Hey Duggee Smart Tablet Review

Hey Duggee Smart Tablet Review

Disclaimer – I received this Gifted Hey Duggee Smart Tablet for the purpose of a review. What you will read in my Review are my own thoughts and opinions.

This is a graphic I created for this blog post review featuring a picture of the hey duggee smart tablet along side some of my youngest daughters other hey duggee toys.
[Review] Hey Duggee Smart Tablet.

Hey there Squirrels, I hope we are all keeping well and ready for another Review because I have a belter for you with this one. Today I will be sharing with you my Review of this Hey Duggee Smart Tablet – “A-WOOF”.

This is a photo of my youngest daughter playing the hey duggee badges feature of the hey duggee smart tablet.
My youngest Daughter Beast playing the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet.

Now I am certain that any parent reading this review will have heard of Hey Duggee – one of Cbeebies greatest creations for me.

If you haven’t checked out the Hey Duggee episodes my god where have you been!!

To be honest I don’t actually know who loves Hey Duggee more in my household, me or my youngest daughter Beast.

That doesn’t matter though it is something we do together, have fun, share laughs and dance and sing along together with the hey duggee characters.

What is the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet?

Whoa hold your horses and wait a moment because I know just what you are thinking. Why am I going to buy my 2yr old Toddler a Hey Duggee Smart Tablet, I don’t want them playing Minecraft with Roly or Coin Master with Betty!

Don’t panic your safe, it isn’t that sort of tablet that you have to struggle setting up Parental Controls, Age Restrictions or connecting it to the WiFi. Nope it is an interactive tablet now available in the range of hey duggee toys.

Brightly coloured illustrations of your little squirrels favourite Hey Duggee Characters to keep your little ones entertained.

What does the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet do?

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet is an interactive chidrens toy designed and created to attract your kids attention by using their favourite Hey Duggee characters to get them interacting and engaging in fun games.

My youngest daughter has put this hey duggee toy through its paces. Here she is playing the Characters feaure of the Hey duggee smart tablet.
The hey duggee smart tablet has recieved a thorough testing for this review from my youngest daughter Beast.

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet is designed for children aged 3yrs+ – Any child under the recommended age of 3yrs should be supervised by an adult while using this tablet from the varied selection available of interactive hey duggee toys.

My youngest daughter Beast is coming up 2 in November and absolutely loves this Hey Duggee Smart Tablet.

Her favourite hey duggee characters are obviously Duggee but also Roly – she finds his loud voice funny.

You can’t blame her for those choices really and with a large interactive image of Duggee on the Tablet she loves to press it and listen to the various selected Hey Duggee sounds.

Here my youngest daughter and I, lay on the floor together listening and playing along to this Hey Duggee toys sounds, giving it a thorough test for the review of this Hey Duggee Smart Tablet.

This is just me I think and the age that my daughter is, not fully understanding the full features, but she loves the on/off button!! It is the only button on the whole Hey Duggee Smart Tablet that protrudes and makes it oh so much more enticing to press than the others.

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablets various games and activities.

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet features a number of games and activities which help your child to learn.

Learn through various activities with the Hey Duggee characters from the hit Cbeebies show.

Here is my youngest daughter sat with the hey duggee smart tablet on her lap testing out the various functions.
Testing the Various functions of this Hey Duggee toy.


When your little one touches one of the Letters – Aa to Ee they will hear the name of the letter said out loud. With an added Letter game feature to play which is a find the letter game. This is bound to give your little squirrel a head start with their Alphabet and knowledge of letters.


Five brightly coloured Shapes with a number on each will help aid your child with number recognition and its name/sound. With numbers 1-5, once each is pressed – similar to the Letters it says the number/shape out loud. Also with a number game feature to identify and find a certain number.


The main aim for the squirrels when they are with Duggee is to earn Badges from what they learn in the particular hey duggee episode. Like one of mine and Beasts favourite episodes below – The Dancing Bug Badge (a great episode, both me and Beast find bugs accent funny, his dancing and how we can both get involved singing and dancing along).

Also with a game feature of finding certain hey duggee badges which will keep the little ones active and their minds ticking over.


Using colourful illustrated clouds this part of the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet will help the young member of the squirrels to learn and identify Colours. A fun game for them to interact with also.

The game challenges them to find a spoken colour. Press each of the individual coloured clouds – Red, Blue, White, Yellow and Green to hear the name of the colour spoken.

Hey Duggee Characters.

An illustration of each of the Squirrels. Each character once touched will Say their name and also a short description of themselves – Norrie, Happy, Tag, Roly and Betty.

Another game function of this part of the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet where they are asked to identify and touch certain hey duggee characters..

Extra Features.

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet also takes into consideration the sometimes overlooked Parental Sanity.

Something that is usually brought on by a similar toy with similar features which has no volume control.
Not to worry, the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet has you and your ears covered with easy-to-use volume controls.

Me and my daughter Beast playing with the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet for this Review.
I’m under attack because I turned the volume down!!

One thing I do love about the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet is that it is User-friendly for the age range and if I’m honest, even for younger children than the recommended 3yrs+.

The buttons for each feature are fairly sensitive but in a good sensitive – lets just say they wont be doing any key bashing when attempting to get one of the features to play a tune/sound.

It is very robust with a rubber protective bumper all around the edging. This gives you the confidence that if you have a toddler like mine – IT IS going to be thrown across the room or slammed to the floor in some sort of terrible twos tantrum or a three-nager esk meltdown!

Not to worry, it wont break that easily. This is one thing my Daughter Beast has tested on many occasions.

Easy to set-up

Super easy and simple to set-up. Just a case of removing it from the simpe cardboard packaging. Using a small philips screw driver to remove the battery cover.

All you will need is 3 AAA batteries and your little squirrel can be away and having fun and learning away with their favourite hey duggee characters.


Well what’s the final verdict, I would say if your little one loves nothing more than Dancing and Singing or even Babbling away to the popular Hey Duggee series on Cbeebies, BBC iPlayer or Netflix (a few ways of where to watch Hey Duggee Episodes) then this is an ideal toy for them.

A great way to help them learn various basics from numeracy, colours and letters but also recognition, whether that is from sounds made or just from memory playing the featured games.

My daughter wouldn't let me have a go with the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet during this review, toddlers for you.
Beast loves it that much she wants to use it as a pillow. Toddlers are random aren’t they?

“A-Woof-A-Woof” – In Duggee terms that wold be a recommendation from me and Beast for the Hey Duggee Smart Tablet. A great gift for your Toddler with Christmas Coming up.

Make sure to have a look for other hey duggee toys that are available, I know I have a few hey duggee accessories we are keeping an eye on Beast for her upcoming Birthday and Christmas.

Where is it Available?

The Hey Duggee Smart Tablet is out now and is available to purchase from John Lewis the suggested RRP for this out of the range of hey duggee toys is very reasonable at £17.99.

If your Child/Children love Hey Duggee then i’m sure they may be fans of Peppa pig (I know sadly Beast is too). Why not take 5 and take a look at my review of the Peppa Pig Grow & Play – Growing Pots. A fun way to get your children gardening and growing Easy-to-Grow Seeds.

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