Dad Tests the new Honda Jazz Crosstar.

So the Honda Jazz Crosstar is Honda’s offering into the small SUV Crossover Market. Based on the exact same platform as the New Honda Jazz I tested a while back now – find my Honda Jazz e-HEV review here.

I found the new Honda Jazz Hybrid to be a fantastic hatchback, good to drive and super practical for those wanting a great balance of fuel economy and something capable of tackling the school run and local family antics.

One question parents maybe asking about the Honda Jazz Crosstar though is would it be a better choice for daily family life over the hatchback Honda Jazz? Does its Mini SUV Crossover characteristics make it a better choice?

Honda Jazz Crosstar – Honda’s mini crossover.

This will be the main things I will be covering in this post about the Honda Jazz Crosstar – What are the differences between the Jazz Crosstar and the Hatchback Jazz, also for everyday family life, is it a better choice than the Hatchback Jazz.

Differences between the Honda Jazz Hatchback and the Honda Jazz Crosstar.

The most noticeable differences of the Crosstar Jazz are found just by looking at it. With a 30mm higher ride height and 50mm longer than its hatchback sibling, a newly designed front Grille and bumper design as well as bolt on roof rails, a two tone colour option and SUV esk plastic cladding around the entire car to add to the SUV styling.

The Honda Jazz Crosstar boasts a higher ride height and plastic cladding around the arches and sills.
Boasting a higher ride height and plastic cladding around the arches and sills.

The interior on the other hand is pretty much identical to the Jazz, with exactly the same interior layout, technology and safety kit. Now you would think the EX Jazz Crosstar would receive the same kit as the top spec EX Jazz? No you actually lose out on the heated steering wheel and gain a Subwoofer in the boot which is pretty handy for the school run discos with the kids.

The only downside to the Subwoofer addition to the boot of the Honda Jazz Crosstar is rather perplexing. You would imagine with its 50mm increase in length, the jazz’s already incredible space and practicality would be increased, nope you actually lose a mere 6 Litres of boot capacity. Not a massive amount I know but the usable space in the Jazz Crosstar boot is still a positive for it and still able to be used for a pushchair and other family related gubbins.

With a wide opening and useable space the boot of the Crosstar Jazz is still good.

Even though the interiors are almost identical the Crosstar Jazz comes with a water repellant material on the seats, further aiming its Mini Crossover at potential buyers with a more active lifestyle. No need to worry about the kids and dog with muddy boots after a woodland walk or trip to the park.

Water Repelling materials used on the seats in the Honda Jazz Crosstar make it perfect for those with an active lifestyle.
Water Repelling materials used on the seats make it perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

Does the Honda Jazz Crosstar drive differently to the Hatchback?

This may be something potential buyers may ask, with its higher ride height and mini crossover’ness. Does this have an affect on how it drives in comparison with the hatchback Jazz.

As you would imagine with a 30mm higher ride height it has had a slight affect on its handling. Still the crosstar jazz is a smooth drive and copes well with bumps in the road but it feels a touch more wollowy around corners, some more body roll over the hatchback.

The Honda Jazz Crosstar still shares the same 1.5litre Self Charging Hybrid powertrain as the hatchback which is a great hybrid set up and works extremely well. Offering over 60mpg whilst I had it to test for a couple of days.

The performance isn’t the same as the hatchback with a slower 0-60mph time and reduced mpg in comparison to its hatchback sibling but the Crosstar Jazz and hatchback Jazz aren’t meant to be all about the sprint. Both still return fantastic economy and pure electric driving whilst around town and even on some B roads upto 45-50mph I found.

Both the Honda Jazz and Honds Jazz Crosstar utilise a 1.5 litre Self Charging Hybrid Powertrain.
Both the Jazz and Crosstar Jazz utilise a 1.5 litre Self Charging Hybrid Powertrain.

Which is a better Choice?

Both the hatchback Honda Jazz and the Honda Jazz Crosstar are both great cars and both offer lots to the small car market and I believe it comes down to what the buyer wants.

If you are looking to move into hybrid motoring with good efficiency, something small and super practical for daily use such as the school run and commuting to work as well as tackling other family action. Both do this extremely well but with a price rise of £2,000 for the Honda Jazz Crosstar over the top spec Honda Jazz EX, is it viable?

The swaying factors I find with the Crosstar over the hatchback is the aim more towards those looking for the SUV crossover looks in a small package. Something for those with an active lifestyle which the Honda Jazz Crosstar does well with its water repellant seats.

A big thank you to Marshall Honda who loaned me the Honda Jazz Crosstar for a couple of days for this test. Please do head over and take a look at their website as they have great offers currently and are renowned for their amazing customer service.

Honda Jazz Crosstar at Marshall Honda.

If you have any requests of any Honda that you would like to know more of or for me to test please do leave a comment below. You can also watch my Video Review over on my YouTube channel Here.

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  1. Ian

    Great review. I really like these crossovers. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks Ian

  2. Very interested to read this as my mum is looking for a new car and I hadn’t really considered the Honda Jazz range. I think it could be one to look at although Jazz or Jazz crosstar?? Decisions decisions!

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