DIY Project Planing – Outside Tap.

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Fitting an Outside Tap – DIY Plan for Spring 2020.

Here’s my first DIY project related post here at Yorkie not just for Dads. I love getting my tools out and getting hands on with tasks. One job I’m wanting to do in spring when the weather improves is to fit and Outside Tap.

All the homes we have had, we have never had one. The faff of the sink tap attachments are putting it bluntly a pain in the arse.

Having an Outside tap opens up all sorts of tasks you can do at home. You’ll be able to wash your car outside your house, water the plants in your garden, even filling up the kids paddling pools in the warmer months.

My DIY Capability.

I wouldn’t say I was a DIY expert as such, If there is anything we’d like such as fitting an Outside Tap or any around the house DIY jobs, I like to have a crack at it myself. Sort of a hobby as it’s something I enjoy.

I know they are Stressful but I really enjoy building Flat pack furniture… Even more so if the instructions actually give a bit of Detail. Come on Ikea your instructions sometimes are ridiculously basic, vague and badly written.

My issue with carrying out DIY tasks such as this is having the confidence in myself to do it. I know if i do research, obviously with it being a new challenge. If i take my time and have the correct tools ready and available I am more than capable of carrying out such a task.

DIY Project Planning – Fitting an Outside Tap.

I’ve wanted an outside tap for what seems like ages. I’ve messaged local Handymen on local Tradesman groups and pages on Facebook for the area where we live. Quotes of £60 or £70 plus for this kind of thing. But if you were to undertake it yourself as a DIY job, you can pick up outside tap kits for between £10 and £30.

A picture of a fitted outside tap.
Here’s an example of a fitted Outside Cold water Tap – Source – Emergency Plumbing Manchester

Obviously these with anything, the cost will reflect the quality of the pieces and the product. Depends what your budget is and what your looking for. Ive compiled a small list below from most of the usual go to places for the Home DIY Enthusiast.

You may find other Hardware Stores and small businesses will do similar products for maybe less or more. Basically all that you will require to do the job other than the tools.

Tools Required for Fitting an Outside Tap.

Now, what tools are required? I’ve read up on this for a while now, read through a few how to’s found via google or Pinterest and even the odd How To Instructional video on YouTube.

Obviously if like me, you may not have all the Tools for this task. Now theres only a couple that I would need to purchase. This means Dad can go tool shopping, Happy Days!

Tools you will need. (these are tools listed in a few of the online how to’s I have read).

  • Adjustable Spanners x2
  • Hacksaw or Pipecutter
  • Hammer Drill
  • Round/Half Round file
  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Exterior Filler

In a few of the How To’s that I shall share with you a bit further down. There’s alot of mention of Elbow, Plumbing Joints, Valves and Stop taps. Sound a little daunting to a plumbing newbie! Not to worry these are included in the readily available kits from your local plumbers merchant or hardware retailer. Best to Double check the kit with the how to, just to be on the safe side that you have everything needed.

How To Guides and Video’s for Fitting an Outside Tap.

Not sure about others, but the idea and the thought of tackling something new. Especially a DIY project such as this, I become very anxious, nervous, very doubtful and lacking in confidence. Hence I did a spot of research on a task such as reading How To Guides and watching How To Videos on Youtube.

I’ve never attempted anything Plumbing related before other than the fitting of the pipes needed for a washing machine. Below I will list a few links for you that I’ve read through a few times and found usefull and helpful.

I hope these have been useful for you.

Fitting an Outisde Tap.

The daunting thoughts of undertaking a DIY plumbing task doesn’t seem as bad as I first expected. From research for an at home DIY’er its a couple of hour job (2 hours ish). So for the time being I shall leave it here. Bit more reading up and watching video’s, prepare myself for the better weather in the spring.

I am not even going to attempt this at the moment while the weather is still unpredictable. But when the weather improves over the coming months, I will be investing in the tools and the kit and putting it all into practice and fitting myself an Outside Tap.

When this time does come and I undertake this DIY project – fitting an outside tap. I shall make an attempt to document it with images and possibly a video to share with you all to find here on Yorkie not just for Dads.

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  1. Push fittings, I might just try it. Copper piping? beyond my capabilities! That said, every home needs an outdoor tap!

    1. Same as you there John with the copper piping but willing to give it a go. 100% adds so much convenience with one, can get your Alan Titchmarsh gardening going on or become a professional valeter so to speak. Plus it would make it a damn sight easier when it comes to washing and disinfecting the floor in the girls Guinea Pig house when it’s mucking out day.

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