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Playdale Farm Park attraction here in Scarborough

I got chatting recently with Playdale Farm Park on their Instagram page at first and then in contact via email. After speaking for a few days we were invited down to take a look at their attraction and to review recently post lock-down and what they had put in place to keep family’s and staff safe.

First off a bit about Playdale Farm

Situated in Cayton on the outskirts of Scarborough lies this wondrous Family attraction. Playdale Farm Park as it’s name suggests is a working farm that has made use of it’s space by creating an inviting and thoroughly enjoyable farm experience for members of the public, especially family’s. They Recently won a local award for Best Local Family Attraction. You can find out more about their Scarborough & Whitby Mumbler Award here.

Playdale Farm Park won a local award from the Scarborough & Whitby mumbler for best local family attraction.
Playdale Farm Park won a local award from the Scarborough & Whitby mumbler for best local family attraction – Pic source Playdale Farm

With so much on offer you and your family will have a thoroughly enjoyable experience here, with an array of animals to see and feed, an indoor play hay barn, a choice of 2 outdoor play areas, Plenty of outdoor benches for the all important family picnics.

An undercover picnic area with seating which makes it an ideal family day out come rain or shine. Playdale farm have a cafe on site, an indoor soft play (currently closed due to the pandemic but I will cover more on that later n the post), an outdoor Pedal Go-kart track, Zip Wire, Summer Sledge run (imagine yourself like the guys from cool runnings, its great fun) and a large open field for Frisbee Golf.

Told you so, there is so much on offer here at playdale and I can guaruntee, Mum’s, Dad’s you will have just as much fun as the kids will.

Safety First at Playdale Farm

First things First before we got into anything else. I know what is on your mind when considering taking a family day out with the kids at the moment. Safety… It’s certainly a worry and nerve-wracking to say the least at the moment and you want to know what there is in place at an attraction before visiting so you know your family and children especially are going to be safe.

Let me say Playdale Farm have cracked it. They have installed at the entrance, exits and throughout the Animal barn hand sanitising stations with very clear Signage to state the importance of cleanliness. With touching and feeding the animals in the Barn, the importance of hygiene is a large one anyways with a hand-wash sink before you exit for you and your children to wash your hands.

My girls Sanitising their hands before entering Playdale Farms new one way system into the animal barn.
My girls Sanitising their hands before entering Playdale Farms new one way system into the animal barn.

A strict one way system with clear markings along the walkways have been added to maintain the recommended social distancing rules and measures. I found it very clever how they are informing visitors of the social distancing by asking them to maintain a lama distance, brilliant.

Signage you will find around Playdale Farm ensuring you maintain a Llama distance.
Signage you will find around Playdale Farm ensuring you maintain a Llama distance.

As you venture around the attraction at every play area and activity there is a hand-wash station and clear sign posted information about what is required for keeping visitors and staff members safe. A lot of Playdale farm is outside and in the open so the requirement for wearing face masks isn’t strictly mandatory other than when in the cafe or the gift shop.

Inside the Indoor Play Hay Barn again you are greeted with a hand sanitising station and asked to maintain one hay bale between yourself and other family’s and visitors.

Notices and Hand Sanitising station outside the straw barn.
Notices and Hand Sanitising station outside the straw barn.

The only issue we had while on our visit to playdale farm, which I must stress is nothing of their fault in the slightest but just one of those typical groups of 2 or 3 family’s that you find that seem to just ignore the rules. The type that would just let their children run off unsupervised without even making them aware of the social distancing measures in place.

During my discussion of what safety measures were in place with a lovely young lady named Megan at Playdale Farm, she mentioned to me about something they have in place for Shielding family’s. They are running a shielding hour. The parks opening hours are 10am in the morning, they have put in place opening from 9am until 10am for 2 Shielding family’s.

This means that their safety is paramount and they have the whole attraction to themselves for a whole hour. It is then their choice wether to stay for longer or if to end their visit. This is no extra cost than the usual entry fee which I find extremely reasonable for what is on offer, Adult entry is £7.75, Children – £ 7.25, senior citizens (65+) – £6.25 (Great for Grandma and Grandpa to take the little treasures off your hands so you can enjoy some peace and quiet) and children under the age of 2 enter Free.

So that covers the safety gubbins and now we can get on to sharing with you the fun and exciting stuff. What the attraction has to offer.

What is on at Playdale Farm

Playdale Farm is just truly awesome fun. My daughters absolutely love it here, when we ask them what they would like to do either on a weekend or during the school holidays. One o the first places they request is Playdale Farm. First off we will start with….

The Farm Animals.

There is such a selection of animals to see here at Playdale farm, from your everyday crop of Farm animals (sorry for the pun) to Alpacas and Llamas. You can see the majority of the animals in the indoor barn area.

Pork Chop, Pig, Mouse and Titch with the Sheep before venturing to see more of the animals.
Pork Chop, Pig, Mouse and Titch with the Sheep before venturing to see more of the animals.

Inside the barn you will see the Sheep and lambs, time your visit right and you will see the tiny new lambs and be able to interact and join a feeding session. With having Rabbits and Guinea pigs to see you can also take opportunity of handling the small furry lovelies too.

Say Hello to my Furry friend... one of the cute guinea pigs here at Playdale Farm.
Say Hello to my Furry friend… one of the cute guinea pigs here at Playdale Farm.

With Llamas, Shetland Ponies, Pigs and piglets, Goats and their kids and also the farm birds from Chickens to Quails and Playdales very own Hatchery, you can see the process from an egg laid through to hatching and even partake in chick handling.

Even thought at present due to corona the animal handling is currently not ongoing sadly but if you follow Playdale Farm on their Social Media Profiles such as Facebook and Instagram, i’m sure they will update once these are restarted once again.

The one way system and Llama distancing that they have in place within the barn and throughout the park works very well. Plenty of animals to see, have a little fuss and stroke and even feed with Animal feed that is availabe to purchase upon entry to the Farm.

Outdoor Play Areas

Here at Playdale farm there are two outdoor play areas for your little ones to embark upon and adventure, one larger Play area that is named Metropolis must look so exciting for the kids. With various slides, climbing walls, viewing globes, binoculars it’s like every kids dream in a play area.

Metropolis - the large outdoor play area here at Playdale Farm.
Metropolis – the large outdoor play area here at Playdale Farm.

Situated dead centre of the attraction it is surrounded by picnic benches (these are now placed with social distancing distances taken into consideration) so you can sit relax, have a brew and a flapjack or ice cream from the outdoor kiosk just near metropolis. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it, also in eye sight so you can keep an eye on your kids.

The smaller play area which is found on your route to the pedal Go-kart track, Frisbee Golf and Zip-wire and Sledge run. You’ll find Playdale Farms historic and ever so popular red tractor. This is one of those features that is a must for a family photo or a selfie. The small Play area is more suited to the littler ones, with smaller slides and in general more of an easy access than metropolis.

The smaller play area which is more suited to the younger kids
The smaller play area which is more suited to the younger kids – Pic Source Playdale Farm Park

Indoor Play Barn

One thing that is always great fun when visiting a farm is playing in the hay stack am I right? I mean come on did any of you ever sneak onto your local farm just to go play with your friends in the hay stack? I know me and my mates did.

Anyways, inside the play hay barn there is a tree house in the corner and the Hay bales have been stacked so that there is plenty of climbing for your kids, things to leap from, gaps in-between the lower bales so you can walk or run between. It is just super fun, the kids will love it and spend a lot of time just running riot around inside here.

With safety guideline notices and hand sanitising stations for the important safety at the moment within the barn and on entry.

Facilities available

It is always good to know what facilities are available at such an attraction. There is always going to be a time when your child comes running utterly desperate for the toilet because they have been too engrossed in playing and having fun, or running around like a cheetah that they are about collapse from thirst and need an all important fruit shoot to boost them back into action.

With a cafe on site for food and hot and cold drinks with locally baked goodies, it has you covered. Currently running on a limited menu and take out only at the moment due to the corona virus, an outdoor kiosk which also sells hot and cold drinks, ice creams and snacks. Playdale farm has you covered on that front.

Ladies and Gents toilets and a baby changing facility. Nothing worse than trying to change a number 2 nappy in a pram or on a bench so this is brilliant for those with babies or young toddlers.

A gift shop so you can spend more money treating your children on your day out with a range of toys available, soft cuddly animals and even items suitable for adults too.

Pedal Go kart Track

Here at playdale farm they have their very own tarmac outdoor race track. No your not racing cars but go-karts… Pedal ones. So if Dad you are of a competitive nature with your kids, get those legs ready for some pedalling and prepare yourself for tears when you thrash them round the race track.

Playdale Farms Go-Kart track is so much fun for the whole family
Playdale Farms Go-Kart track is so much fun for the whole family – Pic Source Playdale Farm

Or with the picnic benches available just beside the track you can sit and relax and embrace the fun your children are having and enjoy the views across the coastline and Yorkshire wolds. They even have emu’s just near the picnic benches too which is another animal that you can experience here (oops almost forgot about those).

