Review of Tea Light Candle Subscription Box – From Happysoul Scarborough.

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Tea Light Candle subscription box from Happysoul Scarborough.

Well it was an evening of firsts all round I think, Amanda from Happysoul Scarborough dropped round our (*) Tea Light Candle Subscription Box, her first few had been sent out to a select few for a survey before she launched them to the public.

This came around after I had seen a post on Instagram from Happysoul Scarborough. Amanda was expressing her intention of wanting to launch a Subscription box containing products which they supply. As you do I had a nosey through their page on Instagram and also on Facebook. I had contacted Amanda through Email as requested in her post.

I went and sat with my other half Sarah as she loves candles and wax melts. Sarah even went through a phase of making her own different scented soy wax candles and melts. It seemed intruiging for us both. I don’t mind a nice smelling room from a candle or melt if I’m being honest.

A little about Happysoul Scarborough.

From having a look around Happysoul Scarborough Website.

Amanda has set out a very simple and easy to use Website for her business. This makes finding the products you are looking for very easy… What’s the words I’m looking for… User friendly, that’s it. She is very proactive of offering an Eco friendly service. Which has been thought out very well with the packaging and products. Happysoul Scarborough candles and wax melts are all handpoured using Vegan Ingredients which are all Natural and Sustainable. Amanda at Happysoul Scarborough also offers a range of other Natural, sustainable, Eco friendly products and items, to bring happiness and cosiness into your Home.

Why not take a look through Amanda’s website below. Have a nosey through her online shop to find other products. They are well presented, pretty looking items that would suit any modern or classic looking home.

Happysoul Scarborough Website

Amanda offers Happysoul @ Home Parties.

Happy Soul @ Home Parties. Happy Soul can bring a range of their Home Fragrance products into customers homes so that they can get some friends round, play some games, have a drink & do a bit of shopping. A fab idea for a girly social event. Happysoul also offer a fab host discount & a free gift of any item of their choice. If you or any of your friends would be interested in hosting one of Happy Souls @ Home Parties, I’ve popped all of her details at the end of this post. From her Facebook Page, Instagram and also Happy Souls Website.

My review of the (*) Tea light Candle Subscription Box.

Happysoul Scarborough Test Subscription Box. Tea lights. (*).

Receiving the Subscription box.

Being local in Scarborough, Amanda hand delivered the item for me. Nationwide UK delivery is available through her Online Shop. You can purchase either via her secure card Payment system or via PayPal.

Once we had got the girls into bed. Sarah and I opened the Subscription box to have a look inside. You have the comfort and peace of mind knowing even down to the packaging used, such as the box and the inside packing are all Eco Friendly and Recyclable.

Inside of the Happysoul Scarborough Subscription Box (*)

First Impression.

The attention to detail, even down to the way the Tea light Candles are packaged. It gives you the feeling of love and passion for her products. The smell after opening the packaging is like a wave of wonder. A nice subtle scent, not overpowering like some scented candles and melts can emit which can be off putting. They are very subtle but wonderfully scented. The Subscription box contains 6 Strawberry and Champagne Tea lights. These have a very balanced aroma, picking up the Fruity notes from the strawberry.

We had one of the Tea lights lit and found that they had a very good Burn time. We compared these to others we have tried from a variety of places in the past. The longer burn time was a big plus and 👍 from Sarah.

Champagne and Strawberry Happysoul Scarborough Tea Light Candle, Vegan, natural and sustainably sourced materials and ingredients.

Included in the subscription box was a lone Tea Light candle. The Special Treat was very gently and neatly packaged within a little bag of its own. (The bag is also Eco friendly and Recyclable). The scent of the Happysoul Scarborough Exclusive will change each month, to offer a different scent.

The Tea lights within the Happysoul Scarborough Tea Light Subscription Box (*)

Final thoughts on the Happysoul Scarborough Tea Light Subscription Box Tester (*)

Overall we are very impressed and pleased with the Subscription box. The products are well presented and well made. It is comforting knowing that the products are made from natural and sustainable ingredients, also Vegan.

What some may want to know is what would be the cost of the Subscription Boxes? Well let me tell you, for what you recieve it is very Reasonable. For peace of mind with natural, Eco friendly and vegan products.

This Tea Light Subscription Box is available through Happysoul Scarborough for £7.50 per month. Inside the Tea Light Subscription Box each month you will recieve 6 Tea Light candles. Each month it will include a different flavour scent to the month before. You will also receive 1 special treat. The special treat included in the Subscription box may differ throughout the months.

The overall presentation and the thought that has gone into the products and production, the packaging, but also the quality of the product are very good, I would certainly recommend Happysoul Scarborough.

I hope you have found my review useful, if you are looking for something similar I’m sure Happysoul Scarborough has the item you desire. Please find details below for Amanda at Happysoul Scarborough.

Online here – Happysoul Scarborough – Website

Find the Happysoul Scarborough Facebook Page here.

Interact with them via theHappysoul Scarborough Instagram Page.

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