Back to the Home Schooling.

Back to the home schooling

Covid problems – Back to the Home Schooling.

Ah guys where to begin with this one, well it is pretty simple really because as the title of this post suggests we are back to Home Schooling. Well with one of the girls anyway.

Lately with all the Covid stuff it doesn’t just seem to rain, it pours doesn’t it. Just over two weeks since our Covid scare where we took the decision to self isolate and get the family tested for Covid with Home test kits – You can have a read of that post Here.

This week has been busier than the usual daily grind of school runs, entertaining of a toddler and daily household chore duties because as of Monday Titch has officially been locked down and home to Isolate for 14 days.

This is an infographic I created to show what our morning home schooling routine could look like.
The Home Schooling routine – this infographic I created isn’t a true depiction of how our school day goes… or is it?

Over the course of the weekend a child from Titch’s class has had a Positive Covid Test result which meant a notification from the School on Sunday Evening to say that all pupils in that specific class, including Teachers and Assistants that have been in contact have to now Isolate for 14 days.

Pain in the backside, Slightly. Is it a problem, nope. It just means things at home need to be juggled with more skill and patience. Adding in home school work and the use of Online Home learning resources provided by Titch’s Teacher, along with a toddler like Beast around makes it pretty hard work.

5 Days in though and all seems to be going well even though a slight feeling of Parental Guilt is wandering around my mind like a lost puppy. I think the parental guilt is down to my own expectations of what I want to achieve with her during this time of Home Schooling. Throughout the time we were in lockdown with all 4 girls at home and Sarah doing her Access to Health and Human Sciences course.

Difficult to juggle the various tasks of subjects while home schooling. Mouse doing one subject, Pig wanting to be involved and doing Pre School activities from Discovery Espresso and Titch doing different subjects also. All that with a young toddler too was very very hard work, coffee is an amazing and welcome distraction and a way of getting 30 seconds peace to yourself for a sip.

check it out, the coffee is still warm.

The expectations of how much home schooling work I would like to get her to achieve and assist her with from the activities she has been set by her teacher is a pretty high bar. This is me and the anxiety, worrying over simple things that don’t have to be worried about and putting too much pressure on myself to do more school work with her. I mean as long as she is doing some School work it is better than doing nothing at all.

It has been quite tricky to balance the time with Beast to keep her from meltdown central and ending up like a tornado through a city in our living room. Being able to oversee and assist Titch with her Home schooling, help her work out the 3-digit subtractions and additions they are currently covering in maths.

A picture of Titch with her Twinkl Maths workbook provided from school for home schooling while she is in isolation.
Titch and her 3-digit Subtraction workbook from Twinkl – home schooling.

Helping her read through the Comprehensions provided and answering the questions – the subject they are covering at the moment is the stoneage and the comprehensions provided have been based on Fossils.

With the already busy home life it has made it that bit more hectic. Not only hectic for another week but Titch is actually away from school for 21 days as it falls on the October half term.

Here are a few Home Schooling Learning Resources handy for Parents.

Maybe some of you parents are in a similar boat and situation to us at the moment. Whether your child is Isolating due to a similar issue as Titch. Deciding that you don’t think it is safe to have your children back in the school setting and are shielding as a family or are part of an area that has been placed in a local lockdown.

Here are a few resources that we have found very useful for home schooling and helping assist with school work at home. I covered some of these in a previous post when Learning Times Tables – you can read more of that post Here.

There are many resources available online to help us as parents with home schooling but also resources for online activities and worksheets that you can have your children work through and complete.

Home Schooling – Here is a list of Home Learning Resources Parents can access online.

Please find below a list of the Resources we have used throughout the time we spent Home schooling during Lockdown and which has been supplied by the school to help with Titch during the 14 day Spell of Isolation.

  • Discovery Espresso
  • – A fab free website with useful Learning kits and Home Schooling Resources.
  • Sum Dog – Adaptive learning and multi-player game platform which helps your kids with Maths and spelling practice.
  • TT Rockstars – An award winning platform and resource helping children to learn Times tables using fun games and boost times tables recall speeds.
  • BBC Supermovers
  • Oxford Owl – A fantastic resource for free online e-books, phonics, RWI – Read, Write Inc as well as finding relevant books at your child’s reading stage or level.

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8 Thoughts to “Back to the Home Schooling.”

  1. I’m reading a lot of local news with odd children testing positive and huge swathes of kids and teachers having to isolate for two weeks. The ramifications for parents are huge. It sounds like you’ve certainly got a lot on your hands but it’s so obvious from reading this as an outsider that you’re doing you’re best and you’re doing a damn good job. Avoiding meltdowns can’t be easy but I hope things are a little more smooth sailing for the rest of the year! x

    1. Thank you, it is hard work but between myself and my other half around her Uni Studies we have got a bit of a routine going already with the home learning.

      It is difficult for parents, we are not teachers and is tricky. The teachers at school do an amazing job and are on hand through a useful app which the school uses so always in contact if help and advice is needed.

      I’m hoping so but not sure, we shall see how things on the covid front go for the rest of the year.

  2. I have a ton of respect and admiration for parents who are juggling helping kids with school work on top of all of life’s other challenges. I’m lucky that my daughter is in high school and works very independently. I’m not sure how I’d manage otherwise. Sounds like you guys are doing great!

    1. It is hard work and a challenge but like anything it goes a lot smoother with a routine which is what we are getting into the swing of once again. Thank you .

  3. Feel for you Eddie. After having had kids home for so long (which wasn’t good for them, let’s be honest) must be tough to have them home for an extended period again. I can totally understand the guilt thing but as one person put it to me: “we’re not homeschooling, we’re trying to get by during a global health pandemic.”

    1. Thanks John. The hardest thing to adjust to is a new routine. Her school has been great, super helpful and even adding videos for parents through the class dojo app to show how they are learning their maths in school. That is a good way of putting it.

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