Back to safety again… yeah I know… Blah Blah Blah, but it has to be mentioned i’m afraid, Hand sanitising station available with clear signs indicating procedures to help keep your family, other visitors and members of staff safe.

Zip Wire and Summer Sledge Run

Awesome fun for the kids, I couldn’t help myself for a cheeky go on the zip line (sorry playdale, couldn’t resist my inner child). Your kids will have lot’s of fun on these, I know we did.

The Girls having fun on the Summer Sledge Run.

Frisbee Golf

At the bottom end of the park you will find the Frisbee Golf area, a field filled with Picture boards with holes in for attempting to get the frisbee’s through. Caution on windy days or you and the kids may end up with hands free Frisbee’s.

This activity is super fun for the whole family.

There we have my post lockdown review of Playdale Farm Park Attraction, an amazing family day out whether you are a local resident or visiting the area. Great to know that on your family day out that you and your family are being kept safe with the measures in place.

Some other great places to visit while in the Scarborough is Dalby Forest and Scarborough castle, both well worth a consideration for a visit.

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National Breastfeeding Week – Great tips for Mum’s https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/national-breastfeeding-week-lansinoh/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=national-breastfeeding-week-lansinoh https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/national-breastfeeding-week-lansinoh/#comments Tue, 04 Aug 2020 22:45:01 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1699 First things first this maybe strange, a post regarding the subject coming from a Dad blog right. Well you are right with that and no I have never breast fed before even though I have assisted in such task handing baby over to mummy. But I received this vital piece so I could share with you these tips from the knowledge of a midwife named Marley Hall on such an important subject along with something for the Mum’s out there for National Breast Feeding Week here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s

National Breastfeeding Week: Midwife shares top tips for breastfeeding confidently in public 

While breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby, many mothers feel nervous about feeding in public. In fact, a recent study by Lansinoh, who has been supporting breastfeeding mums for over 35 years, found that three quarters of mums feel more cautious about breastfeeding in public, as a direct result of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions. 

To help mums feel more confident about breastfeeding in public, particularly post-lockdown, Lansinoh has teamed up with midwife and antenatal educator, Marley Hall, who shares her top tips for new mums. 

The Lansinho Breastfeeding Pillow being put to great use.
The Lansinho Breastfeeding Pillow being put to great use.

Go out with a breastfeeding mum

Now that lockdown measures allow you to meet up with several people outside your household, why not go out with a friend who is also breastfeeding? As the saying goes, there’s ‘safety in numbers’, and having another breastfeeding mum with you can help to give you the confidence to feed your little one in public for the first time.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any breastfeeding friends living nearby, why not visit a baby-friendly café, where there’s more chance of being around other breastfeeding mums.

Know your rights

Many new mums who have given birth in the months since March will have never breastfed their child in public before. So it’s important to know your rights.

The UK law gives mums the right to breastfeed their babies in any public place, such as shops, hotels and restaurants. You are also covered by the law to feed in cinemas, theatres, petrol stations, and hospitals.

Plan your outfit beforehand

Make sure your clothing is as comfortable as possible, whilst also being easily accessible. Planning your outfit beforehand can make breastfeeding in public much more convenient, and also a lot more discrete for any mums feeling slightly nervous.

You don’t need to splash out on a new wardrobe either – you’ll most likely already have items in your wardrobe that will come in handy, such as tops and dresses with buttons or zips, wrap cardigans and stretchy tops, which you can easily pull down and back up again. A good breastfeeding bra with clips can also help to make breastfeeding easier.

A great idea to plan your outfit before leaving home to ensure Breastfeeding is easier for you.
A great idea to plan your outfit before leaving home to ensure Breastfeeding is easier for you.

Make sure to have a drink on hand

When you are out and about, ensure you have a drink and snacks handy. Breastfeeding can be thirsty work and there’s nothing worse than being thirsty or hungry when not in close proximity to a shop.

Focus on enjoying the moment

You might be surprised to hear that most people don’t notice when a mum is feeding her baby at all.

But, if you notice someone watching you feed, try not to worry or feel uncomfortable. It’s most likely they are simply intrigued by what you are doing. Just try to continue to focus on feeding your baby and enjoy the moment with your little one.

Prepare what you’d say if you were questioned

While it’s extremely unlikely that anyone will question you for breastfeeding your child in public, this can often be a cause of worry for mums who have yet to breastfeed in public, so it can be worth preparing how you’d respond if the situation were to arise. By having your response already prepared in your mind, you can then feel more confident knowing that you have a plan for dealing with the hypothetical scenario.

Practice makes perfect

A good latch is vital for achieving a smooth breastfeeding experience, and this comes down to practise. Finding a comfortable position for both you and your baby will help to ensure that they are getting enough breastmilk and prevent you from developing sore nipples.

Some mums prefer to raise their baby to breast height, whilst other mums prefer to hold their babies diagonally across their bodies. To make sure that you feel comfortable and familiar with getting into position in public, make sure to try out a few positions at home and practice until you find the position that works best for you.

Practice makes perfect getting comfortable with breastfeeding and the Lansinoh Breastfeeding pillow certainly helps with the comfort.
Practice makes perfect getting comfortable with breastfeeding and the Lansinoh Breastfeeding pillow certainly helps with the comfort.

For more breastfeeding advice, visit https://lansinoh.co.uk/advice-articles/

About Lansinoh

Lansinoh was founded by Rasheda Hagen in 1984 to offer breastfeeding women a safe and effective alternative to the highly cosmetic products that were available for nipple soreness – a major reason for failing to establish successful breastfeeding relationships.

When mums choose to breastfeed, Lansinoh believes they should have the support and encouragement they need to experience all its benefits, and ensure baby feels the same. We’ll always take our mothers seriously and their needs personally, creating high-quality products mums want and can trust as they nurture their babies and develop a special bond only formed in motherhood.

Giving nothing but breast milk is recommended for about the first six months (26 weeks) of a baby’s life. After that, giving a baby breast milk alongside family foods for as long as mother and baby want, will help them grow and develop healthily.

Visit https://lansinoh.co.uk/ for the full range of products and more information or follow on social: @lansinohfamily.

This post has been a sponsored post from Lansinoh. All details and advice within this post are from Lansinoh and from midwife and antenatal expert Marley Hall. This is a free post meaning I have not earnt from this post but I wanted to make you aware that the information provided was not of my own – Thank you for Reading, Eddie @ Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s.

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5 Funny Dad Memes that are absolutely relatable to Parents https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/5-hilarious-relatable-dad-memes/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=5-hilarious-relatable-dad-memes https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/5-hilarious-relatable-dad-memes/#comments Mon, 03 Aug 2020 07:35:37 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1676 I don’t know about you but I love memes, especially dad memes. They are incredibly funny and cover comedic value of so many subjects and life. Parenting memes are some I find most hilarious and have me creased in laughter, not just because of the fact they are clever and funny but because of how relatable they actually are to real life parenting. It’s just like those funny parenting sayings our mums or dads used to say.

This post I am going to be sharing with you 5 Dad memes that I find the most relatable to day to day parenting.

The Dad Stare Meme

Hilarious and relatable Dad Meme. The Dad move of staring at our kids until they act right and behave themselves.
Hilarious and relatable Dad Meme.

I think all fathers at some point or another have been in this scenario. Middle of a shop, while visiting family or friends or even sat at a table in a pub or restaurant. When your kids are acting up and been general cheeky trouble makers that they are.

To save the embarrassment and people looking by using the Dad Voice! You just give them the Look… A similar sort of look the mrs gives us when we know we are in trouble. That same look, just staring, attempting to bury your sight through the head of your child until they start behaving themselves and calm down.

A Meme for the Dads of Girls

Dad meme for the dads of girls who know that when your daughter wants a daddy daughter tea party... You're having a Daddy Daughter tea party.
Dad meme for the dads of girls who know that when your daughter wants a daddy daughter tea party… You’re having a Daddy Daughter tea party.

This is one of those memes that will be so relatable for the Dads of Daughters reading this, not so much for the dads of boys who are busy having a game of footy in the garden. I know I have had this a few times more so with Daddy Daughter Nail Salons.

If your Daughter asks and tells you she wants to have a fairy or a princess Tea Party you will have one. No matter how much you rebel, our daughters have a special way of twisting our arms into a situation such as this with the least amount of fight or drama.

The screen time Memes

Dad Memes showing when your kids realise their tablet isn't charged and all hell breaks loose and it's the end of the world.
Dad Memes – When your kids realise their tablet isn’t charged!!

My god for Dad memes or even a parenting one in general this one is so true. Your kids been pestering all morning no matter how hard you try and tell them to wait trying to enforce some screen time seen as they were glued to roblox for 5 hours solid yesterday. You finally cave just to get an hours peace and quiet so you can sit down and enjoy a coffee. BOOM!!! whats that?? END OF THE WORLD is what it is, your child transforms into a terrifying beast all because the battery is dead and they are unable to play the game they’re addicted to!!

Anything like me it’s always tough you should have put it on charge when you finished with it yesterday or just so you can get that small amount of peace. Plug in the charger and let them play it while it charges.

How it feels putting baby or toddler to Bed.

