5 Today – Happy Birthday my Daughter Pig.

Happy Birthday my daughter pig 5 today

Pig this is 5yrs with you. Happy Birthday.

I would like to express to you all within this post the pride and love I have for my Daughter Pig by wishing a massive Happy Birthday my Daughter. Be prepared for some soppy Dad stuff and plenty of memories as I share with you the last 5yrs with my Daughter Pig.

My daughter Pig in our living room decorated with banners and balloons. Happy Birthday my Daughter you are 5 today.
Happy Birthday my Daughter you are 5 today.

With Pig she caused both me and her Mum Sarah plenty of stress and worry before she had even entered this world – you can read more on the Pregnancy, Labour and Birth with my Daughter Pig Here and learn more on the mounds of stress and worry that was caused.

Just like through all stressful and what may seem a negative journey there is always a star shining light at the end of the tunnel. Pig was evicted, she was here and me and Sarah were both over the moon that everything during the labour and birth went smoothly and without complications.

The first photo of me and you.

My first year with you being your Daddy.

The first year of life with you as any parent would agree was arduous and tiring. The physical and mentally exhausted feelings after a full day at work combined with an ever growing family with your night feeds tossed into the mix.

I am not complaining though, the sort of Daddy I am and aim to be was to always support your Mummy as she had the hardest job of all. Caring for not just you my little Pig but also your older sisters too. I wanted to be as much of a hands on father with you as my own father was – pssst that’s your Grandad.

Watching how quickly you grew, taking in the world around you. Being present as you figured out your likes and dislikes – Pasta! 5 years and I still cannot believe you don’t like Pasta. Oh how your personality and attitude began to shine.

To you I wish you a happy birthday my daughter as you reach the fine age of 1yr – YES!! you made it… Phew.

The second Year was the Fun Year.

Oh how you quickly changed as you followed the path from being a baby of 12 months of age to the cheeky and terriblesome two year old you became.

We had some great fun and memories along the way, how you became a qualified building inspector, well your other Grandad would be proud – you didn’t really you stole your sister Titch’s Hard Hat and Goggles she received as a gift but still the seed had been planted in your head to follow a career some way or another.

The bond that grew between you and our Family Dog Toby, mightily fortified by a common love of food. Yep this is why I nicknamed you Pig. You loved your food and you were the sort of Baby who just oozed those cute chubby rolls. I mean your chunky baby rolls had rolls too.

It was a lifetime friendship with you and Toby which still is today as I write this on your 5th Birthday. At one point we had to start giving you larger portions so that you would still have sufficiently enough to eat from a meal as well as being able to share with the Dog.

This bond with toby and our cat truly shone through as you approached 2yrs old, a love of animals is definitely a trait you have. You won’t remember this but you rode your first Pony before you turned 2yrs old.

Happy Birthday my Daughter.

Oh the Terrible Twos!! You my Dear Pig were more Terrorist Twos than Terrible!!

Throughout your two-nage years you definitely was a prime example of the Terrible Twos, even at some points you were close to being deemed a little terrorist. You were cheeky, your speech for your age was incredible but your temper, whit and determination really started to shine.

These are certainly traits I am proud that you hold, your whit would make me and your Mummy laugh uncontrollably.

Your Temper at times certainly made me take a step back to re-evaluate the situation of an impending defcon 5 like toddler meltdown.

But it is your fearless confident attitude that you have and the determination to never give up no matter what challenges lay ahead of you. Usually it was your older siblings teasing you running around and climbing furniture so that you couldn’t catch them! But still you would never gve up until you had caught them. A trait I hope that you will carry with you always throughout your life.

Happy Birthday my Daughter.

At 3yrs of age you definitely became a Threenager.

A sassy and confident threenager you were Pig. Still with a passion and love for animals and now lucky enough to have your own Pony too just like your Sister Mouse. The way you were fearless with an animal like a pony standing above you and the care, love and responsibility you showed was heartwarming.

Oh what a fashion sense you had, there was no arguing with you about it either. If you wanted to accompany me to Aldi to do the weekly shop wearing your Elsa dress, Wooly hat and Boots! That is exactly what you did.

Your understanding and want for adventure always amazed me. We have had some amazing adventures together over the years but as a 3yr old your imagination shone like a star and made these adventures much more memorable for me.

Happy Birthday my Daughter.

Four has now come and gone.

This last year has been amazing with you Pig. Having the opportunity to be the Stay at Home Dad, to spend the time I have with you and your siblings has been incredible and life changing for me. I have got to know more about you than I ever thought I could.

I have had the chance to take you to nursery which I never got the chance to do whilst I was at work, getting to hear about your day from your key workers and seeing the friendships that you had made.

The adventures we ventured on, you always have and still do love a good trip to the park. For you though it isn’t a trip to the park, it is a magical adventure. The slide would be to you a passageway to a magical land filled with fairies and unicorns.

Climbing to the top of a hill to you was like conquering the highest mountain and looking out above the clouds. Your imagination is what I adore in you, no matter how dull or boring to some it may seem, to you it is fun, exciting and thrilling.

It really hit me recently just how much you are growing up. The day you started school. You took this big step in life with such confidence and spirit, I am so proud of you I don’t think you will ever understand how much. After such a rough year with the whole coronavirus and Lockdown, you entered this journey to school with your head held high and enjoyed every step of the way.

Your first term at school completed and we were given a glowing report from your teacher, praising on how helpful you are in the classroom. How compassionate and caring you are to the other children around you. I believe you will carry on with this attitude throughout your life and I hope you will do as it will define you as an incredible woman one day.

Happy Birthday my Daughter.

Now 5! 5 Years old, I cannot quite believe it. These 5 years have passed by so quickly yet I have so many memories. Keep being you my Beautiful Pig.

Love you forever and always, Daddy.

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5 Thoughts to “5 Today – Happy Birthday my Daughter Pig.”

  1. Oh dear, lump in my throat! Happy Birthday to Pig! You seem a fabulous 5 year old and do keep challenging your mum and dad, becoming a powerful force for whatever inspires you.

    1. Thanks smell. Oh I’m sure she will still keep challenging us thats for sure 😂.

  2. Lovely summary and suitably soppy! Happy birthday Pig.

    1. Nothing wrong with a soppy dad moment from time to time. Birthday celebrations all to do again tomorrow with Mouse who turns 9 tomorrow. Thank you John.

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