Groundhog Day – Life as a Stay at Home Dad can be Isolating.

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Why do Days resemble Groundhog Day.

Well as the title suggests, my day’s mainly as the stay at home Dad massively resemble Groundhog Day. Day in Day out, they all seem to include the same old same old.

Why does my Day to Day life resemble Groundhog day as a Stay at home Dad.

Now 12 months into my journey as the Stay at Home Dad and the primary Care giver to our youngest Daughter Beast. One of the thing’s I have noticed and started to change is not getting out of the house.

Why are my days like Groundhog Day? Basically everyday is the same as before. Our Daily routine is the same, whether it is a School day or a weekend.

School days are morning wake up’s for us all. I like to get up earlier than the whole house so i can grab a little bit of peace and quiet, enjoy some coffee before everyone get’s up.

Same stuff daily, girls up for breakfast, usual routine for them of getting into their uniforms. The School run, walking pig to nursery when it is her days to go. The mrs getting ready for Uni.

For me and Beast it’s pretty much all the same. Fuel up with copious amounts of Coffee and a bit of playtime with Beast, same old routine of the house work.

You know the usual daily stuff, washing up, any washing that needs attending to, hoovering and polishing. I tend to split my upstairs cleaning routine upto every other day.

It’s all well and good having a routine. I know I seem to function a hell of a lot better with an established routine.

Not sure why, it helps with keeping myself organised. The only thing a routine doesn’t help with is the groundhog day feelings.

Groundhog day, I have a feeling I have said this before, life as the stay at home dad can be quite isolating.
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Repetitive Isolation.

My groundhog days are pretty much like repetitive isolation in a way. Not only is every day pretty much the same thing, school runs, housework, usual playtime and stories etc.. with beast. What is thrown into the mix is the sense of feeling Isolated.

When I say isolated. it’s not like I’m stranded on a desert island with nowhere to go or on a tag where I’m unable to leave the house.

Stay at Home Mum’s it is the kind of everyday situation you find. They have friends in a similar scenario, they meet up for coffee’s and playdates with the little ones or attend Playgroups and Baby Clubs.

For me, my friends are away working, the typical 8am till 5pm jobs so nobody to socialise with throughout the day. This is where the sense of isolation comes into it for me.

From staying indoors most of the time, not only because of my anxiety and been a paranoid nervey guy about going out and about somewhere, but I have nobody to socialise with.

How am I dealing with the Isolation.

Lately I have been pushing myself to get out and about. Walks down the beach and other walks around different areas where we live in Scarborough.

Pig’s nursery has started with regular weekly Coffee mornings for an hour on a tuesday morning which I have begun attending.

Pigs nursery is closed on thursdays, but a local playgroup operate from the nursery but only on thursdays.

This gives me the oppertunity to get out and socialise with other parents, but also for Beast to interact with other young kids and toddlers. Pig comes with us too as a few of her friends from nursery attend also.

Being the Stay at Home Dad and the groundhog day effect.

This groundhog day effect does seem to make a difference with my mental health. It is one thing I struggle with most days. Some days are better than others but it still is a depressing situation.

Doing the same things day in day out. This is why a change in my routine of getting out and about to the coffee morning, playgroup or walks out to anywhere my feet will take and direct me has been a welcomed change.

The social aspect and the fresh air from getting out has helped with my mental health. More so with the coffee morning and playgroup, getting over the anxiousness i struggle with speaking to and meeting new people and new busy surroundings.

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3 Thoughts to “Groundhog Day – Life as a Stay at Home Dad can be Isolating.”

  1. Hi Eddie,
    I know what that feels like. It feels like Groundhog day everyday as I’m studying every day and when I’m not I’m working on my next article.

    I know what that feels like. It feels like Groundhog day everyday as I’m studying every day and when I’m not I’m working on my next article.

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  3. Lindsay

    I feel you with the whole isolation thing. I became a stay at home mum at the start of the pandemic and felt totally alone. Now I’ve learnt to drive so we try and go somewhere new every other week. Plus with nursery days it has helped my mental health so much. The groups your going to are a great idea. Interacting with other parents will really help.

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