Dalby Forest is a fun packed family day out.

Dalby forest a fun packed family day out

Dalby Forest a place for a fun packed family day out.

One major reason why we love Dalby Forest for a family day out is that it is packed full of various activities for all the family… including the dog. Sometimes it is a must for the whole family to just venture into the great outdoors, creating adventures and memories. Being out in the great outdoors and fresh air, doing something new and activities is great for our mental health and well being. It is also great for the kids too, open space for them to run around, no inhibitions, let off steam have fun and enjoy themselves. This is why Dalby Forest is always a good choice for us.

Dalby Forest is a woodland area that covers thousands of acres across the North Yorkshire Moors. Run and managed by the UK Forestry Commision. There is plenty to keep all members of the family occupied and countless trails for family adventures with the children. If your are in the Yorkshire area or visiting North Yorkshire on your jollies or for a weekend trip. Dalby Forest is a must visit for you and your Family.

One of Dalby Forest's beauties is it's amazing scenery.
One of Dalby Forest’s beauties is it’s amazing scenery.

Why is Dalby Forest a must visit?

I would recommend Dalby Forest to anybody. It has varied activities and things to do to suit many different people and family’s. Like your Mountain Biking or just Biking with the family in general? Dalby Forest is home to many bike trails for any experienced rider. Whether you are a complete novice just out for a ride with the wife/husband and kids their are smooth and novice trails or even if you are the more experienced ESPN type rider then there are some awesomely wicked trails that would suit you.

Walking along the trails at Dalby Forest. A great family walk.
Walking along the trails at Dalby Forest. A great family walk. And look it’s the fur baby’s first appearance on the blog i may think. Here is Bear (nope not his real name but a nickname like one of the kids).

Like your hiking and walking? Just like for cyclists Dalby Forest has many trails for the avid hiker. Follow tracks and trails throughout Dalby’s Stunning woodland areas. Same again with trails for the family just out for a wander in the fresh air for a picnic there are trails for you. The avid Hiker that once backpacked across Europe there are even trails that would suit you too.

Dad's you know this kind of picture right? the little tired legs of one of the kids means one thing. Yep Pig got a shoulder ride through dalby forest.
Dad’s you know this kind of picture right? the little tired legs of one of the kids means one thing. Yep Pig got a shoulder ride through dalby forest.

What is there at Dalby Forest?

Well I don’t want to sound sarcastic much here other than saying Woodland areas. Nah i’m sort of kidding. When on your Family Day out to Dalby Forest there is plenty of things to do. Here below are just 5 things you will find at Dalby Forest.

  • There are 13 Walking Trails, some of these include easy access.
  • 2 Play areas ideal for letting the kids loose and burning off some energy.
  • 6 cycling trails.
  • Cafe, Visitor Centre and Shop. The cafe is open for takeaways only but ideal for grabbing a good ole brew. The cafe, visitors centre and shop require you to wear face coverings while in these premises.
  • Go Ape. I will cover Go Ape a in a little while in the post but online booking is essential.

Go Ape at Dalby Forest

Go Ape is practically a massive playground at the top of the forest canopy and throughout the woodland area. A truly incredible and fun experience for the kids and parents. Wobbly Bridges, Tightropes, various intricate crossings and Wicked Zip wire finale to finish off.

We have watched the zip wire for the Larger Higher course and oh my god it looks epic… Just as long as you are not afraid of heights. Sounds a bit nerve wracking though doesn’t it, especially at the thought of our children on there. Not to fear the Staff at Go Ape Dalby Forest have amazing and well trained members of staff to ensure you and your family’s safety. Go ape have also developed a great safety system that is super easy for everyone.

Go Ape also don’t want to leave people who suffer wit a disability to feel left out either and pride themselves on enabling these people to experience this woodland adventure course. Just give them a ring in advance and discuss it with the incredible team at Go Ape.

Here is a Shot of Go Ape I took from a distance at our picnic area at dalby forest. Not bad for a mobile phone camera is it.
Here is a Shot of Go Ape I took from a distance at our picnic area. Not bad for a mobile phone camera is it.

You can find out more of what Go Ape at Dalby Frest have to Offer Here and book online.

Why we Love Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest for us is freedom. We can pack up a picnic, toss the kids in the car along with the dog. Up the road for 20 minutes. Even though we prefer the longer scenic route throughout Hackness and The moors. The views from this drive are incredible.

Once at Dalby Forest we always park near the visitors centre just to check out the map and pick a trail from there. Our most latest adventures have been The Lakeside Easy access trail. This was a great walk for us and the kids and so easy with our pushchair. Even though our pushchair is no World Rally Championship themed young person transport device but more of a Joie town stroller and managed ok over the surfaces of the walk.

Family fun at dalby forest.
Family fun
Beast attempting the great escape at dalby forest.
Beast attempting an escape out of her pushchair

Down by the Visitor Centre and Go Ape is a coupe of open field areas ideal and set up with picnic benches, a shallow stream that rungs along the foot of field below and one of the Children’s Play areas.

