Festive Baking Round-Up

Its Christmas so why not get baking with this Festive Baking Round-Up.

Christmas is certainly a time for food, not just any food though. It is full of guilty pleasures and treats, the sorts of food we don’t eat everyday, the festive baking and shop bought Christmas treats.

The best bites though are the homemade Christmas baking variety. So rather than supping our way through a bottle of Baileys or Bucks Fizz whilst scouring the likes of the BBC Good Food website/app for their Christmas Baking Recipes and not finding much Joy.

In this post I have scoured the web, and Assembled the Food Bloggers and Food loving Bloggers to bring you some amazing tasty Christmas baking recipes.

The sort of goodies that Christmas baking brings you happiness, joy and Foodgasms galore.

Read on to find what is on offer that you can whip up and enjoy with the family from these Christmas Baking Recipes.

Christmas Baking Recipes round up

Christmassy and Festive Cupcakes. Perfect for highlighting some of the Festive baking and christmas recipes in this post.

Further on we shall find a vast variety of Festive Baking Ideas you can do as a Family or just for an indulgent festive treat.

All will be measured out with Christmas baking recipes, some may include a pinch of Ginger, some a Cup or 5 of Baileys – it is Christmas after all.

What do you think of when we start talking about Festive Baking that we can all do over the Christmas period?

Mince pies, Christmas Cakes, Christmas Pudding, Ginger Bread Houses, Christmas Tree Biscuits. The list of Christmas dessert possibilities are endless just like the combinations of ingredients and flavours that you can whisk in and create.

The offerings of the Festive Baking Round-Up:

Chocolate Orange Muffins.

First up is a strong festive baking winner in my eyes. The combination of a good old Muffin with the Festive delight of Terry’s Chocolate Orange – oh and it is not Terry’s, it’s MINE!!

Take a look at Jane’s Pattiserie for the Christmas baking recipe so you can make some Chocolate Orange Muffins of your very own.


There's nothing quite festive than a Terry's chocolate orange, here from Jane's Patisserie we have a Christmas Baking recipe to make the fantastic Chocolate Orange Muffins.
Chocolate Orange Muffins – Image Source Jane’s Patisserie.

Baileys Cupcakes.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who will take a vow from these words – Baileys is Christmas in a bottle. Many Festive Baking Ideas that we have seen over the last few years are very centred on a Baileys flavouring of some sorts.

Another Christmas Baking Recipe from Jane’s Pattiserie for these amazing Baileys Cupcakes.


A Christmas baking recipe for these amazingly festive Baileys Cupcakes from Jane's Patisserie.
Baileys Cupcakes – image source Jane’s Patisserie.

Christmas Crack – Chocolate Saltine Toffee Recipe.

A super quick, easy and flavourful for your Christmas delight with this Christmas baking recipe from Tea & Cake for the soul.

A recipe that you will be able to create with help from the kids or just for you to whip up. A super tasty Chocolate Saltine Toffee – otherwise known as Christmas Crack.

Check out the recipe – https://teaandcakeforthesoul.wordpress.com/2018/10/08/chocolate-saltine-toffee/

Christmas Crack, a chocolate saltine toffee, an ideal Christmas baking recipe for you to get baking with the family.
Use this Christmas Baking recipe to create yourself a plate of Christmas Crack – pic source from Tea & Cake for the soul

Hot Chocolate Custard Slice.

Chocolate, Whipped Cream and Marshmallows! A perfect treat to nom nom on this Christmas.

You can find this Christmas baking recipe so you can make some of your very own thanks to Anca from over at CookStyle blog, link to the recipe and post below:


Hot Chocolate Custard Slice. A delicious Christmas esk treat that you can make at home thanks to CoolStyle Blog Christmas Baking recipe.
Hot Chocolate Custard Slice – image source CoolStyle

Christmas Truffle Cupcakes.

Delicious chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate butter cream icing, and topped with an indulgent Christmas truffle for decoration.

This Christmas baking recipe is brought you from The Cosy Homebird Blog. Enjoy a super indulgent treat this Christmas with these fab looking cupcakes.

A super festive looking cupcake from the cosy homebird blog. Recreate your own using their Christmas Baking recipe.
Christmas Truffle Cupcakes – image source The Cosy Homebird

Melted Snowmen Biscuits

Christmas is all about the Biscuits, you can really let your baking creativity shine. This Christmas Baking Recipe and How To for making Melted Snowmen Biscuits from over at Glitz and Glamour Makeup is a super fun Baking activity to do this Christmas with the kids. Check it out at the link below:


An easy peazy Christmas baking recipe that is super fun to do with the kids at Christmas time with these Melted Snowmen Biscuits.
How to make Melted Snowmen Biscuits – Image source Glitz and Glamour Makeup.

Christmas Cran-mac Flapjack.

Ooo I do love flapjack, a great all year round treat but mix that up with some festive flavours and your on to a Christmas winning treat.

