Daddy Daughter adventures.

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An Adventure with my Daughter Pig.

So what day are we on, Thursday. Pig as she’s nicknamed. She doesn’t go to nursery/Pre school on Thursdays as they are closed. So she spends the day home with me and Beast. Today mum was home with Beast so Daddy and Pig went for an Adventure.

Today being no different other than having Mum at home as she’s under the weather so isn’t at University. She is still busy away doing her assignments from the comfort of Bed with a mug of warm lemonade. Awesome stuff if you have a sore ish throat.

With Sarah home and Beast in bed for her nap. What were me and Pig to do. Usually we would stay home and watch films or draw and colour usually. But new year and all that. This is one thing I’m wanting to do more of. It is to get out and about with the girls more. What better way to start this than by going out with Just 1. That’s right you heard me, Dad’s out with just 1 of his girls.

Where to go?

This is always the question. Especially if it’s me and the 4 girls or even at weekends when we have all 5 of the Princess tribe assembled. All ready to tackle the outside world.

Pig I’m sure like all typical 4 year olds absolutely loves nothing more than going to play at the park. For us we’re especially lucky we have 2 amazing Parks within a 10 minute walking distance. Now pig wanted to go to a different park this morning and I’m so glad we did. Not really much of a longer walk than the other, but the chats we have along the way are so funny.

Getting out and about with Pig can be hilarious. She has such a vivid imagination. Especially with the way she talks about things while out on an adventure, you would believe they were real.

An adventure to find the Park.

The path of our journey to the ‘Park’

A nice day for it, bit nippy out but the strong winds we’ve had have subsided. Although slightly overcast, but with no sight of rain… Yet.

Down the path and past a local graveyard and what me and Pig called was the woods. Now we both hoped not to see any trolls on our travels through the woods.

The entrance to the graveyard and the exit of the Troll Woods.

Walking this path is also part of the Scarborough to Whitby Cinder track. The Cinder Track is an old railway, ideal for the hikers and also avid cyclists.

A nice greeting on the path along the Cinder Track.

As in the image above you will find this on the floor. Whenever we come past this on our travels the girls love to read it and also play hopscotch from Scarborough to Whitby.

Our destination is almost in reach but first we must venture through a dark dark tunnel. Pig and all the girls when we come to this park love to shout, talk and make funny noises in the tunnel as they’ve named it the echo tunnel.

Through the Echo tunnel to find…

She had spotted the park at the other side of the tunnel, but was to distracted by the mysterious echo that she could converse with within the tunnel.
Through the tunnel to the other side to find a land of wonder, fun and excitement!

We have made it.

We love this park.  So much open space to run and play. I’d say a definite day out destination for us in the summer months during school holidays and weekends. Just pack up a picnic, take a football and you really can make a fun day full of activities here. Great for residents of Scarborough or even if your visiting on your holidays or day trip.

A nice large playing field for fun with your pooch or to play football, rugby, Frisbee or any other games kids play these days. Now my personal favourite at their age has to be Bulldogs Charge. Is there anyone else remember playing that?

Anyways it was rather boggy here so Pig chose not to go on the 2 slides available at her disposal for fun. But we did the usual, seesaw, swings and even the make shift pretend castle. Here we imagined that I was King Daddy and she was Princess Pig.

For a 4yr old swings are life, kids of all ages love to see how high they can go on a swing.
Who doesn’t love to swing.
Loving the seesaw, up down, up down, up and touch the clouds.
Try and touch the clouds at the top end of the seesaw.
Taking rightful place in her castle as Princess Pig.
Soon I will be able to see my kingdom and rule as Queen Pig
plenty of activities for children of all ages, best thing about a park, their free and unlimited time wise.
Such an amazing Park, plenty to do for all ages.
Obligatory King and Princess selfie.
A view fit for any Princess.

We both decided that we had played and had enough fun at the park but still wanted more of an adventure. So what now. Both of us didn’t want to head home yet. Not with Pig’s imagination in overdrive, firing on all cylinders. Definitely she was set in her adventure mode.

Adventure along the path to find the Forest of Mystery.

Rather than leaving through the tunnel we went the opposite direction. The direction which led us through a Forest of Mystery.

Pig loved it. Claiming that she had spotted Fairies and Pixies and other imaginary things. But what we did see were Dogs and there minions. Squirrels, Crows and pigeons as far as the eyes could see. Also the odd Blackbirds and Sparrows.

During spring and summer this is a beautiful path to walk. An enchanting walk with such beautiful colours from the wildflowers and the variety of green leaves and blossoming colours from the trees. Rife with wildlife.

But even at this time of year its still just as beautiful.  More so in a naked beauty sense The bare trees, the vibrant moss growth on the trunks and branches of the trees.

The source and stream of fairy magic… According to Pig.
There’s a Squirrel and a fairy in this picture somewhere? So Pig says, I’ll let you decide what’s there.
Spotted a couple of squirrels and some different birds.
Such excitement to see Squirrels and Birds.
Her imagination running wild telling me tabout things in this tree.
Look up there Daddy can you see the pixies houses.
Sneaking a selfie in while helping to take a nice scenery photograph.
That looks a pretty Picture Daddy… But have you seen my Snotty Nose!

All in all a wonderful adventure. Love it, its great to hear Pig expressing herself through her imagination.  whether it be describing what she can see on such an adventure like this or even in a story she tells or a song she sings.

We are Homeward Bound after our Adventure.

Such a great morning with my Pig. We had such fun and lovely memories made and shared. It was a fairly long walk for such little legs. Obviously the obligatory Dad taxi was called.

Shoulder ride home because her legs were tired.
Daddy’s Taxi… Free Fairs for Life.

Once home, and settled. There was no better way to finish off a good couple of hours fun than with an important life lesson.

Helping to make a cup of tea to enjy with biscuits.
Top Tea Maid in the making.
A warm drink and biscuit dunking after an adventure.
No better way to enjoy a good ole Brew!!

Yep you guessed it! A nice refreshing good ole Brew. Obviously with Biscuit dunking too.

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