Kids having fun in the stream at dalby forest.
Pork Chop and Mouse having fun in the stream
Titch just loves climbing trees and is in her natural element at dalby forest.
Titch is always climbing a tree.
Pig was a bit unsure at first of the stream at dalby forest. Once she got her feet wet she loved it and had so much fun.
Pig preparing to paddle

Our actual last visit to Dalby Forest we ended up staying here all day. The kids had an absolute whale of a time paddling and playing in the stream and running around the field. We were lucky enough to Catch Whitby Falconers set up there. They usually offer reptile displays and handling but due to the necessary need of being in close proximity to members of the public during handling they aren’t currently offering reptiles at the moment. But they were there with their birds of Prey.

Such beautiful and stunning creatures. My partner sarah and our girls had the privilege of getting to handle some of the beautiful specimens. From various breeds of Owls to Hawks and Eagles.

There are still a fair few trails and play areas that we still haven’t managed to embark on yet but the school summer holidays are just beginning so I am sure we will get a lot of these checked of the Dalby Forest to-do list. One of which is the Gruffalo Orienteering. It looks such fun and an amazing adventure and activity for the kids. I know they are Gruffalo fans from the books.

The gruffalo orienteering activity course at dalby forest.
Gruffalo orienteering at Dalby Forest. Awesome activity for the Kids – Pic Source Forestry England Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest

So there we have it, Dalby Forest a definite place to add onto the list for Family Days out. It is definitely worth while. Very reasonably priced also for a Years Membership at just £54.00, for more details on the membership click HERE. For just the day it can seem a bit steep cost wise – For Cars mar-oct it is £9.00 for the day, Nov-Feb only £4.00. You do have the option of a weekly ticket (7 day pass) for £25.00.

To be honest though for the opportunities you could have for days out here at Dalby Forest £54.00 for an annual pass compared to the weekly and daily costs is an utter Bargain.

Visiting North Yorkshire and looking for a fun day with the kids? Check out my post from our Visit to Scarborough Castle.

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21 Thoughts to “Dalby Forest is a fun packed family day out.”

  1. whatthedadsaid

    This looks like a nice peaceful day out, though my youngest would love to see the owls lol.

    1. The owls were incredible. It’s lovely, it is so peaceful.

  2. Great post. We last went to Dalby Forest 18 years ago. We’re relatively local and it always crops up as a possible destination for a day out, but we’re still waiting! We’re sure to visit in the next few weeks now though. Thanks for sharing.

    1. There will have been a lot of changes since your last visit. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place with something for everyone.

  3. This looks like the perfect day out! Those owls are totally gorgeous – lovely post, thank you.

    1. It is a great day out, there is still plenty more for us to see too. The owls were amazing and more beautiful in person. Thank you for your comment.

  4. This looks like a great day out for the family! 13 walking trails aswell? And you’re so lucky to have caught the Whitby Falconers 🙂

  5. Great place Dalby Forest, though both my visits have been pretty short! First time I went for a short walk then had a go at the paint balling range which is just opposite Go-Ape.

    Second time was doing the ‘No Ego Challenge’ Headtorch race – a five mile run over the hilly trails in pitch black so couldn’t quite get to appreciate the beauty of the forest, though that first picture you shared with Bear looks a very familiar uphill run!

    1. Thank you James, I forgot there was paintballing too. Ah a run at night sounds interesting. It’s a lovely place.

      1. It is a great place. The run was challenging to keep speed and your footing on uneven ground. I was running with my head torch facing the floor so I could take care not to trip 🙂

        1. I don’t blame you, running in the dark I bet is very disorientating.

  6. Thanks for sharing your day, this looks a lovely place to visit, with lots of activities for kids and grown ups to do 🙂

    Nic | Nic’s Adventures & Bakes

    1. It’s great. There are other activities which they hold throughout different times of the year which can be found on their website. Stargazing is one I’ve wanted to do for a long time with the Mrs.

  7. Looks like a lovely Family day out Eddie. Something for everyone.

    My kids love going to woods and paddling in streams so this would be perfect for us x

    1. It’s a great place. You and the family would love it.

  8. Abundance of Flavor

    That sounds like such a fun family outing! I can’t believe the falconer, that’s incredible! One of the best perks of lockdown to me has been exploring forests and trails in our communities

    1. They’re great walks aren’t they.

  9. loveemblogger

    What a lovely place! This looks like an amazing and fun day out, especially for the kids. I’ve been visiting Thetford forest a lot recently and it’s such a peaceful place. I haven’t heard of Dalby before so I think I will plan a trip soon!

    Love, Em Blog x

    1. Sounds great. Out in the woodland so close to nature it’s so peaceful, great for self care isnt it. Dalby is great, it’s on the north Yorkshire moors

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