Happy Birthday Beasty

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2 Today! Happy Birthday Beast

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As the title of this post suggests, the youngest of the Princess tribe Beast is 2 today. Happy Birthday princess.

Happy Birthday

So now we are officially stepping into the terrible two’s phase with you, I think the past few months has certainly been testing the waters with sass and attitude on tap.

This is something about you which I love, so independent it is frustrating but an amazing tendency to grasp.

A collage of Beast in her 1st year and now celebrating her 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday little one.
From your 1st Birthday

From being ever such a tiny, fragile and quiet baby you have come on leaps and bounds and transformed into a funny, cheeky, somewhat argumentative crazy child.

Never change though princess, the crazy things you do and the way you argue with your sisters and never back down is not only hilarious to experience but something that surely will set you onto a good step later in life.

A happy beast outdoors. I cannot quite believe you are 2 today.
I cannot grasp the fact you are 2 today.

We have had some amazing times and we have made memories together that I shall cherish for my lifetime.

Making the decision to stay home and be the stay at home Dad has being the best decision I have made in life – other than the decision of being a Dad of course.

The time spent as the stay at home Dad has been more enjoyable and fun with you around.

Being able to watch you develop and grow but be so heavily involved in these early years of your life has being incredible.

Having such fun together playing with your toys, reading books and generally being crazy and childish together.

You are the youngest out of 5 girls, it will be a challenge for you to be heard at times in such a tribe of princesses. I know you will be fine though, your stubbornness and generally everything that makes you, you will definitely not be a hindrance in this instance.

We have experienced with you some of the most comical of tantrums, over the slightest of things which I guess adds to the hilariousness of the tantrums themselves.

One thing I admire about you is the no fear mentality you have, nothing phases you – well other than fireworks mainly.

But the way you climb everything, the sense of adventure in your eyes, I love it.

Happy Birthday Crazy Girl.

Your Mummy takes great pleasure in holding me responsible for some of the crazy and random things you do. Claiming that I have broken you and unable to return you to the stork for a recall.

Even though for the majority of a day, you are 0-100mph quicker than a Bugatti Chiron you are such a loving little girl who will happily snuggle up and watch a film, your favourite being Finding Nemo – thank you Disney+, lifesaver.

One thing I really don’t mind sharing with you and will happily admit is Hey Duggee. You really took to this cartoon, and you still love it today.

Guess what, me too. Remember the time we reviewed that Hey Duggee Smart Tablet we were gifted for that review. That was fun for sure.

Your special day wouldn’t be the same without a Hey Duggee Balloon would it – bargain on Amazon. Happy Birthday Kiddo.

You are one incredible little girl Beasty. Happy Birthday my princess. We all love you, here is to another year of keeping you alive, fed and watered.

The journey ahead of you is going to be lots of fun, starting next Friday actually. That is the day you will have your first experience of nursery.

Just remember, Daddy loves you. Happy Birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday Beast! Joyeux anniversaire ma petite demoiselle. Bisous.

    1. Aww thanks smell even though I have no idea what you actually said 😂.

  2. “Happy birthday little lady, sending kisses” approximately

    1. Aww thanks smell 😊

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