Dads Mental Health and Parenting.

Trusted Family Brand Snüz and Leading Platform for Dads Dadsnet Commit to Raising Awareness Around Men and Dads Mental Health and Parenting on the verge of Father’s Day and ahead of International Fathers Mental Health Day on Monday the 21st of June.

A dads mental health survey carried out by leading family brand Snüz and Dadsnet.

I am a Dad of 5 girls, stressful yep. Would I change it… nope. I try my best throughout the platform of my blog to raise awareness of men’s mental health, especially for other dads.

Me and 2 of my girls.

I have dealt with both anxiety and depression over the years which at times hasn’t been easy, it has been easier since I began talking about it, a way of release and like a weight being lifte. My main rock is my partner Sarah, she is always there for support.

But its ok to talk, even if you don’t have that avenue of someone to talk to there is more out there than you think to help and support you if you are struggling. I find it important to share just like others, I’d recommend taking a look at this help page over on the Dadvengers website and also Dad matters.

I recently recieved the following details from a survey carried out by the parenting community group Dadsnet and trusted Family Brand Snüz and I thought it was very important to share.

An Alarming 65% of Dads Admit That Having Children Negatively Impacted Their Mental Health.

According to a recent survey which was carried out by Family Brand Snüz and Dadsnet, an alarming 65% of dads admitted that having children negatively impacted their mental health.

Citing the top 5 contributing factors as a lack of time, change in relationship dynamic, additional responsibilities, financial issues, and lack of sleep.

Image relating findings from a survey on dads mental health by Snüz and Dadsnet.

A lot of the above many of us Mums and Dads will be able to relate to those factors. The lack of sleep due to night feeds and occasional night of teething with a baby, the nights where your toddler just won’t settle.

The busy family and work life balance that leaves you little to no time for yourself, the stress and worry of the extra responsibilities of raising a child and being there to care and cater there every need.

Lack of services available for Dads.

The same survey also found that 67% of dads felt that there are insufficient resources and a distinct lack of support available to them, which is especially concerning considering the high percentage feeling a strain on their mental health.

Additionally, over half of dads surveyed disclosed feelings of apprehension about discussing mental health issues with their partner if it relates to their child.

The above you shouldn’t feel like that, your partner is there to help you also, I know it may be easier said than done but leaning on your partner and letting them know your struggling opens up a fantastic support network and someone to share with.

More results from a survey on dads mental health by family brand Snüz and Dadsnet.

Dads Mental Health and Parenting.

Having a baby is undoubtedly a precious thing, but it does take some getting used to, and with the new statistics now available, and the reality that 1 in 10 men will suffer some form of Post Natal Depression, there is clearly a need to put this on the agenda.

With the survey results in mind, Snüz and Dadsnet have teamed up to put Men’s Mental Health at the forefront of a brand-new campaign this month (14th-20th June) to initiate communication around the issues exposed.

Throughout the week, the partnership will be offering daily content centered around men’s mental health to start the conversation, provide support and make time for dads.

As part of the campaign Snüz will invite a number of experts to join the discussion across its busy Instagram feed – Snüz Instagram here.

Also including The Daddy Sleep Consultant, The Honest Midwife, and Mark Williams, founder of the International Fathers Mental Health Day and the #HowAreYouDad campaign, as well as chatting to campaign partner Al from Dadsnet, and Tom Cox, the owner behind UnlikelyDad on Instagram.

Logo for the Dadsnet.

Speaking about the campaign Al, Founder of Dadsnet said:

“When men become dads, the danger is that their own health can naturally slip away from them in the place of keeping their children as healthy as possible. Here at Dadsnet we’re keen to support dads in finding ways of keeping both our children, and ourselves as healthy as possible.”

Mark Nicholls, Brand Director at Snüz added:

“Bringing a trusted figure on board to support us with this campaign was essential. We knew we wanted to reach out to fathers by providing support and starting conversations around the challenges of fatherhood for dads and parents-to-be, but we wanted to do it right. We hope raising these issues as part of Men’s Mental Health Week can be the first of many steps towards inclusivity and improving the way we communicate with parents.”

How have you found your mental health as a parent? Drop a comment below.

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  1. Great read Eddie.

    It’s a topic a lot of people shy away from. But an important one.

    1. I can see why some shy away from the topic and sharing as it is a difficult subject for a lot of people. Thanks Damion

  2. Oh getting men to discuss mental health is always a tough one because guys aren’t raised to do so. You stand out for doing it Eddie. Great work highlighting this campaign.

    1. That is one of the big things isn’t it, not sharing and speaking about it due to how we were raised. Thank you John that means a lot.

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