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Wow Dad chats about Weddings.

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Wedding bells ringing, Wedding guests arrive and your Wedding is under way – unless it is still being planned that is.

Well an extremely positive thing happened last week. For me and the fiance it has caused a mass of excitement for each other. My other half has finally recieved her Decree Absolute which means one thing. She is now Divorced from her ex husband and is now free and able so we can now go ahead and plan, dream and imagine our Wedding and finally get Married.

My partner has recieved her Decree Absolute which means we can now begin to plan our wedding.
The Mrs’s Decree Absolut arrived through the Post.

Do us Blokes dream of a fantastic spectical type day for their wedding.

For me in a sense yes. I want and have thought about the big memorable day. The beautiful surroundings that venues have to offer for you to make your wedding such a special day.

Then there is the food, my god I love my food and some on offer on the venue menus look and sound incredible. For me this adds to the event of your wedding which makes it memorable.

An image of tables set up at a wedding. The food and sitting down with family and friends is one of the most memorable parts of a wedding.
The food is a memorable part of any wedding – pic credit unsplash Evelina Friman

But these types of wedding do tend to come at quite a cost. A very high cost may I add in fact, which sadly for us with our current circumstances is nigh on impossible.

We have waited for a number of years now for Sarah’s divorce and even a long time, no not a long time, it has felt like a decade for it to go through to the stage we are currently at now where we are able to go through with our Wedding.

So when are we getting Married and hope to have our Wedding?

Now this is a question that we get asked quite often from friends and family, but still a great question. If we were in a position where we could pay right now, then we would happily Swan off with a few close friends to the likes of Gretna Green for our wedding.

A wedding without guests isn’t something I had ever thought about. It would mean we could head off and do it today even though this would also mean having a wedding without bridesmaids – every woman wants bridesmaids for their wedding or am I wrong?

But to have at least close friends and family involved, our local registry office is looking the front runner to hold what will be our wedding.

At the moment we both just want to get married, be Husband and Wife and have our Wedding day. The only down side to our plan is that we don’t think we will be having a reception. Maybe just go somewhere nice for a good meal and drinks afterwards with family and friends. Nothing big, nothing brash or flashy, just a lovely ceremony. Tieing the knot to the woman I love, my rock and my best friend, this would be my perfect wedding. Being finally able to call her the wife. I’m the sort of twat that would have that comical ringtone. You know the one, the warning call. “WARNING!!! WARNING!!! THE WIFE IS CALLING”.

For the meantime.

As the heading suggests for the meantime we shall save what money we can, where we can. Plan the Princess tribes dresses for our big day. We are thinking a dress up style outfit of Unicorns. So cute.

For anyone local or further afield and you’d like to get Married and hold your big day at the Yorkshire Coast, here’s a few links below for you of a few venues we were interested in which are Based in and around the area of Scarborough North Yorkshire.

Hope these links with possible venues for you to get Married have been useful for you, I will hopefully update soon in the future with more on our story and plan to get married.

A celebration is a celebration, this one isn’t a marriage type celebration but a post I wrote for my Birthday. Take a look.

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