Here we have a Christmas baking recipe and how to from the Foodie Boom Boom Blog. Check out the post in the link below:


Christmas Cran-mac Flapjack, a simple Christmas baking recipe for an easy tasty Christmas treat.
Christmas Cran-mac Flapjack – Image Source Foodie Boom Boom Blog.

Mince Pie Cake.

Christmas time is all about the traditional mince pies, oh do I love a good ole mince pie. The pastry can become a bit tiresome after eating so many so this mince pie cake option from Cats Kids Chaos is a refreshing change from tradition when it comes to festive baking.

Check out the link below to find the Christmas baking recipe from Cats Kids Chaos:


Festive baking with a Mince Pie Cake – Image source Cats Kids Chaos.

Reindeer Caramel Tarts.

Here we have what must be any kids favourite festive baking treats, caramel – win, fun looking like a reindeer that your kids will love.

A nice simple Christmas baking recipe which will give you and the kids an activity to do this Christmas, ready with treats for the evenings filled with festive films.

Check out the recipe and how to for these Reindeer Caramel Tarts from Inspired in the city below:


Super fun Festive baking with this Christmas baking recipe for Reindeer Caramel Tarts.
Reindeer Caramel Tarts – Image source Inspired in the city.

SCD Christmas Cake – Gluten Free & Grain Free.

So let’s drop this Christmas cake option in from Emma Eats and Explores with this Festive baking option in the way of a SCD Gluten Free and Grain free Christmas Cake.

Offering up this Christmas cake with a how to guide and Christmas baking recipe, check out the link to Emma Eats and Explores to recreate this Christmas Cake for yourself:


A gluten free and grain free Christmas baking recipe for a Christmas Cake thanks to Emma Eats and Explores.
SCD Christmas Cake (gluten free & grain free) – Image source Emma Eats and Explores.

Grinch Cookies.

The Grinch is a top family favourite in any house at Christmas time. I know my girls love the grinch and these Grinch Cookies are that same bright and vibrant Green colour we all love and recognise the Grinch by.

Over at Recipes from a Pantry Blog they have shared a Christmas baking recipe and how to so you can recreate these fun Grinch Cookies with your kids.

Check it out by the link below:


Grinch Cookies – Image source Recipe from a Pantry blog.

While we are with Recipe from a Pantry make sure to check out the festive baking fun post for some Easy Christmas Light Cookies – Check it out by the link below:


A fun and easy Christmas baking recipe for these Christmas light cookies.
Christmas Light Cookies – Image source Recipe from a Pantry

Festive Baking Gingerbread Biscuits.

Christmas is all about Gingerbread. Gingerbread houses and extravagant festive bakes, biscuits, cookies, the list is endless.

This easy Christmas baking recipe for Gingerbread Biscuits from the Natalie Hanson Blog has got you sorted for some festive baking fun with the kids.

Check out the post and recipe in the link below:


Gingerbread Biscuits – Image source Natalie Hanson Blog.

12 Days of Christmas Cookies.

Everyone loves cookies at Christmas, I can’t be the only one surely? Obviously not because The Abundance of Flavour Blog has an amazing post sharing with you Christmas baking recipes for 12 days of Christmas cookies.

Check out this offering of Festive baking for you and the kids, link below:


12 Days of Christmas Cookies – image source Abundance of Flavour Blog.

Mincemeat Chelsea Buns.

Here we have in my Festive Baking Round-Up something a bit different but sure to be an amazingly tasty festive treat. Mincemeat Chelsea Buns.

Mincemeat Chelsea Buns with Marzipan are sweet, sticky and filled with fruity flavour. A perfect alternative to mince pies if you fancy something a little different.

You can check out the Christmas baking recipe for these Mincemeat Chelsea Buns in the link below:


Super tasty mince pie alternative with these Mincemeat Chelsea Buns. Another festive baking idea with this Christmas baking recipe.
Mincemeat Chelsea Buns – Image source Donnadundas – fabulous family food blog.

Peppermint Bark Buttons.

A super simple and tasty festive baking activity to do with the kids, full of yummy chocolate your kids are bound to love devouring. You can find this Christmas baking recipe from Hodge Podge Days Blog below:


Peppermint Bark Buttons – image source Hodge Podge Days Blog.

Joulutorttu (Finnish Jam Tart).

And to finish (pardon the pun) is this Finnish Jam Tart called a Joulutorttu, a Finnish festive baking treat.

This Joulutorttu is a Finnish festive treat usually made using Prune Jam as the filling but you can use whichever flavour you like or even mix it up with Nutella or other Spread of your choice.

Dusted in powdered sugar and a pin wheel like star in shape they wouldn’t look out of place among your festive delights. Head over to Hodge Podge Days to check out the Christmas baking recipe and how to guide for making these joulutorttu, link below:


Joulutorttu (Finnish Jam Tart) – image source Hodge Podge Days Blog.

Just want to say a massive thank you to all the bloggers who have offered up their Festive Baking delights for you, please do make sure to check out other posts on their blogs.

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