The epic Mighty Meatzza – Foodie Friday week 7

The epic mighty meatzza

Epic Mighty Meatzza.

So here we are again, week 7 of my Foodie Friday and today we have a great option for you. This is ideal if you are following diets such as slimming world, weight watchers, paleo or even the keto diet. Today I’m sharing with you the Mighty Meatzza.

Hang on I know what your thinking… What the bloody hell is a Meatza. Well a Meatza is a low fat and low syn alternative to a pizza. Using a flattened piece of meat as a base. I have found chicken breast or turkey breast the best meat option in my preference for a meatza.

You could go down the route of Nigella’s Meatzza where she uses minced beef to make a patty as a base for her meatzza. Whichever your preference is though is entirely up to you.

Meatzza Toppings

A meatza is an unconventional way of having a pizza but as I mentioned it is great if you are following a slimming world diet or a paleo diet. Syn Free (if using your healthy extras for your cheese), low carb, low fat. What more could we want.

If it’s for the healthier eating benefit why you are making yourself a meatzza then you may want to consider what toppings you will be adding on top. It isn’t going to be very slimming world diet friendly if you top it with a mound of crispy fried fatty streaky bacon is it. So for diets keep the toppings clean and relevant to the diet you are following. Healthy eating and healthy food is always something I like to try and create, but sometimes the junk food is sooo good. I thought this would be a great share with you all for week 7 of my Foodie Friday

Below is a small run down of various toppings we can go for.

Vegetable Topped Meatzza

You could opt for a Vegetable Meatzza if your not overly keen on too much meat. Top your Meatzza with some of your favourite veggies. Here is just a few to list them .

  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Courgette
  • Spinach
  • Fresh basil leaves

You could mix and match a few to create a delicious vegetable Meatzza.

Pizza toppings for your Meatza

Simple really, what’s your favourite flavour Pizza?

Pepperoni, sure slap this on top of your meatzza and enjoy a bit of guilt free eating with all the tastegasms of your favourite pizza.

Meat Feast? you will definitely be in meat heaven with these toppings on a Meatza.

Bolognese… Sure why not, you could replace your tomato sauce for some left over bolognese from tuesday nights dinner and top your Meatza with it.

Hunters Chicken… Why not top your chicken meatzza with more chicken, because BBQ chicken is epic that’s why.

Mince Patty based Meatzza

I will be completely honest with you, I have never tried this method, but a quick google throws up lots of various incredible Meatza recipes at your disposal. Here are a few of them below, definitely going to give them a go and compare them to my usual chicken Meatzza.

Nigella Lawson (everyones foodie crush) –

The Slimming Foodie –

My own Chicken Meatzza

My preferred base is a bashed out chicken breast. Stress reliever too flattening out the chicken with a meat mallet or a rolling pin.

Flattening the chicken also has its benefits, it gives it a larger surface area (ideal for your chicken meatzza), creates a more equal thickness so it cooks evenly.

Here is a simple how to video for preparing your chicken breasts which is ideal for our Chicken Meatzza.

A simple how to video for preparing chicken breast ideal for our Chicken based Meatzza – A nice tip to add in for Foodie Friday.

So now we have our flattened chicken breast prepared, we can go ahead and add on our sauce and toppings to create our chicken meatzza.

For the Tomato sauce I like to make my own, super simple and cheap to make. How much you make is entirely up to you and depends on how many meatza’s you are preparing.

A few simple ingredients to make a tomato sauce for our Meatzza
A few simple ingredients to make a tomato sauce for our Meatza
  • Passata (you can use a herb/garlic passata too for extra taste but plain is fine too)
  • Tomato Puree
  • Finely diced onion (I find this adds a little flavour and texture to the sauce)
  • Herbs – this is your preference, Dried oregano and Dried Basil would be a welcome addition.

So now you have your sauce

So we then add our sauce onto the top of our prepared chicken fillet. I like to part cook my chicken in the oven first, saves your toppings and cheese from being burnt and over cooked. I did mine in the oven, but you could saute/pan fry or grill your chicken first. This is also a perfect opportunity to cook something different such as a meatza in your air fryer also.

So you are almost there with your Chicken Meatzza, just to add your choice of toppings and cheese. Oh the cheese, what is best. Well it is up to you and whatever you have available. The meatza’s I made in the images here was just a whip together to use up a few fridge bit’s we had before a big shop. I used Red Leicester cheese, but you could use Mozzarella, Cheddar or parmesan. Whatever takes your Fancy and what will go best with your choice of toppings for your chicken meatzza.

Here's my chicken Meatzza, a great way to use up some last bits before a big shop.
Here’s my Chicken Meatzza, a great way to use up some last bits before a big shop.

This Chicken Meatzza is an ideal meal for a light lunch with a salad or even as a meal for dinner, we recently had this with some slimming world chips.

Here is my cheese & onion Chicken Meatzza and slimming world chips.
Here is my cheese & onion Chicken Meatzza and slimming world chips

Foodie Friday Roundup

So this rounds up week 7 of my Foodie Friday, I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy your own creation of a Chicken Meatzza.

Want to catch up on previous foodie Friday posts of mine, follow the links below. Hope to see all you foodies next week for week 8 of Foodie Friday.

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Feedback is always great, positive or negative welcome. Constructive criticism is always good to receive. How are you all finding my Foodie Friday series?

I have thought about a hashtag for my Foodie Friday creations so you can all use the hashtag so I can see what you have whipped up on social media such as Instagram, or Twitter. Let us all have a bit of a brainstorm in the comments and see what you can all come up with for a hashtag.

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