Dad Memes - Settling your baby or toddler to sleep
Dad Memes – Settling your baby or toddler to sleep

Oh god this is so true isn’t it. That moment your baby or toddler falls asleep on you while watching season 3 of peppa pig for the millionth time. You head up the stairs feeling like Tom Cruise out of Mission Impossible, so quiet and stealth like movements as not to wake them. Popping them into bed feeling like an explosives expert gently putting them down to sleep as to not wake them and have the explosion of never ending Duracell bunny like energy. Almost there…. You’ve got this…. The brew or Beer is in sight!!

Dad memes showing what a mum sees when we toss our kids into the air and then catch them.
I think all of us dads have done this before haven’t we.

We have all been here done this and are now fully fledged experts right? Like a veteran rocket launch expert from NASA or something. Something the kid’s absolutely love. I know beast does and Pig used to when she was smaller. But the Mrs absolutely hats it and watches with her eyes close. This Dad memes indication is spot on, showing how we see it, how our kid sees it and how the Mrs sees it.

Now be honest fellas… Who does this with their kid on purpose to wind the Mrs up?

Want to check out more hilariously funny Dad memes or Parenting memes then check out these 100 Parenting Memes over on Buzzfeed.

Want to follow more of my parenting and family life, head over to my Instagram and give me a follow.

Are there any Memes you have ever been sent on whatsapp or have seen shared on social media that has got you like… Oh My GOD that is so true? The sort where you can’t resist but share it yourself.

https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/5-hilarious-relatable-dad-memes/feed/ 18 1676
What Beef Joint for the Perfect Roast Dinner – Foodie Friday Week 8 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/perfect-beef-joint-for-roast-dinner/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=perfect-beef-joint-for-roast-dinner https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/perfect-beef-joint-for-roast-dinner/#comments Fri, 31 Jul 2020 07:14:44 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1662 Eyup I can’t quite believe we have made it to week 8 of Foodie Friday. I hope all you readers out there are enjoying them. This week I thought I would delve a little and use some of my background and previous forte of Butchery. I’m going to be going through a few various cuts of Beef Joints so you can select one for the Perfect Sunday Roast dinner (or any day really, roast dinners aren’t just for Sunday’s).

Slight WARNING here, if your are offended in any way of images of raw meat, this post contains them so apologies in advance, this is just a word of warning.

As a Retail Butcher I must have prepared hundreds, maybe even thousands of Beef Joints during my 14 year career. There is surprisingly more cuts for a Roast than you may think. Which ones you select will be down to your choice and preference. Some like a nice bit of Fat with their Beef and some may prefer a Leaner joint of beef. Even your lifestyle can have an effect on which Beef Joint you select, Whether you are wanting something quick for roasting or have busy days and want something that will be super delicious but left to cook all day. This post will help you to select which is best and ideal for you.

The umpteen amount of questions I used to be asked over the counter was immense at times. Some people wanting to cook a joint of beef but have never actually attempted cooking one before.

Let’s cut to the beef, what will this post help me with?

So this post I will share with you various cuts of beef, all for roasting to give you the perfect Sunday Roast. From Method of Cooking to Cooking Times and which area of the beast it originates from.

Beef Joints originating from the forequarter usually tend to be best for slow cooking as they are a most frequently used muscle which means they need a lower temperature and slower cooking time to allow those muscle fibres to be broken down leaving you with succulent, juicy and tender Beef for your Roast dinner.

Beef Joints however from the Hindquarter are most common from your local Butcher, Farm Shop or Local Supermarket. They are more popular for their ease of cooking. The sort to just season and slap in a roasting tin for however minutes per pound resulting in a lovely piece of Roast Beef.

Have any of you actually questioned and spoken with your local butcher about the variety of Joints available? Their knowledge of the craft is key, they will be able to answer any question or query you may have. Even as simple as cooking times per pound so you can cook your beef joint to how you like it (rare, medium rare, medium or well done… Yep this doesn’t just class for a steak).

So a quick cover of what is to follow. We will be looking at the various Beef joints available, which will be the best beef joint for roasting and which beef joint for slow cooking, Beef joint cooking times, also cost too as some are cheaper cuts than others.

Topside Beef Joint.

Topside is a very common beef joint for roasting.
Topside – Probably the most common Beef Joint for Roasting – Pic source Fresh-range.com

The cut called Topside is a piece of muscle found in the hind leg, a hindquarter cut which is more commonly used for conventional roasting. This cut of beef is the most common joint you will see on the shelves of your local supermarket or being carved up and served at your local Carvery.

Cost wise Topside is a mid range joint, price per kilogram will vary depending on which area of the country you are and the quality of the Beef you are purchasing.

Topside Beef is usually best cooked using the normal roasting method in your oven. It is entirely your personal choice if you would like to Sear or Seal the joint first. If you did then just pop it in a hot pan with oil and turn to seal for 3 -4 minutes.

Roasting wise depending on your preference to how you like your Beef cooked here are how you would calculate the cooking time for your beef joint.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.

Gas mark 5/6 and always, always when the cooking time is finished, cover with tin foil and leave to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Brisket Beef Joint

An ideal Beef Joint for slow cooking is Brisket. Also a cheaper alternative for your sunday roast.
Brisket is an ideal Beef Joint for Slow Cooking – Pic source Shutterstock

Brisket is often not chosen as a roast joint because of its nature of being tough. You have probably heard of this from the American style cooking shows and recipes, used for bbq brisket, Cooked low and slow over Charcoal…. Epic. But this isn’t for BBQ this is for a Sunday Roast dinner.

Brisket is probably the cheapest option you can grab from your local butcher or supermarket beef joint wise. It can be fatty, all depends how well the butcher has trimmed and prepared it.

Beef Brisket is found in the Forequarter of the animal and tends to be a tougher cut of meat. Most commonly de-boned and rolled with the majority of fat and gristle removed and trimmed out during preperation.

This cut of Beef is an ideal beef joint for slow cooking. The sort of joint you can pop in a casserole dish or your slow cooker with some veg, onions and beef stock and leave on a low heat or low setting and leave it all day or overnight. Super juicy and tender and the flavour is incredible.

Rolled Sirloin Beef Joint

Sirloin is an exquisite beef joint for your Sunday roast.
Sirloin is an exquisite Beef Joint for your Sunday roast or a Special occasion – Pic source Shutterstock

Now onto the more expensive of the cuts, the rolled sirloin. A lot of you will more than likely have a tendancy to have this cut as a steak at home or in a pub or restaurant. But the versatility of this cut means it makes for an Epic roast. The sort that may be used as a centre piece for a special family or christmas dinner.

The sirloin is found as part of the Hindquarter (generally the loin area in the middle). Most butchers who prepare the sirloin for a roasting joint will roll it to help keep the joint together while cooking but also for the asthetics of it looking beautiful. You can request a joint from your butcher on the bone also if this is more your preference.

The sirloin beef joint will be similar to the topside in terms of cooking and roasting times.

Gas mark 5/6 and cover with tin foil after cooking and leave to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.

Crop of Beef/Fore Rib Beef Joint

Crop/Fore Rib of Beef is a definite eye catcher for a table centre piece, a beautiful Beef Joint for your roast dinner or special occasion
Crop/Fore Rib of Beef is a definite eye catcher for a table centre piece, a beautiful Beef Joint for your roast dinner or special occasion – Pic source Shutterstock

Another beautiful centre piece beef joint is the Crop or Fore rib. You will recognise one area of this cut is the centre eye piece. The distinct lean beef with a lump of fat… Yep this is the home of your rib-eye steak. Just with the other muscles that are usually trimmed away during the preparation of the Rib-eye.

Crop or Fore Rib is similar to sirloin and is more on the dearer side cost wise but is definitely worth the extra money. With the cut being on the bone the extra flavour is incredible, as well as the extra fat that runs through the middle and melts during cooking leaving a super tasty, juicy and tender melt in the mouth roast beef.

Similar to the sirloin and topside for cooking, Roast in the oven Gas mark 5/6 and after cooking time has finished cover with tin foil and leave to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.

Silverside Beef Joint

Silverside is also a common Beef Joint ideal for your Sunday Roast Dinner.
Silverside is also a common Beef Joint ideal for your Sunday Roast Dinner – Pic Source Shutterstock

Silverside is similar to Topside and is located around the same place in the animals Hind leg. A different muscle to the topside but still great for roasting. As with Topside you will most commonly find Joints of Silverside on display in your local supermarket or Butchers display, also found served at your local carvery.

The way the Silverside is shaped I have found and once cooked makes for easy carving which is also a bonus right. A lean joint of beef with a thin covering of fat across the back of the meat.

Cooking wise same again as Topside, roast in the oven on gas mark 5/6 and once cooking time has finished cover with tinfoil and leave to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.

Salmon Cut Beef Joint

Salmon cut is a strangey named Beef Joint but is a very good choice for your Sunday Roast.
Salmon cut is a strangley named Beef Joint but is a very good choice for your Sunday Roast – Pic Source Shutterstock

Now this may sound a strange and odd name for a cut of beef but believe me there is a reason why. Even though during my 14 year career as a butcher it is known as a different name depending on the area of the country.

