Half Term – Feb 2020.

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Half Term fun and frolics.

The Half Term is here. The time where the kids have had a weeks break off from school. No learning for a week. They love the break away from school and much to their dismay it has almost come to an end. When Monday rolls around some form of normality will be resumed.

Mouse and Titch will be heading back to school, I’m sure they will be pleased once there with their friends. Pig will be back at Pre school, she loves it at the pre school she goes to, she is definitely excited to see her friends. With that our routine will be back to what it once was a week ago.

Not the typical half term that we are accustomed to.

This half term though has been a rather strange one, it is quite rare that our half terms end up like this one. Let me. Divulge into our half term a little more. My two step daughters Mouse and Titch have been spending the week of their half term at their Daddy’s House, and my eldest daughter Pork chop has had a week here with us.

Definitely this has mean that it has been a quieter week than what we are accustomed to, and not just because of the fact we have had 2 children less in the house. The week has been a bit of a peaceful one to be honest with you.

But a typical British half term though with the recent storms we have experienced across the UK the last few weeks. Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis are the names they go by. The rain and winds have been, how can I explain it? Well… putting it frankly its been utterly ridiculous. A major off putter of Dadventures with the kids.

We have mostly been spending our time indoors doing various activities from colouring books and stories. Playing the odd game and board game to being snuggled under blankets.

All sharing and enjoying some snacks and hot chocolate, enjoying Disney movies, Films and the girls favourite series on the likes of Now TV or Netflix. Wanders out with the Dog and also trips to the park when we can in between the breaks in the downpours.

I’ve been left with a strange feeling of Guilt.

Even though it has been a thoroughly enjoyable week with the three girls, Pig, Beast and Pork Chop. I am left with a feeling of guilt. I can’t quite understand why I have been left feeling guilty.

Parental guilt is a thing and I’m sure I am not the only one to admit feeling it. But it has not been just feeling guilty either, but a sense of Failure. I feel in a small way somehow that I have failed my children. Failed because we haven’t really ventured from the house much this past week and haven’t created many memories. Memories like I have from when I was a child.

I’ve had six amazing days with my eldest daughter, rather than our usual two days that we spend together every weekend.

I think the guilt stems from the fact that we haven’t been able to do the things we would have liked to because of the weather. I had plans and idea’s of walks down at the beach, to wander around Peasholm Park.

We have recently joined and become members of the English Heritage, for more details Click here. I had hoped to visit Scarborough Castle with them. All of these different idea’s that I had planned but the inability to carry them out.

We could have ventured out wrapped up in plenty of layers, Hats Gloves and Scarfs but one look out of the window and the girls made it clear that they didn’t want to venture out.

Out for a walk with my girls at the start of half term. A brief dry stint to get out and get some fresh air.
Half Term and out for a walk with the girls and the dog.

The half term has thrown me out of sorts.

This February Half Term has left me somewhat lost and out of sorts. While we are usually running a good founding of routine throughout a normal week during school terms. Our Routine is a way that helps me maintain a more grounded and settled mind, works and helps wonders with my mental health.

I think this is part and parcel of why I have these feelings of guilt. Being out of our usual routine, out of the norm, out of the usual comfort zone.

Being stuck indoors brings the feeling of being claustrophobic. The ability to get out without worry, getting the fresh air it helps to clear the mind, clear the anxious thoughts.

Sounds ridiculous and I hate it.

What I just mentioned it sound’s ridiculous right? To me it does anyway, not sure if you ever find yourself judging your own thoughts.

It is one thing I hate is these feelings. Nervous and anxious feelings just from thought’s of leaving the house and going out. But here is the catch 22 situation, my mind is doing this to keep me in but… Getting yourself out into the world, enjoying the fresh air, being active with my kids, it helps to clear those anxious thought’s. It help’s to lift your mood.

To help myself to keep a clear anxious free ish mind, I blame the storm’s as of late. The weather which has put on a halt to adventurous plans. Mainly to keep in mind that over the coming weeks the weather shall improve.

How has the half term been for you.

I hope the half term has been good and fun for you and your family whatever you may have been up to.

A few questions I would like to leave with you.

How do you find being stuck indoors when the weather has been like we have had lately, especially during the half term breaks?

Have you found yourself sometimes getting the same or similar claustrophobic anxious feelings?

When we do have weather like this, do you enjoy the time indoors with the kids when the weather is poor?

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4 Thoughts to “Half Term – Feb 2020.”

  1. Och, any school holiday and lack of routine throughs me out. As for guilt, I feel guilty the nanosecond my kids get in front of a screen. What I say though is a small amount of guilt is merely a sign you care.

    1. Agreed sometimes it cannot be helped but to pop a film on or some tablet time. Especially when they have exhausted the possibilities of craft and drawing activities and had enough of playing with their toys. That is a good point.

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