Progression in the art form that is Beasty’s Vocabulary – First Words.

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First words and baby progression.

Currently our little beast is 15 months. No longer are we blessed with the cute noises of a tiny delicate baby, the quick passing of the first words. But progression in herself is becoming more apparent through the way of her Vocabulary and the attempt to speak. Click Here and you can get an idea of life with our Little Beast.

Once previously a beautiful babbling beauty.

As all parents we experience the first few months with Awww’s from ourselves and friends and family with your little ones. The cute looks followed with the little squeaks of a newborn.

The babbling and quirky noises made, the snuffling sounds as they sleep. The sort of noise you hear which makes a woman’s ovaries ache and become ever more broody. The cries of something so innocent and unable to even physically show you what is required.

The baby cries were always the fear filler for me, especially with my eldest daughter. When I was a first time Daddy. The unknown of what each little cry was to mean.

As the time has gone on and my Little Beast has grown.

As with any child you cannot freeze or slow down time to enjoy those moments of a certain age just that bit longer. With children time certainly doesn’t slow down and will fly past in the blink of an eye.

Onto the A and B sounds or however your child may begin to form a sound. The belly laughs and chuckles that fill your heart with pride and warmth. The screams of pain, the cries which are heartbreaking.

The Sounds and combinations of noises in an attempt to speak a word which can be so comical. The kind that can turn a very dark and unwanted day to a bright day and one to remember. I still remember the time when all of my daughters said the first words DADA!. Words that I will never forget.

An image that aims to show a baby's first words.
The Good ole baby gaga and gobbledygook – Image source from Baby Gizmo

I wish I could enjoy those younger babbles that little bit longer.

These days Beast seems to have an unknown volume. Screeches of excitement, Shouts of random noises towards her toys, siblings, favourite character on the telly, even to me and her Mummy.

She’s beginning to create her own vocabulary of words. From her first words of Dada and almost Daddy, to momma and manma (grandma), uggee for her favourite character Duggee or her Snuggy, usually tell with her actions which is which.

The way she is attempting to say her older sisters names. The cheekiness of now knowing when to add in the simplest of words.. Yes and No, but never in the context that you want.

Tell her No and not do something she shall turn and look you in the eyes with the Cheekiest of Grins and say… Yes!

I have done the typical parent thing though. Using the old friend and tool that is Google. The sort of search to see if the words your child can say is within the current development stage. Are they behind compared with the normal statistic or ahead?

Below are a few links that I had a read through which seemed to ease any anxious doubts of her speech development.

Understanding Babies language development.

Helping your Toddler to Talk.

One big thing I am looking forward to as she is getting older and more able to speak and converse.

With all of this and the want of the cute baby babbles back. I am excited to hear what her voice will sound like as she speaks full words and becomes more fluent with sentences.

The ability to converse with my littlest daughter excites me. I find I may then be less lonely throughout my day, with someone even though would be a toddler. A conversation is better than none at all.

To be able to discuss daily plans with her. The nagging of wanting to visit the park, to have a walk down to the beach or to go and visit a certain friend or family member. To speak with her of things we have done.

What do you remember from your Baby or young children? Do you wish you could turn back the time and revisit a certain time in their life or a cherished milestone.

One big thing I am thankful for with becoming the stay at home Dad is Beasts first steps, her first words. I’ve been there to witness these cherished milestones that the Mummy usually encounters. One memory that I have mostly missed with my older daughters. But I will forever treasure these moments and the time that we spend every day.

Do you remember your child’s first words?

I’d love to hear your thoughts? Which cherished memories do you have of your children? If you could turn back time to revisit one of their milestones or a certain memory you hold dearly, what would it be?

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