The salmon cut is a round long shaped muscle that is actually connected to the Silverside. During preparation a technique used by butchers is used called seaming. Seam butchering is used to cut along the seam between two muscles preserving the meat rather than cutting it.

Now I was taught at college and by the various experienced butchers I have worked with that this cut is called salmon cut as the gran of the meat resembles the scales of a salmon and also in the light has a coloured shimmer like a salmon would. Clever right.

I love salmon cut and it is usually my go to joint of beef from my local butcher. It is shaped best out of all the cuts available and is super easy to carve. It is so easy to cook and is always very flavourful and tender. Lean also, sometimes you may find this cut sliced thinly and packaged as minute steak or sandwich steaks.

Same as Silverside and Topside, roast in the oven gas mark 5/6, once cooking time is finished and removed from the oven. Cover with tin foil and leave to rest for a minimum of 20 minutes.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.

Foodie Friday week 8 round up

So to round up Week 8 of Foodie Friday… Wow week 8. I can’t believe I have been able to maintain 8 weeks of Food posts for you all, well long may they continue because I love my food and enjoy my cooking. For more information on cooking roast beef for cooking times etc… BBC Good Food have a great how-to guide for Roasting Beef which you can find here. BBC Good Food also have a super handy Roast timer which also includes a calculator to work out your required cooking times per 450g/1lb you can find that Here.

So there we have it What Beef Joint for the Perfect Sunday Roast. So what cut do you usually tend to go for?

What are you cooking up for a roast this Sunday if you are?

Here is a look back on a few previous weeks of Foodie Friday for you just incase you may have missed them.

Foodie Friday Week 7 – The Epic Mighty Meatzza

Foodie Friday Week 5 – Fakeaway Doner Kebab

Foodie Friday Week 2 – The Daddy Cheeseburger

I wonder what week 9 of Foodie Friday will bring. Also I will leave this here, if you are a Food Blogger or even a #foodblogger I accept Guest posts here on Yorkie…Not Just For Dad’s for my Foodie Friday Series. If you have a post you may like to write or recipe that you would like to share with my readers, or if you are a business or brand looking to collaborate with food related content please Drop me a line via my contact page.

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Dalby Forest – A fun packed family day out https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/dalby-forest-fantastic-family-day-out/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=dalby-forest-fantastic-family-day-out https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/dalby-forest-fantastic-family-day-out/#comments Wed, 29 Jul 2020 08:45:55 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1607 One major reason why we love Dalby Forest for a family day out is that it is packed full of various activities for all the family… including the dog. Sometimes it is a must for the whole family to just venture into the great outdoors, creating adventures and memories. Being out in the great outdoors and fresh air, doing something new and activities is great for our mental health and well being. It is also great for the kids too, open space for them to run around, no inhibitions, let off steam have fun and enjoy themselves. This is why Dalby Forest is always a good choice for us.

Dalby Forest is a woodland area that covers thousands of acres across the North Yorkshire Moors. Run and managed by the UK Forestry Commision. There is plenty to keep all members of the family occupied and countless trails for family adventures with the children. If your are in the Yorkshire area or visiting North Yorkshire on your jollies or for a weekend trip. Dalby Forest is a must visit for you and your Family.

One of Dalby Forest's beauties is it's amazing scenery.
One of Dalby Forest’s beauties is it’s amazing scenery.

Why is Dalby Forest a must visit?

I would recommend Dalby Forest to anybody. It has varied activities and things to do to suit many different people and family’s. Like your Mountain Biking or just Biking with the family in general? Dalby Forest is home to many bike trails for any experienced rider. Whether you are a complete novice just out for a ride with the wife/husband and kids their are smooth and novice trails or even if you are the more experienced ESPN type rider then there are some awesomely wicked trails that would suit you.

Walking along the trails at Dalby Forest. A great family walk.
Walking along the trails at Dalby Forest. A great family walk. And look it’s the fur baby’s first appearance on the blog i may think. Here is Bear (nope not his real name but a nickname like one of the kids).

Like your hiking and walking? Just like for cyclists Dalby Forest has many trails for the avid hiker. Follow tracks and trails throughout Dalby’s Stunning woodland areas. Same again with trails for the family just out for a wander in the fresh air for a picnic there are trails for you. The avid Hiker that once backpacked across Europe there are even trails that would suit you too.

Dad's you know this kind of picture right? the little tired legs of one of the kids means one thing. Yep Pig got a shoulder ride through dalby forest.
Dad’s you know this kind of picture right? the little tired legs of one of the kids means one thing. Yep Pig got a shoulder ride through dalby forest.

What is there at Dalby Forest?

Well I don’t want to sound sarcastic much here other than saying Woodland areas. Nah i’m sort of kidding. When on your Family Day out to Dalby Forest there is plenty of things to do. Here below are just 5 things you will find at Dalby Forest.

  • There are 13 Walking Trails, some of these include easy access.
  • 2 Play areas ideal for letting the kids loose and burning off some energy.
  • 6 cycling trails.
  • Cafe, Visitor Centre and Shop. The cafe is open for takeaways only but ideal for grabbing a good ole brew. The cafe, visitors centre and shop require you to wear face coverings while in these premises.
  • Go Ape. I will cover Go Ape a in a little while in the post but online booking is essential.

Go Ape at Dalby Forest

Go Ape is practically a massive playground at the top of the forest canopy and throughout the woodland area. A truly incredible and fun experience for the kids and parents. Wobbly Bridges, Tightropes, various intricate crossings and Wicked Zip wire finale to finish off.

We have watched the zip wire for the Larger Higher course and oh my god it looks epic… Just as long as you are not afraid of heights. Sounds a bit nerve wracking though doesn’t it, especially at the thought of our children on there. Not to fear the Staff at Go Ape Dalby Forest have amazing and well trained members of staff to ensure you and your family’s safety. Go ape have also developed a great safety system that is super easy for everyone.

Go Ape also don’t want to leave people who suffer wit a disability to feel left out either and pride themselves on enabling these people to experience this woodland adventure course. Just give them a ring in advance and discuss it with the incredible team at Go Ape.

Here is a Shot of Go Ape I took from a distance at our picnic area at dalby forest. Not bad for a mobile phone camera is it.
Here is a Shot of Go Ape I took from a distance at our picnic area. Not bad for a mobile phone camera is it.

You can find out more of what Go Ape at Dalby Frest have to Offer Here and book online.

Why we Love Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest for us is freedom. We can pack up a picnic, toss the kids in the car along with the dog. Up the road for 20 minutes. Even though we prefer the longer scenic route throughout Hackness and The moors. The views from this drive are incredible.

Once at Dalby Forest we always park near the visitors centre just to check out the map and pick a trail from there. Our most latest adventures have been The Lakeside Easy access trail. This was a great walk for us and the kids and so easy with our pushchair. Even though our pushchair is no World Rally Championship themed young person transport device but more of a Joie town stroller and managed ok over the surfaces of the walk.

Family fun at dalby forest.
Family fun
Beast attempting the great escape at dalby forest.
Beast attempting an escape out of her pushchair

Down by the Visitor Centre and Go Ape is a coupe of open field areas ideal and set up with picnic benches, a shallow stream that rungs along the foot of field below and one of the Children’s Play areas.

Kids having fun in the stream at dalby forest.
Pork Chop and Mouse having fun in the stream
Titch just loves climbing trees and is in her natural element at dalby forest.
Titch is always climbing a tree.
Pig was a bit unsure at first of the stream at dalby forest. Once she got her feet wet she loved it and had so much fun.
Pig preparing to paddle

Our actual last visit to Dalby Forest we ended up staying here all day. The kids had an absolute whale of a time paddling and playing in the stream and running around the field. We were lucky enough to Catch Whitby Falconers set up there. They usually offer reptile displays and handling but due to the necessary need of being in close proximity to members of the public during handling they aren’t currently offering reptiles at the moment. But they were there with their birds of Prey.

Such beautiful and stunning creatures. My partner sarah and our girls had the privilege of getting to handle some of the beautiful specimens. From various breeds of Owls to Hawks and Eagles.

There are still a fair few trails and play areas that we still haven’t managed to embark on yet but the school summer holidays are just beginning so I am sure we will get a lot of these checked of the Dalby Forest to-do list. One of which is the Gruffalo Orienteering. It looks such fun and an amazing adventure and activity for the kids. I know they are Gruffalo fans from the books.

The gruffalo orienteering activity course at dalby forest.
Gruffalo orienteering at Dalby Forest. Awesome activity for the Kids – Pic Source Forestry England Dalby Forest

Dalby Forest

So there we have it, Dalby Forest a definite place to add onto the list for Family Days out. It is definitely worth while. Very reasonably priced also for a Years Membership at just £54.00, for more details on the membership click HERE. For just the day it can seem a bit steep cost wise – For Cars mar-oct it is £9.00 for the day, Nov-Feb only £4.00. You do have the option of a weekly ticket (7 day pass) for £25.00.

To be honest though for the opportunities you could have for days out here at Dalby Forest £54.00 for an annual pass compared to the weekly and daily costs is an utter Bargain.

