Disclaimer – Yorkie not just for Dads.

I have added this Disclaimer area to my blog for the peace of mind for my readers, followers and information for interested brands/companies.

My Blog is regarding being a Dad, Parenting and lifestyle of a SAHD (stay at home dad).

All content written on my Blog is by me, otherwise mentioned if it is a Guest Post. All views, opinions, thoughts that may be expressed here are all of my own. Images shown are my own unless stated or mentioned otherwise.

If I share with you any items, products or content which is of a nature that I have not purchased, and is either for a review or gifted/Ad purpose, I will make you aware by stating it as an Ad or Gifted to make you aware.

Any gifted items, affiliate links or reviews of products or services I may share with you will be considered to make sure they are relevant for myself and my family, but to also be of interest to my readers.

Disclaimer – Affiliate Links Disclaimer.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases, this does not have any reflection on my reviews or opinions.

Other Affiliate links that I share I will make you aware that I may earn from doing so which in no way does this come at any cost to you. Affiliate Links will be clearly marked with *.

I am open and available to collaborate with others, for any Advertising or PR, opportunities to work with your brand/service for review purposes, guest posts, sponsored posts. Please find my Contact page to discuss further.




Thank you for taking the time to read through my Disclaimer.

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Yorkie not just for Dads Disclaimer.

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