Happy Birthday my girl

Happy Birthday my girl mouse is 9 today

9 Today!! I wish you a Happy Birthday my girl Mouse.

So I’m back once again like a renegade master (love that tune) with yet another soppy Dad Birthday message, this time though is happy birthday my girl Mouse (my eldest step-daughter).

It is always manic in our household at this time of year.

We start off with Pigs Birthday at the end of October (have a read of the soppy Dad Birthday post I did for pig here), then it is one of my eldest girls birthdays and that is Mouse, Beasts 8 days later and then just 3 days later it is my Amazing other half Sarah’s Birthday.

Wow manic, then it is Christmas – don’t get me started on Christmas just yet, let’s get birthdays out of the way first!!

This post is dedicated to my eldest Step-Daughter Mouse. Happy Birthday my girl as you celebrate your 9th Birthday today!! Wow 9 where has those years gone.

Our living room decorated with Birthday Banners and Balloons to celebrate Happy Birthday my Girl Mouse who is 9 today
All set for Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday my Girl Mouse

This is a baby photo of mouse attempting to crawl. Happy Birthday my girl.
Beautiful Baby Mouse

Today you turn 9 and I wish you Happy Birthday my girl. Even though I have only been present in your life for 7 of those 9 years, you are a wonderful girl and as your Mummy and Daddy are I am super SUPER proud of you everyday and I am so happy that I am able to be part of your life as your Step-Dad.

Mouse you have always had a cheeky smile..Happy Birthday my girl.
Cheeky Smile

One thing about you that I have always and still admire about you is your infectious giggle and cheeky smile.

Mouse you are an amazing big sister just like this photo from 6 years ago comforting Titch. Happy Birthday my girl.
An amazing sister you are – happy birthday my girl.

The fact that even though you and your siblings clash, fight and argue and cause me and your Daddy to lose more hair than we should be due to the stress. You are the perfect Big Sister than anyone could ask for. Your sisters are so lucky to have you as a sister, a friend and a role model.

You may not remember the time when this photo was taken but it was an incredible day. A day you me , Pork Chop and your mummy. We had such a fun time at Sewerby Hall and Gardens. We had fun exploring the grounds and seeing the animals, but what better on a cool autumnal day than to enjoy a nice hot chocolate.

The day something between me and you clicked.

I will always remember this day, not just from the negative memory of it with the sheer worry and panic, your mummy, daddy and I experienced that day but the main thing I will always remember and cherish is the positive from this day.

After an accidental bump between you and Granny Lynda and Grandad Bills labrador Dinah, you both attempted to catch a soft toy hamster while playing in the garden.

Still to this day you have no recollection of the dog causing the cut to your lip when both your heads collided. You still believe it was caused by the soft toy you were playing with.

During the time through this and having to head over to York Hospital for a specialist facial surgeon to stitch your lip. Something clicked between us. I had been a part of your life no more than 2 years at this point.

But playing building blocks and eye spy with you in the hospital while you waited. Playing eye spy from the comfort of your bed. Playing counting games. Comforting you when you were scared and holding your hand. A spark of trust lit within you and our whole relationship from this day become closer and more meaningful.

Happy Birthday my girl Mouse, always remember I love you.

Throughout the years.

Throughout the years I have being such a proud Step-Father, being a part of your life and sharing the memories with you. Happy Birthday my Girl I cannot quite grasp the fact you are 9.

You have always loved animals.

Your love for animals and wildlife is something I adore about you. The fun and excitement it brings you even still today, something simple as feeding the pigeons at Peasholm Park.

One thing I do miss even though I grumble about it like a grumpy Dad. I know you miss him terribly too, your tears say it all when ever you look at the pictures of the memories you both shared. And that is your old Pony Migo.

I do feel guilty as a parent due to the reason behind us having to re re home Migo and Peanut was because I had been made redundant from my job and the decision between myself and your mummy for me to stay home with you girls as the Stay at Home parent.

These times running around the indoor riding school with you and your old pony Migo will always be something I shall remember, something both me and you could do together. Happy Birthday my girl.
Me you and Migo having great fun in the riding school at the yard.

Running around the indoor riding school with you and Migo, watching your confidence and skill with your Horse Riding was incredible.

The sense of responsibility having migo taught you, even though you’d get mucked in mucking pony crap up from his stable But still now it is such a task to get you to simply pick your crap up from your bedroom floor!

Still I think this is ultimately down to your pre-nager self shining bright these days as you grow up.

I don’t want you to grow up, I want to share more of the young cheeky funny years with you Once more. Now we will have to enjoy the more grown up things you are enjoying lately. Maybe a game of roblox, but don’t hold me to it.

As with any young child your age these days you love the technology. Even though you rebel and detest the Screen Time rules we have set in place for you all.

I love your fearless nature.

With anything you tackle head on. Some things you get afraid which is natural but you are a thrill seeker and I love it. The confidence you have is incredible and admirable. Your love of fast paced thrill rides at an amusement park like our recent press trip to Gulliver’s Valley.

I still cannot believe you went on this ride alone. With an accompanied adult obviously but you loved it so much you wanted to do it again.

Celebrations – Happy Birthday my Girl.

Mouse I will never be able to put into words how much I love you, we all do, I’m sure your Daddy will agree but you are an amazing young lady. So kind, helpful and the words we hear from the teachers at school have nothing but kind and positive things to say about you and your nature. It makes me so proud to hear.

It has being a privilege to be a part of your life and I look forward to the many more to come. I may not be your Daddy and you not my daughter but Mouse always remember you will always be one of my Girls ❤3000.

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