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Mental Health Support Service provided by Healingclouds

I was recently sent an Email to have a look at what was available from Healingclouds. An Online Support Service for those who have day to day struggles with their Mental Health, whether or not that is – Depression, Anxiety, a debilitating form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or even PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Healingclouds have a wide range of Therapists that specialise in various fields within the broad spectrum of Mental Health and Well Being. So there is a great chance that someone within Healingclouds support network will be readily available to offer help and support you with your Struggles.

Take a Read below and find out what Happyclouds can offer you.

Healingclouds – Founded by CEO & Mental Health Advocate Asim Amin.

Healingclouds is an Online therapy platform offers UK’s most affordable mental health support service as founder pledges to make treatment ‘accessible for all.’

The Logo for Healingclouds. An Online support network for Mental health an well-being.
Healingclouds – An Online support network for Mental health an well-being.

The team at Healingclouds is on a mission to break down the barriers people face when seeking help with their Mental Health and Well Being issues.

The web-based mental health and wellbeing platform connects users to a pool of therapists via video call, with 60 to 90 minute sessions available from as low as £35.

What Services are available at Healingclouds?

The service offers a range of therapies from approved and accredited practitioners, including cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), psychological counselling and psychotherapy.Users can address a number of concerns, from anxiety to addiction, as well as working on personal growth and relationships.

Founder and CEO Asim Amin, wants to eliminate the obstacles preventing people from reaching out and says cost is a huge factor, as well as stigma surrounding the topic.

Happyclouds CEO and Founder Asim Amin.
Happyclouds CEO and Founder Asim Amin.

Asim said: “In recent months we’ve seen major strides in people’s perception towards mental wellbeing.”

In the past mental health has not been publicised in the same way that physical health has.

“Cost is also a considerable part of the problem – it can be £90-£100 for a session, and that is a significant amount of money to most people.”

Founder and CEO Asim Amin Explains why he created Healingclouds, and what he aims to offer.

Mental health has always been close to founder Asim’s heart. His mother, Farah Shakir, suffered from depression through Asim’s childhood, but, after seeking help from a therapist, she was able to understand her mental health battle and how to manage it.

You and your mental health and well-being matter.
You and your mental health and well-being matter – Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

“I know personally the importance of mental health and well-being, the difference the availability of support systems makes” Asim added.

After having the courage to reach out, another hurdle often encountered is long wait times before people can speak to a therapist.

As well as affordability, accessibility and availability are extremely important to Asim and the team at Healingclouds.

The service offers users access to a therapist as early as the next day, from the comfort, convenience and safety of their own homes, eliminating additional travel costs often associated with a face to face service.

Asim said: “The NHS, which is one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it is doing everything it can, but there can be a long wait time.”

Healingclouds offer a very reasonable Monthly Subscription package.

Healingclouds has a number of monthly subscription packages to suit all needs, from a basic level at £45 a month which includes one therapy session, to a more premium package including four sessions at £140 a month.

All packages included unlimited direct messages to therapists as well as access to Healingclouds online resources.

Someone always at the other end of a phone to help at Happyclouds
Someone always at the other end of a phone to help at Happyclouds – Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash

(For me Personally I like this as problems with bouts of mental health and issues we have with our well-being. They certainly know how to creep up on you don’t they. If you have a Bad day at the office at least you have the confidence to know that quick text and a therapist is straight there with a reply to help you overcome this blip).

Users are matched with therapists after completing a short online questionnaire, this is to ensure you receive the correct and best care possible for your mental health and well-being needs.

Therapists are bound by confidentiality clauses, Healingclouds code of ethics and the site uses encrypted technology to secure all sessions. (Always great to know that you are safe online and this surely is a security net that builds confidence with recieving help).

All sound good so far? Does to me.

But how do you know what standard of therapist you will be connected with I may be hearing you ask. Well Healingclouds have a very stringent and thorough system for selecting their therapists. Continue reading below to find out how…

Additional measures are in place to ensure a high standard across the platform – all therapists are certified in their relevant practice and are put through a precise and strict vetting process by the Healingclouds team.

Asim is on a crusade to ‘normalise’ mental health and build it into day-to-day routine, much like going to the gym.

Asim added: “People go to the gym to continue to improve, and addressing mental health has the same effect. It can improve your relationships, your work-life balance.

“People go to the gym to continue to improve, and addressing mental health has the same effect" - quoted from Happyclouds CEO and Founder Amis Amin.
“People go to the gym to continue to improve, and addressing mental health has the same effect.” Quoted from Amis Amin – Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

“For example, stress is thought of as a ‘part of life’, but it doesn’t have to be. We want to break the barriers of cost and convenience for people so they can seek help.

“We have an opportunity to change and impact lives. It’s all about helping people.”

Where you can find Healingclouds.

Here is the link to Healingclouds so you can have a look throughout their website, read testimonials and look at the various sessions Healingclouds have to offer your Mental Health – https://www.healingclouds.com/

If you are an avid reader and follower of my Blog then you will know of my struggles with the likes of Anxiousness/Social Anxiety and Depression which you can read about here. From taking a look at what Healingclouds are offering throughout their Online support service is fantastic.

The Stigma behind any form of Mental Health and Well-Being needs to be spoken about more freely and openly, for everyone – Men especially but also women and children also. No matter who we are we can all sometimes struggle from time to time when stresses of life or something within our lives that throws us one a hell of a curve ball.

We should not be ashamed of our struggles or afraid to speak out and seek help with our mental health and well-being
We should not be ashamed of our struggles or afraid to speak out and seek help with our mental health and well-being – Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

We shouldn’t be afraid of being judged or belittled for wanting to speak out and seek help. Hopefully with what people like Asim Amin are trying to achieve, one day….Just one day we may be in that place where there is no stigma or judgemental views or fear around Mental Health and our Well-being.

I hope you may have found this post not only helpful but useful also, even if it is to help a friend or family member in need, getting somebody the help and support they need when it comes to this subject is very important and something I am aiming to get across to people via my Blog, especially Mental Health regarding Men and Fathers.

Please Feel free to leave a comment below of any experiences or struggles you may have had with your own mental health and if this form of Online Support would benefit you.


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  1. This is so powerful! While the internet can certainly contribute to mental health issues, it’s also a valuable tool. I love that this will open the door to those that are in need of help. Removing barriers to access help can save lives!

    1. The Internet and social media outlets is one of those kind of situations isn’t it, sometimes it can do more harm than good but in a different aspect it can be a great source for the help that is needed.

  2. Mental heath is a very important in these days. Some times we can’t share our problems to others and that cost us stress and other mental issues. Having someone to talk is very helpful for our mental peace. This is such great article thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I have my own issues with depression and anxiety. I try to share my own struggles to help others and when I came across Healingclouds I had to get in contact, a fantastic platform for those in need.

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