Visiting North Yorkshire and looking for a fun day with the kids? Check out my post from our Visit to Scarborough Castle.

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The Stay at Home Dad Survival Kit https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/the-stay-at-home-dad-survival-kit/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-stay-at-home-dad-survival-kit https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/the-stay-at-home-dad-survival-kit/#comments Mon, 27 Jul 2020 08:01:29 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1605 Making the decision to be a Stay at Home Dad can be a very tough one with lots of varying aspects to consider. Through my Stay at Home Dad Survival kit we will touch upon a few of these.

I have being the Stay at Home Dad for just over a year now, the decision to be the at home parent was not taken lightly. Following a major down moment due to Depression and Anxiety leading to a redundancy at work. The oppertunity arose for my partner Sarah to follow her career dream of becoming a midwife. This meant her attending university but also wanting to carry on with current job also.

Her job as a Care assistant in a Private Assisted living setting paid rather well, she had the higher earning potential between us. She would continue working and around part time hours she would attend University. First starting off with a One year course – Access to Nursing.

Due to opening up more career possibilities in the future she has opted to follow on from this in September and begin her Nursing Degree. Once completing this and gaining vital nursing experience she will follow on to do an 18 month Degree in Midwifery.

This meant that with Beast and Pig at home, childcare costs out-weighing the Household income it made more financial sense for me to fall into the role of the Stay at Home Dad.

Briefly how being the Stay at Home Dad has been for me

If I am to be brutally honest, it has been very hard work. I never realised how difficult it was being the at home parent. Many days I would return home from a full days work and think ‘what the hell have you done all day!!’ Well now I know. It is certainly the hardest but most rewarding job role I have had to maintain.

The self organisation, the childcare and the household chores are the main ones to come to terms with. The hardest part of being the Stay at Home Dad for myself was overcoming the stigma of the role. I doubted myself and kicked myself for making the decision. I had the mindset of I’m the Man of the household. I should be the one embarking a career and being the main and sole bread winner. But this is the 21st century ladies and gentlemen.

Being the stay at home dad has given me something that otherwise I’d never be able to achieve. Time with my children. The time spent, the memories made and the bond we have created is unimaginable. Definitely the best decision I’ve made in life. If the recent Lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic has taught or shown fellow dad’s, look into the working from home life if your career allows it. If you have always envisioned been a stay at home dad and want to fulfil the role, even over a short period of time, I say do it. You certainly won’t regret it.

Survival Kit for the Stay at Home Dad – SAHD

So let’s touch upon the main reason for this post and that is The Survival Kit for the Stay at Home Dad. Here are a few pointers to consider and put in place before and during your stint as a SAHD. These will help you to keep sane, stop mental health burnout and reduce the risk of Groundhog day occurring. Nah only slightly kidding there, but with these in place your time as the at home parent will be more enjoyable and your days will flow smoothly, a bit like a well oiled machine.

Build a SAHD support Network.

One major complaint from any stay at home parent whether they are a stay at home mum or a stay at home dad. Isolation and social isolation are some big factors in the role. I mean we can’t all rely on Rider and the paw patrol pups to help save us through the day or attempting to earn the colouring badge with the legend Hey Duggee can we. We need people within a similar situation that we can connect with, speak with and socialise with. It can either be meeting in person if they are local to yourself or online if they are at the other end of the country.

There are a few outlets available, one I use frequently is over on Facebook – UK at Home Dad’s Group This is a great group filled with other UK based SAHD’s. General chit chat, Banter, fun and entertainment.

The other is UK Dad_AF – A community of Dad’s from all around the world offering an open platform to support each other and connect.

Mentioned this a few times in post’s on my blog before and that is Dadvengers. Dadvengers is a great community for not just Dad’s but mum’s, grandparents and carers too. I have met some amazing and inspirational people through Dadvengers and the support received from fellow parents is incredible.

Having a support network when you are the stay at home dad is so important. Having people there to speak to and for support.
A support network for Stay at Home Dads is so importnant

Learn to mingle With the Mum’s

There will come a day during your at home parent journey where you embark with your son or daughter to a local playgroup. Most commonly these are filled with Mum’s and their Children. Fear not they wont change into one of those odd creatures from the movie species and gobble you up.

Sit back and watch, be polite if approached. If invited into conversations with a coffee or tea, remember your not down the pub with the lads. Offer some advice parenting wise, this will probably be the main subjects of discussion. Just remember, you may feel uncomfortable being in this setting full of mum’s but they will be also feeling uncomfortable having a man around in their surroundings.

One big thing you may find yourself having to arrange, especially if you have Children in School is the Organisation and Execution of a Child’s Play date, God be with you on this one.

Learn to mingle with mum's at either playgroup or in the school playground will help being the at home parent. Being the stay at home dad it's always good to have people in a similar situation to speak with and even for socialising.
Learn to mingle with mum’s either at playgroup or in the school playground – pic source Shutterstock

Never be Afraid to Ask for Help

Just like mum’s who may think they are wonderwoman, we are no superman or captain america. It is so easy to get sucked into the mindset of your the at home parent and you MUST do everything by yourself and on your own. This will only lead to one thing…Running round like a headless chicken… No sorry, spot of dad humour there, you may end up like this a little bit but it will lead to Stress.

Sometimes you may be experiencing one of those days where it feels like you are constantly following your toddler around the rooms of the house like a clean up crew after a tornado. One of those days where your child is super clingy and wanting Daddy’s attention that you can’t seem to get anything done.

Your partner will understand this, plus will expect this some days. It is ok to ask them for help, even if it is as simple a thing as cooking the tea when she gets home or running the hoover round the living room.

As the at home parent it can be quite difficult, especially after a hard day with your children. As the stay at home dad never be afraid to ask for help.
As the stay at home dad never be afraid to ask for help – pic source Shutterstock

Relish in the SAHD status

Some men would be embarrased to admit that they are the at home parent. Don’t be, it is something that should be embraced and relished in. Having your baby or toddler in their pushchair or other form of little person transportation, you will often get people letting you to the front of the que for the all important sausage rolls in Greggs…. YES MATE!!! sorry had to be done.

But the SAHD status is like a VIP, being allowed VIP access to the front of the ques at the bank for example or cash machine. Being offered a better more suitable seat on the bus or train.

Many many positives from it, embrace it and use it for all it’s worth.

You have to enjoy being the at home parent. Especially if you go out to the supermarket. Us stay at home dads are like VIP's you get let to the front of the Que on occasion at the chemist.
Enjoy being the stay at home dad and relish in what the status brings you – pic source Shutterstock

Me time

Me time may seem a little selfish, but it definitely isn’t. The time spent at home isn’t just for spending time with the kids. What do you do for example when they are sleeping? Stand staring at the baby monitor awaiting them to awake. No course not, do something for you. You could fulfil the house husbandry duties and get on top of the housework. Yeah that’s half an hour gone. What about the rest of your child’s nap.

You time, that’s what. Take a bath, Listen to some music or podcasts. Catch up with that series on Netflix that your mates recommended, Match of the day on Iplayer. Even smash in a few games of FIFA or Call Of Duty on the Xbox or Playstation. Enjoy the time you can get for yourself while being the stay at home dad.

Establish a Solid Routine

We all run more smoothly while following a routine do we not. Find yourself a routine that works for you and the kids. One that allows time for activities, school runs, essential shopping runs, socialising, after school clubs. Everything will be easier when all in a routine, like clockwork and a well oiled machine.

Try not to dwell on what your partner may think and say about your routine, what works for her may not work well for you. Plus your the one at home with the kids 8 plus hours a day. But discuss your reasons of doing things that way, include her and keep her in the loop. Once she sees how your routine is working, she will respect your decisions more.

Having a well established routine as the at home parent will help you massively. We all function better under a routine and that goes for the stay at home dads too.
Establish yourself with a daily routine as the stay at home dad – pic source Shutterstock

Jobs lists and chores

This is one thing before taking on the role as SAHD that you definitely must discuss with your partner. Something you need to work on together as a team. Once you are both aware of each others expectations of what needs to be done and who will be the one to carry them out. It will reduce arguments later on down the line when some jobs may be missed or not carried out.

There isn’t just the one job of being the at home parent. Looking after the kids being the sole childcare giver. No there is, laundry, cooking, cleaning shopping. Basically everything day to day that couples tend to share the duties of.

Having a list for jobs and chores as a stay at home dad will help you remain organised and focused on what you need to do as the at home parent.
Job and chores list is always handy to have when you are the at home parent – pic source Shutterstock

There we have it

As above there we have it. A survival kit for the Stay at home Dad’s. Packed with useful information to help you decide whether to be the at home parent but also to help you be the best Stay at Home Dad you can be.

You can follow more of my family lifestyle as the SAHD by following me over on Insatagram – Athomewithayorkshiredaddy.

I have posted similar posts before of being the SAHD – Stay at Home Dad, take a look at The Stay at Home Father Experience and then when the time comes to end your run as the SAHD we have to consider our return to work after Stay at Home Dad stardom.

