Scarborough Castle – Family Day Out

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Scarborough Castle – a fun Educational & History packed Family Day Out

Scarborough Castle, right on our doorstep in our home town. Here I share with you our family day out and taking advantage of recently Signing up and becoming a member of the English Heritage.

Want some details of the English Heritage Membership?

I had never even thought of looking to see if they even offered a membership. While looking for things to do with the family such as a Day Out. We most of the time always check the costs.

Come on who doesn’t, it has to be within the budget right? Especially the case for us with a large family. A trip like this one without the membership would easily see us around £40 just for entry and parking. Never mind the coffee’s and hot chocolates that would be required.

Good job for our good friend Google for showing us the membership. Find more details in the link below and we can crack on with Scarborough Castle.

English Heritage Membership.

Our arrival at Scarborough Castle.

Set at the top of the hill at the end of Castle Road in Scarborough is the Historic site of Scarborough Castle. For more Details Click Here.

The girls were super excited, they have been wanting to visit since we recieved our membership pack. Especially with it being local to us in Scarborough. They were so keen they beat me and the Mrs to the Entrance. Even though we were pushing a pram, that’s our excuse for daudling up the hill and we’re sticking to it.

Through the Archway into Scarborough Castle. Pig Titch and Mouse await excitedly at the Gates.
3 of the Princess Tribe awaiting entry into Scarborough Castle – Pig, Titch and Mouse.

Upon entry the lovely ladies behind the desk at reception, were very friendly and helpful. Supplied the Girls with an activity panflet with tasks to do around our visit.

But sadly informed us due to the Strong winds that we had been experiencing on the day. Damn you storm Dennis, Ciara whichever one the media deemed to name you.

The higher visitor points such as the Great Tower and the Viewing Platform on the Castle Wall had to be closed for safety. Never mind still plenty to explore and for me have a faff around with some photography on my phone. Sad I know.

Here is the Panflet the girls were given each upon entry to Scarborough Castle.
The activity panflet and map.

And We’re In!

After passing through the reception and entry gates, you are welcomed with yet another uphill path, sounds negative but it isn’t. Walking up this path is a piece of history, a traditional roman esk brick road. A path that runs along the side of the Wall which once looking over. The View you are greeted with of the North Bay is breathtaking. It is stunning, the girls even enjoyed watching the ants and bugs passing by below. That is how they described the people and cars below as we were so high up they looked tiny.

Views of Scarborough North Bay from Scarborough Castle.
Such a breathtaking view of Scarborough’s Northbay from the entrance pathway at Scarborough Castle.

The girls enjoyed the walk up towards the Main castle and the Exhibition and the Cafe. They took the high route up the pathway, with the views over the wall.

The princess tribe on the higher path with views of Scarboroughs north bay at Scarborough Castle.
You take the high road and I’ll take the Low road.

Scarborough Castle.

At the top of the path you are meant by a stunning view of Cannon’s. From a big kid such as myself. You are met with excitement and thrown back in time to the ages of a 12th Century Battle. Is it really childish of me to say I was tempted to hop on one for a laugh and a ride? No the adult overcame and I resisted the temptation.

Cannons to the left, Cannons to the right.
Hey there Check out my Weapon!! Cannon at Scarborough Castle.

The view you have of Scarborough Castle itself is fascinating. The information boards placed around each historic point within the grounds are simple, great for the kids. Even better for this common yorkshire dad that wouldn’t have a clue of some of the wording used occasionally.

The view of the walkways of Scarborough Castle, could you picture this back in the day?
The Historic Scarborough Castle.

As i said above sadly we were unable to have a wander through Scarborough Castle itself due to the strong winds from the storms. But being local, I’m sure we will be visiting a lot throughout the year and taking advantage of a stunning activity right on our doorstep.

Scarborough Castle - The colours, the view, the damage, the Character and the stories it could tell.
Scarborough Castle – The colours, the view, the damage, the Character and the stories it could tell.

The Exhibition at Scarborough Castle.

The girls requested a slight bit of solace out of the winds and to search for “The Bronze Age Sword” which was on the spotting list on their leaflets.

The Master Gunners House. Home to the Cafe and the Exhibition.
Nope I’m not an exhibitionist… But this is the exhibition or The Master Gunners House.

Within the Master Gunners house, two rooms above the Cafe hold the historic items related with Scarborough Castle, with a Small Clothing rail also in one room which offers Dressing up outfits relating to the Timeline of the items and place.

Some colouring activities laid out on a table to keep the little ones occupied. Thankfully all the historic items were behind Plexiglass to keep the little fingers away.

We found the Bronze Age Sword to tick off the spotting list of the Leaflet.
The Almighty Bronze Age Sword.

A wander throughout the Grounds of Scarborough Castle.

With being limited to where we could venture to. We took a walk along the field towards the end of the cliff where the Roman Signalling Station and Medieval Chapel is Located.

Sat at the top of the cliffs, the Site of the Medieval Chapel and Roman Signalling Station at Scarborough Castle.
What was the Sight of the Medieval Chapel and Roman Signaling Station.

The girls loved the wander accross the field, Sploshing in the mud. Thank god for Wellie Boots! They enjoyed an adventure around the Roman Signalling Station site and the Medieval Chapel.

Tootling off to look in the underground Chapel. Disappearing into the Trenches that run around the edges. The most epic view you will see awaits just at the fenced edge around here and where you will possibly see the Seals required on the Spotting List of the Leaflet.

Such an amazing view from the Cliff edge at the Medieval Chapel and Roman signalling station.
HALLOOO Darn There…. Pig was so pleased as she got a wave from the Fisherman from the clifftop at Scarborough Castle.

Scarborough Castle really is such a great way to get out and about in the fresh air with the kiddly winks.

Pig and Mouse Adventuring the Medieval Chape and Roman Signalling Station.
Quick lets go this way.

From here with the already strong blustery winds getting stronger, we gave in and decided we would head back. We were beginning to control Beast’s Pushchair like you would a Kite, and with the other area’s closed due to the wind. We shall return another day and hopefully explore more of what Scarborough Castle has to offer.

So how was Scarborough Castle as a Family Day Out.

I would recommend highly if you are ever in Scarborough and would like something to do with the Little ones or even something for you to do as a couple. A nice stroll and Adventure around the Castle and its Grounds.

There is also a play area situated just down the side of the Barbican and Gate. The kids enjoyed the exploration, Mouse is at the age where she is interested in learning more of the History behind sites such as this.

What an amazing Sight heading back towards Scarborough Castle from the Cliff top.
What a sight heading back to the exit.

The events held throughout the spring and summer will be a definite must visit for us, have a look and click here to find out more of what Events are on at Scarborough Castle.

Where to Next with our English Heritage Membership.

Well with so much to offer around where we live, a must for us next is Whitby Abbey. The history behind Count Dracula. The story my Dad would fill my head with as a kid set the imagination on fire and I’m sure the kid’s and us will thoroughly enjoy it. May even have to include a Fish and Chips with lashings of Scraps into the mix too.

So that’s our trip to Scarborough Castle. But this leads me to this Question to you all ??? Fish and Chips, a must have meal when at the sea side. But what would you call them. The fried scrags of batter added to make them even better. Do you call them Scraps? or Bits? let me know in the comments.

Take a look at this post of mine since we have been in lockdown of places I’d like to visit after lockdown. It includes a great pub which does an amazing carvery and all you can eat breakfast here in Scarborough.

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