V33 Grout Pen – Quickly and Easily freshen up your Bathroom or Kitchen Tiles.


Have you got some jobs on your list around the house to crack through? One on the top of most peoples to do list is freshening up the bathroom and the grouting of tiles is one area that needs some attention, this is where V33 Grout Pen comes in.

I know I have some on the list and that one is hanging a mirror at the top of our stairs. Thankfully not the bathroom, I think we are due a full redo redecoration job in there.

Are your Bathroom or Kitchen Tiles in need of a face-lift?

If the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen are in need of a bit of a facelift, then chances are it’s the grout that is letting them down. Did you know that you can quickly and easily perk them up?

With a a product like the V33 grout pen or simple materials armed and ready following a quick Google search you will find lots of helpful How to Guides online on how you can carry this out yourself with very little knowledge of DIY and redecoration skills.

The task of freshening up your bathroom or kitchen tiles you can simply carry this out yourself by using a ‘grout pen’?

Freshen up your tired looking tiles with the V33 Grout Pen.

Give your bathroom or kitchen tiles the spruce up they may need using the V33 Grout Pen. A quick and easy way to freshen up the grout of your tiles.
Get your tiles back to looking fresh and new again with the V33 Grout Pen.

To ensure a great result, seek out a grout pen with specific attributes. These include high hiding power, water-resistance, short drying time, low odour and a felt tip for high precision.

V33’s Renovation Grout Pen is available in B&Q priced at £8, offers all of these benefits, and its 15ml size is enough to provide more than 30m2 of coverage. It is available in either white or grey.

How to use the V33 Grout Pen.

Application could not be easier. Firstly ensure grouting is clean and dry; then shake the grout pen before use with the cap on; then press down on the tip several times on a test surface and apply consistently. Finally, clean any excess product off tiles with a damp cloth.

The V33 Grout Pen puts the ease back into freshening up your tile grouting.

DIY home renovation and decorating.

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