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The epic Mighty Meatzza – Foodie Friday week 7 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/epic-mighty-meatzza-foodie-friday-week-7/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=epic-mighty-meatzza-foodie-friday-week-7 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/epic-mighty-meatzza-foodie-friday-week-7/#comments Fri, 24 Jul 2020 07:58:05 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1612 So here we are again, week 7 of my Foodie Friday and today we have a great option for you. This is ideal if you are following diets such as slimming world, weight watchers, paleo or even the keto diet. Today I’m sharing with you the Mighty Meatzza.

Hang on I know what your thinking… What the bloody hell is a Meatza. Well a Meatza is a low fat and low syn alternative to a pizza. Using a flattened piece of meat as a base. I have found chicken breast or turkey breast the best meat option in my preference for a meatza.

You could go down the route of Nigella’s Meatzza where she uses minced beef to make a patty as a base for her meatzza. Whichever your preference is though is entirely up to you.

Meatzza Toppings

A meatza is an unconventional way of having a pizza but as I mentioned it is great if you are following a slimming world diet or a paleo diet. Syn Free (if using your healthy extras for your cheese), low carb, low fat. What more could we want.

If it’s for the healthier eating benefit why you are making yourself a meatzza then you may want to consider what toppings you will be adding on top. It isn’t going to be very slimming world diet friendly if you top it with a mound of crispy fried fatty streaky bacon is it. So for diets keep the toppings clean and relevant to the diet you are following. Healthy eating and healthy food is always something I like to try and create, but sometimes the junk food is sooo good. I thought this would be a great share with you all for week 7 of my Foodie Friday

Below is a small run down of various toppings we can go for.

Vegetable Topped Meatzza

You could opt for a Vegetable Meatzza if your not overly keen on too much meat. Top your Meatzza with some of your favourite veggies. Here is just a few to list them .

  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Courgette
  • Spinach
  • Fresh basil leaves

You could mix and match a few to create a delicious vegetable Meatzza.

Pizza toppings for your Meatza

Simple really, what’s your favourite flavour Pizza?

Pepperoni, sure slap this on top of your meatzza and enjoy a bit of guilt free eating with all the tastegasms of your favourite pizza.

Meat Feast? you will definitely be in meat heaven with these toppings on a Meatza.

Bolognese… Sure why not, you could replace your tomato sauce for some left over bolognese from tuesday nights dinner and top your Meatza with it.

Hunters Chicken… Why not top your chicken meatzza with more chicken, because BBQ chicken is epic that’s why.

Mince Patty based Meatzza

I will be completely honest with you, I have never tried this method, but a quick google throws up lots of various incredible Meatza recipes at your disposal. Here are a few of them below, definitely going to give them a go and compare them to my usual chicken Meatzza.

Nigella Lawson (everyones foodie crush) – https://www.nigella.com/recipes/meatzza

The Slimming Foodie – https://www.theslimmingfoodie.com/meatzza/

My own Chicken Meatzza

My preferred base is a bashed out chicken breast. Stress reliever too flattening out the chicken with a meat mallet or a rolling pin.

Flattening the chicken also has its benefits, it gives it a larger surface area (ideal for your chicken meatzza), creates a more equal thickness so it cooks evenly.

Here is a simple how to video for preparing your chicken breasts which is ideal for our Chicken Meatzza.

A simple how to video for preparing chicken breast ideal for our Chicken based Meatzza – A nice tip to add in for Foodie Friday.

So now we have our flattened chicken breast prepared, we can go ahead and add on our sauce and toppings to create our chicken meatzza.

For the Tomato sauce I like to make my own, super simple and cheap to make. How much you make is entirely up to you and depends on how many meatza’s you are preparing.

A few simple ingredients to make a tomato sauce for our Meatzza
A few simple ingredients to make a tomato sauce for our Meatza
  • Passata (you can use a herb/garlic passata too for extra taste but plain is fine too)
  • Tomato Puree
  • Finely diced onion (I find this adds a little flavour and texture to the sauce)
  • Herbs – this is your preference, Dried oregano and Dried Basil would be a welcome addition.

So now you have your sauce

So we then add our sauce onto the top of our prepared chicken fillet. I like to part cook my chicken in the oven first, saves your toppings and cheese from being burnt and over cooked. I did mine in the oven, but you could saute/pan fry or grill your chicken first. This is also a perfect opportunity to cook something different such as a meatza in your air fryer also.

So you are almost there with your Chicken Meatzza, just to add your choice of toppings and cheese. Oh the cheese, what is best. Well it is up to you and whatever you have available. The meatza’s I made in the images here was just a whip together to use up a few fridge bit’s we had before a big shop. I used Red Leicester cheese, but you could use Mozzarella, Cheddar or parmesan. Whatever takes your Fancy and what will go best with your choice of toppings for your chicken meatzza.

Here's my chicken Meatzza, a great way to use up some last bits before a big shop.
Here’s my Chicken Meatzza, a great way to use up some last bits before a big shop.

This Chicken Meatzza is an ideal meal for a light lunch with a salad or even as a meal for dinner, we recently had this with some slimming world chips.

Here is my cheese & onion Chicken Meatzza and slimming world chips.
Here is my cheese & onion Chicken Meatzza and slimming world chips

Foodie Friday Roundup

So this rounds up week 7 of my Foodie Friday, I hope you enjoy this post and enjoy your own creation of a Chicken Meatzza.

Want to catch up on previous foodie Friday posts of mine, follow the links below. Hope to see all you foodies next week for week 8 of Foodie Friday.

Charcoal Barbecues – Here are some Genuine positives – Foodie Friday week 6

Fakeaway Donor Kebab – Healthy, Simple & Delicious – Foodie Friday Week 5

Simple & Delicious Chicken Fillet Burger – Foodie Friday Week 4

Simple Chicken Kebab Skewer – Foodie Friday Week 3

Feedback is always great, positive or negative welcome. Constructive criticism is always good to receive. How are you all finding my Foodie Friday series?

I have thought about a hashtag for my Foodie Friday creations so you can all use the hashtag so I can see what you have whipped up on social media such as Instagram, or Twitter. Let us all have a bit of a brainstorm in the comments and see what you can all come up with for a hashtag.

https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/epic-mighty-meatzza-foodie-friday-week-7/feed/ 11 1612
My Daughters Nicknames – A look behind the scenes at their awesome Nicknames. https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/behind-the-scenes-daughters-nicknames/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=behind-the-scenes-daughters-nicknames https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/behind-the-scenes-daughters-nicknames/#comments Wed, 22 Jul 2020 12:26:02 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1597 If you are a regular reader of my blog or a follower of my Facebook page – Yorkie Not Just for Dad’s or my Instagram – Athomewithayorkshiredaddy. Some of you may be confused about my choice of nicknames for my Daughters.

On the social platforms I have for my Blog and also in the posts I write for you on here, I don’t share their real names. I know I know… I’m not that cruel to actually give them these as their real names. I chose to use their nicknames more so of a safety precaution with them being broadcast to the worldwide web.

Recently I have had a few comments and DM’s about how their nicknames came about, how I chose them and began calling them these. Well this is the purpose for the post. Delve behind the scenes as it were and read the explanation behind my daughters nicknames.

Daughters Nicknames

So where do we start this off… I know let’s go right back to the beginning and start with the eldest of the five girls. Yep… you heard correct five. Don’t worry this won’t be that long, but if you want to grab a brew and some biscuits that’s absolutely fine by me.

Pork Chop

So Pork Chop is my eldest daughter. She is 9 years old and currently lives with her Mum (my Ex-partner) and is with us at the weekends and extra time throughout school holidays. Her nickname stemmed from my work and career as a Butcher if i’m completely honest. From the first moment I held her the words slipped off of my tongue… My beautiful Pork Chop and it has stuck ever since. She still get’s called it these days too, 9 years on.

An image of me and my eldest daughter who's nickname is pork chop.
Me and my eldest daughter, Nicknamed Pork Chop.


Mouse is my eldest Step Daughter. When I first met her mother (my future wife and amazing partner) Mouse was only just 2 years old. She was such a quiet and placid little girl. Always was, her mum used to call her M***y Mouse (sorry for the *** that’s her actual name) and due to her being such a quiet and peaceful natured girl Mouse seem to stick, as she was as quiet as a mouse. But… That was until she started school. Now at the fun age of 8 she isn’t quiet or peaceful or placid anymore but the nickname still sticks.

Me and my eldest stepdaughter who is nicknamed mouse. Enjoying a game of Dog's top trumps.
Me and my eldest Step daughter playing a game of Dog’s Top Trumps cards. Her nicknames Mouse.


Now Titch is my youngest Step Daughter. Only a tiny 15 months old when I came into her life. She was a funny little character but oh was she small. I think even at 3 years old she was still in 12 – 18 months clothes. Yep she was a Titch. This is where her nickname stemmed from. Even though over the last 18 months or so she is shooting up and is becoming a beautiful young girl, now 7 years old. She is so much like me with her sense of humour and sarcastic nature, it is quite scary.

Here is my youngest step daughter. Her nicknames Titch. She thoroughly enjoyed burying herself at the beach recently.
Here is my youngest step daughter. Her nicknames Titch. She thoroughly enjoyed burying herself at the beach recently.


