught and adds to the fun of the journey.

The logo I created for my YouTube Channel.

If Car Reviews and other videos containing Cars are your thing then give the channel a subscribe.

So thats all from me, I’ve not written anything like this as I dunno, I don’t really want to bore anybody with a random ramble.

How are you all doing and what have you all been upto lately?

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4 Thoughts to “Dad life – What’s been happening.”

  1. Busy old time youve been having mate.

    I do enjoy the PMTV YouTube Channel

    Keep it up.

    1. Thanks matey.

  2. I truly enjoyed your post. It is so lovely to see your beautiful pictures and how happy your children are. Lots of fun and laughter is what will get us all through the rough days of parenting and will make up for all the tantrums.

    Keep having fun!

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