Now Pig is mine and Sarah’s 4 year old daughter. She is such a funny girl. She is very quirky and unique to say the least, just like her younger sister Beast who we shall get to in a moment. Pig’s nickname came around a little like Pork Chop’s really, due to my career and work as a butcher and the fact that well… How else can I put this but she was…. Fat…. No sorry not fat… She was a chunky monkey, yeah that sounds better doesn’t it.

She was a definite chunk, I mean she had Rolls on rolls as a baby. And when the weaning stage came around, Damn did she love her food. What other 3 year old would request a Birthday steak over a Birthday cake. Little legend after her Daddy’s heart she is.

Me and my Quirky comical daughter enjoying a game of Uno, or battle as it should be known. Her nicknames Pig.
Me and my Quirky comical daughter enjoying a game of Uno, or battle as it should be known. Her nicknames Pig.


Well where to start explaining this nickname… Beast. It is very bold isn’t it. She was always a little Lottie bug or Squib. That was until she was around 4 months old. Sarah recons that it is my fault, being the stay at home dad spending time throughout the day with Beast and my influence rubbing off on her. Sarah thinks that I have broken her.

We attempted to send her back with the Stork under a recall but they returned her Un-repairable. Nah she Isn’t that bad really, she is rather random and crazy. What other toddler takes great pleasure and fun in doing what is only known as a suicide dive off of the sofa.

But the reason behind her nickname is her Growl. Such a cute demonic beast like growl. I say demonic as it is something that you wouldn’t expect to come out of a 19 month old toddler. She is so funny and cute though and a pleasure of a Daughter. Never a dull moment with this one around.

A randomly set up office here from my youngest daughter. A desk of Mega Bloks, Sat in her Fisher Price office chair with her vtech tablet and phone ready to smash a day at the office. Her nicknames Beast.
A randomly set up office here from my youngest daughter. A desk of Mega Bloks, Sat in her Fisher Price office chair with her vtech tablet and phone ready to smash a day at the office. Her nicknames Beast.

So there we have it, a bit of a behind the scenes look at my family with he reasoning behind the nicknames and how they came around to be used. Check back at some of my Previous posts of family life with what I call the group as the Princess Tribe (well I am a Dad of 5 girls, who else can say they can shout Princess tribe assemble in the toy and magazine aisle in Sainsbury’s .

Here are a few previous posts of mine just to offer an insight into my Daughters.

Recently had a rather long time without seeing my eldest daughter due to the covid19 pandemic and lockdown. Here is a letter I wrote to my Daughter.

I was also asked in a question via a ask me anything on an Instagram story and it was quite a popular question, How do I find it and manage with 5 daughters.

Here you can find 4 out 5 of my girls in their element, outdoors and having so much fun on a family day out to Scarborough Castle.

Let me know in the comments what nicknames you have for your children, I’d love to hear them.

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ATTENTION!! Dad’s with a Pregnant partner. Here are 11 useful tips for you to help and support them. https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/tips-dads-tohelp-support-pregnant-partner/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=tips-dads-tohelp-support-pregnant-partner https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/tips-dads-tohelp-support-pregnant-partner/#comments Mon, 20 Jul 2020 09:00:23 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1587 As a boyfriend, fiance or husband one job we have in our relationship is to support our partner. One area where they will need a lot of support is when they are pregnant. You are soon to become Dad and your partner Mum. Even if from time to time they say they are fine (we know this isn’t the case) they will need our help and support.

Recently found out your Partner is Pregnant. Dad's this post is here to help you support your partner and the mum of your child throughout the pregnancy
Recently found out your Partner is Pregnant. Dad’s this post is here to help you support your partner throughout the pregnancy – Pic source Unsplash

We need to show our partner encouragement, to stand by their side and to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Her body is going to be going through some major changes Dad’s and we need to offer a relaxing environment for the mum to be to help make the pregnancy easier and less stressful.

5 ways Dad’s can make a difference during pregnancy

For Dad’s, trying to support our pregnant partner can be quite tricky. You will feel often like you are walking on egg shells most of the time, we don’t quite understand what they or their body is going through. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally also.

  • Pitch in around the house – Your pregnant partner isn’t just going to be knackered she is also going to be emotionally vulnerable too. So taking a load off her in the form of some housewifely chores is a simple way to help support her.
  • Create a contact list – Us Dad’s are usually the ones who are in charge and on stand-by to make the announcement of your new arrival to the world. Your partner and mum of your child is going to be majorly pissed though if the only people you contact is your fishing wingman Charlie. Dodgy Dave from the local working men’s club and Frank that you pair up with for the weekly pub quiz. You need to sit down with your partner and work out between each other who is going to be on a list to contact. Priorities fellas. Yes that even includes the In Laws (even though my own in laws are awesome).
  • Be involved and Informed – I don’t have to explain this one because you full well know how your partner became pregnant. But we want to keep ourselves informed of what is going on throughout the pregnancy, what is happening etc… also to be supportive and their for your partner. One way to do all of this is to attend Dr’s appointments, Scans and midwife appointments. You will know and feel at ease with what is going on also.
  • Listen and Talk to your Partner – Being pregnant and the thought of becoming a mum or a dad is a pretty big thing and a lot to handle. Speak with your partner, be open and honest about how you are feeling. If your anxious or have any nerves, tell them, I’m sure becoming a mum is making her feel very similar to what you are and some. Ask her how she is feeling and listen to what she feels and any worries or Anxieties. Even make an attempt to fob her off if you need to with the odd “No Darling your feet don’t resemble the Michelin man’s at all, I don’t know what made you think that”. Don’t just offer the advice of it’ll be alright or you need to chill out. This may make her emotional and want to stab you in the neck with a spoon. Listen to her and offer her supportive and caring advice and answers.
  • Get the Bags Packed – This may not be necessary until the later end of the pregnancy like the third trimester. But it is a big way you can help he mum to be and that is to get things together and packed ready for the hospital. A bag or suitcase filled with all mum’s essentials that she will need during the labour, childbirth and after also. But things for baby too, clothes, nappies, blankets. I will be writing a post in the coming weeks of how us Dad’s can pack a hospital bag ready for childbirth.

So there are 5 way’s you can help support your partner.

A sweet photo of a dad to be comforting his pregnant partner.
Dad’s supporting their pregnant partner – pic source unsplash

6 Things Dad’s should know about Pregnant women.

Every woman is different while they are pregnant, each is unique. Dave from down the pub may tell you about how the experience was with his wife, you expect similar and find it is the complete opposite. Below are 6 Things you should know about pregnant women so you can help support your partner.

Regular Toilet stops

This can creep up at anytime throughout a pregnancy. Whether you are out in the local town doing a bit of baby shopping, out of nowhere your partner may all of a sudden need to go right now!! Driving in the car on the way to visit some friends or family or maybe an appointment… Boom she needs to pee. This is completely normal and natural so not to worry but be prepared for regular toilet stops.


She will be feeling extremely tired. Sometimes even so tired it’s like she has carried out a triathlon. This is to be expected though, she is growing a tiny human inside her body. Her body is working overtime making necessary changes to accommodate the baby. Restless sleep is quite common too which will also make her feel extremely tired. So Dad’s crack out your aprons and don the chef hat as just something as simple as making the meals or cooking up a baked treat can be a great way to support your pregnant spouse.

Baby weight

Obviously this will happen, your partner will gain weight during pregnancy. They are carrying an extra person within them. You will find she will eat more than usual due to her burning more calories than usual due to the pregnancy, but… and this is a big BUT… No guys not BUTT a but. Just because your partner is eating more and gaining weight this is one thing you don’t need to do also to help support them. If she wants an extra large side of fries with her big mac let her, an extra strawberry milkshake to dip those fries in… sure why not. You don’t need an extra big mac to show moral support.

A beautiful photo of a mum showing her bump. Growing a baby inside her body just shows why their is baby weight while pregnant.
Growing a baby in their bodies must be tough and also a reason for the baby weight – pic source unsplash


Yes guys this is a real thing, expect your partner to eat or drink some funky combos. Like I covered in baby weight, dipping fries in a strawberry milkshake… Sounds god damn awful right? Well to a pregnant woman this is heaven and sends waves of foodgasms throughout her pregnant food wanting body.

Prepare yourself for the late night runs to the 24hr Esso down the road for chocolate or pringles. Yes guys be prepared to be awoken from your beauty sleep and trundled out of the door at god knows what time. Don’t be angry it isn’t her fault. It’s the baby’s, you can get your own back with embarrassing dad jokes and moments when they are older.

An array of sweet confectionery treats to help with any pregnant woman's cravings.
Best get to it Dad’s and get those sweet treats stocked up – Pic source Unsplash

Heightened Senses

My god do I know about this one. Sarah my wonderful partners nose went full blown overtime during her pregnancy. She could smell that I had opened a tube of BBQ flavoured pringles from her mothers house or even knew what scent washing up liquid I was using to do the dishes (whilst getting those brownie points in helping with some housewifely duties) from the bedroom upstairs.

Some may even repulse her which may not have before she was pregnant, so be careful. It’s not just sense of smell either it can be taste buds. One thing she ate last Christmas and enjoyed may taste completely different whilst she is pregnant. So pick those snacks or treats to fulfil her cravings wisely.

Pillows, cushions… soft things

Be prepared, to help her get comfortable your bed will become like a display of pillows and cushions from Dunelm. Rammed full there may not be room for you there soon (I hope you have a comfortable sofa).

Completely natural to want to be comfortable while pregnant. Their posture will change to mae adjustments for the extra baby weight that they are carrying. This can result in back pain caused by the strain. Pillows and cushions are a great way to help ease this pain and discomfort. Not to worry though i’m sure she isn’t imagining the pillow is Gerard Butler, don’t take it personal she is just trying to be as comfortable as possible.

All the best to you supportive Dad legends

So there we have it, some Helpful tips for Dad’s to support their pregnant partner. I hope this post will help you be there for your partner, both physically and mentally. It is a tough time for both mum’s and dad’s.

After being pregnant for 9 months this is a beautiful moment for any Mum or Dad... Holding their baby
After being pregnant for 9 months this is a beautiful moment for any Mum or Dad… Holding their baby – Pic source Unsplash

This is one area I aim to be supportive with is for the fellow dad’s and fathers out there. This pregnancy lark isn’t my first rodeo,. I have 5 children, I’ve been there got the T-shirt and finished the collection. I do have some useful posts that I have put together which may help you Dad’s further too during the pregnancy. Check out the links below.

Useful Help & Advice for First time Fathers – https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/useful-helpful-advice-first-time-fathers/

You will definitely hit this speed bump at some point so get it bookmarked – https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/handle-toddlers-tantrums-7-easy-steps/

Your baby has arrived and has begun teething, trust me teething is hard for any parent so this is worth Bookmarking too – https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/help-my-baby-is-teething/

Moving your little one from their cot to a toddler bed can also prove troublesome for most parents. Almost 4 weeks in and we are still figuring out the best routine but here is a useful post on moving your toddler from a cot to a toddler bed – https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/moving-toddler-from-cot-to-toddler-bed/

One other thing I will offer for you Dad’s out their, even for mum too as they are also welcome is a social group I have become part of and absolutely love. Some great advice from other parents, similar to a parenting support network in a way and that is the Dadvengers. Check out more about the Dadvengers and their social media over on the website https://dadvengers.com/.

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Charcoal Barbecue – Here are some Great Positives – Foodie Friday Week 6 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/genuine-positives-charcoal-barbecue/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=genuine-positives-charcoal-barbecue https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/genuine-positives-charcoal-barbecue/#comments Fri, 17 Jul 2020 08:03:26 +0000 https://yorkienotjustfordads.com/?p=1566 Welcome back to Week 6 of Foodie Friday and bah do we have a treat for you today. Not so much food related but definitely cooking. Barbecues are a seasonal favourite at this time of year no matter where in the world you may reside. Today’s foodie Friday post is a bit of a barbecue appreciation post.

Featured image for Week 6 of my Foodie Friday series Bringing you Some positives of a Charcoal Barbecue.
Foodie Friday Week 6 – Charcoal Barbecue – Here are some Positives – Image source Shutterstock, created by me

With my background of being a Butcher, barbecues have always been a big staple for me. I absolutely love them. Even though it may be convenient with a gas barbecue, I’m not a fan, I like nothing more than the arsonistic approach with a good old fashioned Charcoal Barbecue.

Read on for more positives of a charcoal barbecue.
A good old smokey non gas BBQ – Pic Source Shutterstock

There is something about cooking on Charcoal, even better than the old phrase of cooking on gas. As I say a gas barbecue is like cooking on an outside oven. Please don’t hate me for not liking Gas barbecues.

The positives of cooking on a Charcoal Barbecue.

There are a number of positives that cooking on a charcoal bbq offers over a gas barbecue alternative. Below I will share a few of those with you.

  • Taste – The main and for me the best benefit of cooking with a charcoal bbq is the taste. The smokey flavour from the charcoal is something you just cannot get with a gas BBQ. Add some wood chips into your charcoal and your on to a sure fire winner (no pun intended with the fire there… or was there?)
  • Value – The value for money you get from a charcoal BBQ is a positive also. Gas BBQ’s can be expensive to purchase and the cost of replacing the gas is more expensive than a sack of charcoal.
  • Easier to Transport – There are various sizes of charcoal Barbecues available, some are a lot smaller than a gas alternative which means it is easier for you to transport. Camping for example you can take it with you.
  • Repairs – A charcoal BBQ is low maintenance, you will spend considerably less maintaining a charcoal grill than you would a gas.

So there we have a number of positives of cooking on a Charcoal BBQ.

We have covered the positives of a charcoal BBQ, sadly now we must list some negatives.

As with every positive there is always a negative. When we think of charcoal barbecues there is some negatives that we don’t really consider when buying one.

One of the big main negatives is the impact the coal has on our environment. The emissions resulting from burning of coal affects our environment. One thing especially in these days is something we try and aim to reduce.

Charcoal does have benefits when cooking on a Barbecue but it can also have a negative impact on our environment.
Still can have an effect on the environment – Pic Source Shutterstock

One other disadvantage of Charcoal is that it only has a burning time of around 30-45 minutes. So depending on the size of the garden party your throwing and how much Food you will be cooking on your Barbecue. Maybe use more than one sack or bag of charcoal.

Using cheap stuff can cause a fair amount of dust and unused small pieces. This just makes it more awkward when it comes time to clean your barbecue. Charcoal can also be very Dirty.

Unless you are well practised or have the correct tools for the job, lighting a charcoal BBQ can be a bit of a challenge to say the least. You can’t expect to just throw a match on the coals and expect it to go and be ok. Nope, some people have a Charcoal Chimney, they help to speed up the lighting process and reduce the need for lighter fluids and firelighters.

Charcoal Chimney an excellent piece of equipment to aid you n lighting your barbecue.
Charcoal Chimney, A big help for lightning your charcoal barbecue. – Pic source Shutterstock

Firelighters and lighter fluid are cheap and handy to use, they soon get the coals started. This also takes me back to the beginning of the post about the arsonistic approach to a BBQ. I know I may say that like it’s fun, it isn’t, fire is dangerous so always take precautions and safety measures around anything to do with lighting your Barbecue… Common sense is your friend.

Beware of fire when lighting your charcoal barbecue.
Fire Beware – Pic source Shutterstock

What to Look for when buying a Charcoal BBQ.

So your looking to purchase a new barbecue. One thing you must decide on first is whether or not which is best for you and your needs. A gas BBQ or a Charcoal BBQ. I’ve listed the benefits and positives of a Charcoal BBQ above and I prefer those so we will take a look at – What to look for when buying a Charcoal Barbecue.


What size barbecue would suit you best. A small Portable BBQ, easy for use at home with the wife/husband and kids, perfect for if you take a trip to the beach or camping. Do you have lots of friends and family that you entertain for often? Maybe a Large BBQ will suit you better. Want something that gives you flexibility to cook for more people if needed but also good for you and your family then a Standard size BBQ may be the best option.

Features that would Benefit you from your Barbecue.

Barbecues these days are very clever pieces of Cooking equipment. Not just for slapping great slabs of meat on anymore or the odd sausages and burgers. They are very clever, you may want to think about what features you want yours equipped with.

  • Warming Rack – Keeps your cooked food warm and to temperature but away from direct heat to avoid overcooking.
  • Griddle – Some BBQ’s these days come fitted with a griddle, ideal for frying, stir frying, sauteing and braising.
  • Hood – Some similar to kettle barbecues come with a hood which helps you to control the heat, allows a better smoke of your meat.
  • Adjustable Grill Height – Offering you the flexibility of raising or lowering the grill height so you can control the heat level for your cooking on a charcoal barbecue.
  • Air Vents – Vents which allow you to open or close and controlling the air flow gving you control over the Heat levels and also how quickly your coals burn.
  • Ash Collector – For me this is the best thing with my own Barbecue as it makes cleaning up the ash and debris afterwards much easier.
  • Tool Hooks – A handy little addition for hanging your Cooking utensils or Barbecue weapons as I call them. Spatula, Tongs the usuals.
  • Storage Shelves – A nifty way of keeping Handy items safe and tidy, could be dishes, bottles and other larger utensils.
Here is an example of a Charcoal Barbecue with a hood.
Charcoal Barbecue for example with a hood – pic source Shutterstock

So there we have it a bit on Positives of Charcoal Barbecues and some handy advice for if your looking to purchase a new Barbecue. Argos have a very good and informative Buying guide if you are looking to purchase a new Grill. You can find the Argos Charcoal BBQ buying guide here.

As i mentioned previously lighting a charcoal grill can be quite tricky but the BBC Good Food site not only has some amazing Ideas of what to cook on your Barbecue but also how to Light it. You can find the BBC Good Food Guide here.

Foodie Friday Series

I hope that you are enjoying my Foodie Friday Series and that the posts and food I share with you is useful. If this is your first time reading my Foodie Friday make sure to check out the links below for previous Foodie Friday Posts.

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